2013-04-07 Axel BeckertDebian package: Upload as 1.0~~pre+git130407-1 to Debia... debian-1.0--pre+git130407-1
2013-04-07 Axel BeckertDebian package: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4
2013-04-07 Axel BeckertDebian package: Support XULRunner up to 22
2013-03-23 John Foerchkey-kill-mode: a page-mode for blocking keyup and keydo...
2013-03-16 John Foerchbindings/default/isearch.js: whitespace
2013-03-16 John Foerchisearch_keymap: bind C-y to 'yank'
2013-03-15 Scott Jaderholmfavicon.js: use setAndFetchFaviconForPage for xulrunner...
2013-03-08 John Foerchshell-command-on-url: docstring
2013-02-22 Scott Jaderholmgrooveshark.js: update button selectors because website...
2013-02-22 Scott Jaderholmeye_guide_on_image_buffers: ability to disable eye...
2013-02-18 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2013-02-18 John Foerchmodifiers.s: support for Super key / Windows-logo key
2013-02-18 John Foerchcontrib/xrev: support osKey, simplify display, style...
2013-02-13 John Foerchreddit_next/prev_comment: use node.parentNode instead...
2013-02-13 John Foerchreddit.js: whitespace, style, misc js corrections
2013-02-13 John Foerchreddit.js: legalese
2013-02-13 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2013-02-13 Joren Van Onderreddit.js: add support for comments
2013-02-10 Jeremy Maitin... download-manager: allow download-show to work with...
2013-02-10 Jeremy Maitin... conkeror-spawn-helper.c: redirect STDIN and STDOUT...
2013-02-10 Jeremy Maitin... window.js: Ensure that window_initialize_late_hook...
2013-02-09 Jeremy Maitin... Unified focus state save/restore mechanism for both...
2013-02-09 Jeremy Maitin... window.js: More reliably ensure that window.close(...
2013-02-09 Jeremy Maitin... content-handler.js: fix incorrect call to get_buffer_fr...
2013-02-05 John Foerchreinit: clear startup-cache before calling load_rc
2013-02-05 Jeremy Maitin... content_handler_view_as_text: update to async cache...
2013-02-05 Jeremy Maitin... hints: ensure that dead DOM objects don't prevent us...
2013-02-05 Jeremy Maitin... cache: switch to an asynchronous interface for opening...
2013-02-05 Jeremy Maitin... Prevent our download manager from being overriden when...
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Mention changed CFLAGS handling in...
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertMakefile: Only set CFLAGS if not already set
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: clean up changelog entry
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Switch to a dh style debian/rules
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Bump debhelper compatibility to 9
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Use variable for common path in debian...
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Use sed inline edits in combination...
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Use more debhelper magic
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: clean up rules file
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Don't clean up stamp files manually
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: use dh_auto_{build,clean}
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: consistently use "touch $@" for stamp...
2013-01-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Add XULRunner 20 compatibility
2013-01-07 John Foerchstylesheet.js: comment
2013-01-07 Scott Jaderholmmake_css_data_uri: support @-moz-document regexp(...)
2012-12-18 John Foerchnew-tabs.js: remove obsolete comments
2012-12-18 John Foerchbranding/content/about.png: logo for 'about:' page
2012-12-12 John Foerchsave_uri: pass 'null' to persist.saveURI for privacy...
2012-12-11 John Foerchsave.js: pass extra arg to all calls to nsITransfer...
2012-12-08 John Foerchreddit_next, reddit_prev: update for change to
2012-12-08 John Foerchindex-webjump: style, toString methods on classes
2012-12-08 John Foerchindex-webjump: whitespace
2012-12-06 John Foerchlayout.spellcheckDefault pref off by default
2012-12-05 John Foerchsave_uri: update for xulrunner 18
2012-12-05 John Foerchtext_entry_minibuffer_state: correct a comment
2012-12-05 John Foerchfavicon_set: fix for xulrunner 18
2012-12-02 John Foerchhistory.js: ordering
2012-12-02 John Foerchwebjump.js: whitespace
2012-12-02 John Foerchwebjump.js: ordering, remove deprecated aliases
2012-12-02 John Foerchposition_in_strings: new util
2012-12-02 John Foerchminibuffer-read.js: whitespace, remove useless 'return'
2012-12-02 John Foerchwikipedia_other_language: fix
2012-12-02 John Foerchminibuffer.read_object_property: replacement for comple...
2012-12-02 John Foerchstring.js: whitespace
2012-12-02 John Foerchhistory.js: comment
2012-12-01 Axel BeckertDebian package: Add support for XULRunner 19
2012-12-01 John Foerchwhitespace
2012-11-29 John Foerch.gitignore: add /xulrunner
2012-11-29 John Foerchwindow.content: new property for compatibility with...
2012-11-29 John Foerchuse array_p wherever appropriate
2012-11-09 John Foerchwhitespace
2012-10-29 Benjamin Sladenewsblur-mode: more keymap updates
2012-10-29 Benjamin Sladenewsblur-mode: keymap updates
2012-10-18 Axel BeckertDebian package: Add support for xulrunner 18
2012-10-15 John Foerchgmail-mode: remove gmail_focus_primary_frame
2012-10-05 John Foerchyoutube_scrape_text: update for september 2012 youtube...
2012-10-05 John Foerchyoutube.js: remove obsolete line of code
2012-09-01 Axel BeckertDebian package: Add support for xulrunner 17debian-1.0--pre+git120901-1
2012-08-16 Konrad Hinsengoogle-search-results-mode: enable for
2012-08-16 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2012-08-16 Vincent Bernatbuffer_container: mark hidden buffers inactive
2012-08-08 Axel BeckertDebian package: Prepare upload of 1.0~~pre+git120804... debian-1.0--pre+git120804-1
2012-08-04 Axel BeckertDebian package: Add support for xulrunner 15 and 16
2012-07-28 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2012-07-28 Andreas Liljeqvistisearch-continue, isearch-continue-reverse: new commands
2012-07-28 John Foerchisearch-backspace, isearch-done: docstrings
2012-07-28 John Foerchisearch-forward/backward: docstrings
2012-07-28 John Foerchisearch-continue-forward/backward: docstrings
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Prepare upload of 1.0~~pre+git120527-1debian-1.0--pre+git120527-1
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Convert to source format "3.0 (quilt)"
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Rename debian/NEWS to debian/conkeror...
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Update debian/{changelog,NEWS}
2012-05-23 Axel BeckertDebian package: Don't pass locale settings to seq in...
2012-05-21 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2012-05-21 Ivy Fosteradblockplus-filters: new command
2012-05-18 Axel BeckertDebian package: Replace hardcoded application names...
2012-05-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Consistently use "$(MAKE)" instead...
2012-05-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Enable hardening options for conkeror...
2012-05-09 Benjamin Sladenewsblur-mode: key binding updates
2012-04-23 John Foerchreddit-mode: fix handling of current link
2012-04-22 John Foerchnewsblur-mode: whitespace