2012-08-08 Axel BeckertDebian package: Prepare upload of 1.0~~pre+git120804... debian-1.0--pre+git120804-1
2012-08-04 Axel BeckertDebian package: Add support for xulrunner 15 and 16
2012-07-28 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2012-07-28 Andreas Liljeqvistisearch-continue, isearch-continue-reverse: new commands
2012-07-28 John Foerchisearch-backspace, isearch-done: docstrings
2012-07-28 John Foerchisearch-forward/backward: docstrings
2012-07-28 John Foerchisearch-continue-forward/backward: docstrings
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Prepare upload of 1.0~~pre+git120527-1debian-1.0--pre+git120527-1
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Convert to source format "3.0 (quilt)"
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Rename debian/NEWS to debian/conkeror...
2012-05-27 Axel BeckertDebian package: Update debian/{changelog,NEWS}
2012-05-23 Axel BeckertDebian package: Don't pass locale settings to seq in...
2012-05-21 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2012-05-21 Ivy Fosteradblockplus-filters: new command
2012-05-18 Axel BeckertDebian package: Replace hardcoded application names...
2012-05-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Consistently use "$(MAKE)" instead...
2012-05-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Enable hardening options for conkeror...
2012-05-09 Benjamin Sladenewsblur-mode: key binding updates
2012-04-23 John Foerchreddit-mode: fix handling of current link
2012-04-22 John Foerchnewsblur-mode: whitespace
2012-04-22 Benjamin Sladenewsblur-mode: improve test regexp
2012-04-18 John Foerchload_rc: clear startup-cache before loading files
2012-04-06 David KettlerEnable hints-minibuffer-annotation-mode by default.
2012-04-04 John Foerchxkcd_do_add_title: use a <p> instead of a <span>
2012-04-04 Ben Spencerxkcd-mode: update add-title code
2012-03-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no...
2012-03-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Generate versioned xulrunner binary...
2012-03-17 Axel BeckertDebian package: Support xulrunner-13.0
2012-03-15 David KettlerSuppress a warning in describe-command
2012-03-15 David KettlerRemove minibuffer annotation during minibuffer recursion
2012-03-15 Axel BeckertDebian package: Reformat long list of alternative xulru...
2012-03-15 Axel BeckertDebian Package: Support xulrunner-12.0
2012-03-10 David Kettlerhints-minibuffer-annotation-mode: inline hints URL...
2012-03-10 David Kettlerminibuffer-annotation-mode: new mode
2012-03-10 John Foerchoverlink-mode: docstring
2012-03-10 John Foerchcontent-buffer.js: semicolons
2012-03-10 David Kettlerallow docstrings for global-modes and window-modes
2012-02-23 John Foerchunbury-buffer: do not prompt unless universal-arg is...
2012-02-23 John Foerchunbury-buffer: new command
2012-02-23 John Foerchswitch-to-buffer, bury-buffer, can_kill_last_buffer...
2012-02-22 Axel BeckertDebian package: Also install new file content-policy...
2012-02-21 David Kettlerhints: clear numbers from prompt on hints-next
2012-02-20 John Foerchzoom_widget: blank when 100%/100%
2012-02-20 John FoerchInfo.plist: set CFBundleShortVersionString to 1.0
2012-02-20 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2012-02-20 John FoerchInfo.plist: update so Conkeror can be default browser...
2012-02-19 John Foerchstyle/default/mode-line.css: make mode-line overflow...
2012-02-19 John Foerchstyle/default/mode-line.css: hide text widgets with...
2012-02-19 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2012-02-19 Benjamin Sladenewsblur-mode: page-mode for newsblur
2012-02-18 John Foerchstring.js: style change
2012-02-18 John Foerchmove some tests
2012-02-18 John Foerchdo_client_redirect: fix history handling
2012-02-18 John Foerchsemicolon
2012-02-17 John Foerchpossibly_valid_url: allow spaces after first '/'
2012-02-17 John Foerchclient-redirect: new module, provides define_client_red...
2012-02-16 John Foerchsearch-engines/duckduckgo.xml: update for Conkeror...
2012-02-16 John Foerchcompute_up_url: handle uris like "about:config" gracefully
2012-02-16 John Foerchcompute_up_url: fix missing property error, XULRunner>=9
2012-02-16 John Foerchbrowser_element_focus: fix error with xul textboxes...
2012-02-16 John Foerchmove some functions from utils.js to dom.js and string.js
2012-02-16 John Foerchstring.js: style, whitespace
2012-02-15 John Foerchcontent-buffer.js: order
2012-02-15 John Foerchtrack active page modes by name only
2012-02-15 John Foerchsmbc-mode: new page mode for
2012-02-15 John Foerchfollow-relationship.js: legalese
2012-02-15 John Foerchfollow-relationship: allow relationship patterns to...
2012-02-15 John Foerchnew file dom.js, and some dom-related utils moved there.
2012-02-15 John Foerchdocument_get_element_by_relationship: loop efficiency...
2012-02-15 John Foerchbuffer_loaded_hook: run only for main document
2012-02-15 John Foerchbuffer_icon_widget: style
2012-02-15 John Foerchmode-line.js: legalese
2012-02-15 John Foerchcomment
2012-02-15 John Foerchbuffer_count_widget: style
2012-02-15 John Foerchclock_widget: style
2012-02-15 John Foerchload_count_widget: style
2012-02-15 John Foerchcurrent_buffer_name_widget: style
2012-02-15 John Foerchcurrent_buffer_scroll_position_widget: style
2012-02-14 John Foerchzoom_widget: new mode-line widget, shows zoom info...
2012-02-14 John Foerchtry_read_url_handlers: make global
2012-02-13 John Foerchimage-toggle-zoom-to-fit: new command, bound to 'C...
2012-02-13 John Foerchpage-modes with media-classes, remove on disable
2012-02-13 John Foerchgoogle-search-results.js: whitespace, style
2012-02-13 John Foerchpage-modes with default browser objects, remove on...
2012-02-12 John Foerchtests/simple/page-mode-activation.js: update a variable...
2012-02-12 John Foerchdailymotion, youtube: update for change to page_mode...
2012-02-12 John Foerchpage-mode 'test' may now be an array
2012-02-08 John Foerchinteractive_context: null defaults for prefix_argument...
2012-02-08 John Foerchload_spec: null defaults for all fields
2012-02-08 John Foerchload-spec.js: style
2012-02-08 John Foerchcontent_buffer: fix an incorrect reference
2012-02-08 John Foerchbrowser_element_copy: removed
2012-02-08 Scott Jaderholmcopy_text_append: set focus
2012-02-07 John Foerchcomment
2012-02-07 Scott Jaderholmcopy command: universal-argument (C-u) means append...
2012-02-05 John Foerchwhitespace, style
2012-02-04 John Foerchcompleter_with_mappings: change a variable name
2012-02-02 John Foerchcompute_up_url: use an Iterator
2012-02-01 John Foerchstring_hashset: removed
2012-02-01 John Foerchpermission-manager: use js object instead of string_has...