2011-02-13 Axel BeckertMention auto-save session file format change in debian... debian-0.9.3+git110213-1
2011-02-13 Axel BeckertImport into debian/NEWS
2011-02-13 Axel BeckertIgnore all files which are generated by a Debian packag...
2011-02-13 Axel BeckertPrepare new debian package
2011-02-13 Jari Aaltocontrib/man/conkeror.1: (KEYBINDINGS): order alphabetically
2011-02-13 Jari Aaltocontrib/man/conkeror.1: (OPTIONS): order alphabetically
2011-01-18 John Foerchgoogle-images.js: update regexp
2011-01-14 John Foerchoverlink-mode: ignore mouseover on the xul:browser
2011-01-12 John Foerchsession_load: purge history in recycled buffers
2011-01-10 John Foerchfix typo
2011-01-10 John Foerchset_user_agent: fix bug introduced yesterday
2011-01-09 Peter Lunicksnew-tabs: fix bug in tab_bar_kill_buffer
2011-01-09 John Foerchclear_default_pref: new function
2011-01-08 John Foerchnew-tabs: put buffer icon after buffer index
2011-01-08 John Foerchnew-tabs.css: change so icons won't get vertically...
2011-01-06 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2011-01-06 Peter Lunickssupport for displaying buffer favicons and for hiding...
2011-01-06 John Foerchtab-bar: do icon size in css instead of js
2011-01-04 John Foerchsession_get: use an array for buffers
2011-01-03 John Foerchbind 'cancel' key to 'stop-loading'
2011-01-03 John Foerchsupport multimedia/AppCommand keysmmkeys
2010-12-31 John Foerchedit-current-field-in-external-editor: better file...
2010-12-31 John Foerchmime_type_table.get: fix js warning
2010-12-30 John Foerchedit-current-field-in-external-editor: support richedit...
2010-12-29 John Foerchbuffer_icon_widget: new mode-line widget (non-default)
2010-12-29 John Foerchread_buffer_show_icons: new user variable, and accompan...
2010-12-29 John Foerchgeneralize buffer icons
2010-12-29 John Foerchminibuffer-completion.js: style changes
2010-12-29 John Foerchcompletions_tree_view.setTree: fix trivial typo bug
2010-12-29 John Foerchfavicon_content_buffer_dom_link_added: ignore subframes
2010-12-28 John Foerchwhitespace, style
2010-12-28 John Foerchvertically center contents of mode-line
2010-12-28 John Foerchcurrent_buffer_favicon_change_hook: new hook
2010-12-28 John Foerchtab-bar.js: fix provided feature name
2010-12-28 John Foerchfavicon.js: do no load by default
2010-12-28 John Foerchfavicon.js: whitespace
2010-12-28 John Foerchtab-bar: hardcode size of favicons
2010-12-28 John Foerchfix missing semicolons
2010-12-25 John Foerchcontent-policy-toggle: new command
2010-12-21 Desmond O.... github.js: use chrome code to show keyboard shortcuts
2010-12-21 Desmond O.... github.js: do the focus in chrome code
2010-12-21 John Foerchpassword-manager: new command
2010-12-20 John Foerchdo not enable reddit-mode by default
2010-12-20 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2010-12-20 Desmond O.... github page mode
2010-12-16 John Foerchmaybe_filename_from_title: also ignore load-specs with...
2010-12-16 John Foerchsuggest_file_name: refactoring and rewriting a bit
2010-12-16 John Foerchcomments
2010-12-16 John Foerchtrim_whitespace: make more concise
2010-12-16 John Foerchwhitespace
2010-12-16 John Foerchgenerate_filename_safely_fn: make it a user variable
2010-12-15 John Foerchsuggest-file-name.js: style change
2010-12-15 John Foerchcontent_policy_scheme_whitelist: add 'data' and 'javasc...
2010-12-15 John Foerchset_user_agent: undo override when called with null...
2010-12-13 John Foerchhelp.html: fix typo
2010-12-09 John Foerchfix bug in previous two patches
2010-12-08 John Foerchget_home_directory: handle "/" in the env vars on windows
2010-12-07 John Foerchmake_file: support "/" as path separator in windows
2010-12-06 John Foerchget_home_directory: check 'HOME' env variable on window...
2010-11-13 John Foerchopensearch.js: make completer less strict about json...
2010-11-11 John Foerchcontent_policy_scheme_whitelist: include moz-icon
2010-11-05 John Foerchfix error from last commit
2010-11-05 John Foerchsearch-engine.js: refactor as opensearch.js, new api
2010-11-04 John Foerchspawn_process: search for conkeror-spawn-helper every...
2010-11-04 John Foerchget_file_in_path: move to env.js
2010-11-04 John Foerchbrowser-object-links: style change
2010-11-03 John Foerchbrowser-object-links: do not match anchors without...
2010-11-03 John Foerchsearch for conkeror-spawn-helper in $PATH
2010-11-02 John Foerchbind S-space to scroll up
2010-11-02 John Foerchmaybe_filename_from_url_host: handle possible exception
2010-11-01 John Foerchhint_digits: new variable configures numeric base of...
2010-10-31 John Foerchhints: efficiency & style
2010-10-31 John Foercheye-guide: whitespace, style
2010-10-26 John Foerchmake_css_data_uri: fix syntax of @namespace declarations
2010-10-18 John Foerchinput_stack: wrap an array instead of inherit from...
2010-10-14 Axel BeckertPrepare new upload to Debiandebian-0.9.3+git101015-1
2010-10-14 Axel BeckertAlso include contrib/modules in the debian binary package
2010-10-14 John Foerchcall_interactively: fix error from 408dba1
2010-10-14 John Foerchscroll: better error message
2010-10-14 John Foerchdelete: better error message
2010-10-14 John Foerchread_browser_object: throw error when there is no objec...
2010-10-12 John Foerchcall_on_focused_field, modify_region: always give docum...
2010-10-12 John Foerchcall_on_focused_field, modify_region: support richedit...
2010-10-12 John Foercheval-expression: evaluated in application scope
2010-10-11 John Foerchgoogle-images: make browser objects work properly with...
2010-10-11 John Foerchcomment wording
2010-10-10 John Foerchcontent_policy_bytype_table: remove 8 (refresh)
2010-10-10 John Foerchcontent_policy_scheme_whitelist: new user variable
2010-10-10 John Foerchdefault_global_keymap, content_buffer_normal_keymap...
2010-10-10 John Foerchfor_each_key_binding: guard against recursive keymap...
2010-10-10 John Foerchdescribe-bindings: include keymap bindings in the listing
2010-10-10 John Foerchfix 2 docstrings
2010-10-09 John Foerchcontent-policy: change names of accept/reject constants
2010-10-08 John Foercharray_find, array_find_index: two new utils
2010-10-08 John Foerchcontent-policy-enable/disable: two new commands
2010-10-08 John Foerchcontent-policy: new module and component
2010-10-08 John Foerchtwitter.js: bind return to fallthrough
2010-10-08 John Foerchtwitter.js: bind C-c f to follow
2010-10-06 Axel BeckertPrepare Debian package release 0.9.3-1debian-0.9.3-1
2010-10-06 John Foerchincrementing version to