2010-10-14 Axel BeckertPrepare new upload to Debiandebian-0.9.3+git101015-1
2010-10-14 Axel BeckertAlso include contrib/modules in the debian binary package
2010-10-14 John Foerchcall_interactively: fix error from 408dba1
2010-10-14 John Foerchscroll: better error message
2010-10-14 John Foerchdelete: better error message
2010-10-14 John Foerchread_browser_object: throw error when there is no objec...
2010-10-12 John Foerchcall_on_focused_field, modify_region: always give docum...
2010-10-12 John Foerchcall_on_focused_field, modify_region: support richedit...
2010-10-12 John Foercheval-expression: evaluated in application scope
2010-10-11 John Foerchgoogle-images: make browser objects work properly with...
2010-10-11 John Foerchcomment wording
2010-10-10 John Foerchcontent_policy_bytype_table: remove 8 (refresh)
2010-10-10 John Foerchcontent_policy_scheme_whitelist: new user variable
2010-10-10 John Foerchdefault_global_keymap, content_buffer_normal_keymap...
2010-10-10 John Foerchfor_each_key_binding: guard against recursive keymap...
2010-10-10 John Foerchdescribe-bindings: include keymap bindings in the listing
2010-10-10 John Foerchfix 2 docstrings
2010-10-09 John Foerchcontent-policy: change names of accept/reject constants
2010-10-08 John Foercharray_find, array_find_index: two new utils
2010-10-08 John Foerchcontent-policy-enable/disable: two new commands
2010-10-08 John Foerchcontent-policy: new module and component
2010-10-08 John Foerchtwitter.js: bind return to fallthrough
2010-10-08 John Foerchtwitter.js: bind C-c f to follow
2010-10-06 Axel BeckertPrepare Debian package release 0.9.3-1debian-0.9.3-1
2010-10-06 John Foerchincrementing version to
2010-10-06 John Foerchsupport XULRunner 2.0
2010-10-06 John Foerchcomponents/commandline.js renamed to components/command...
2010-10-06 John Foerchrun-until-success hooks return result of successful...
2010-10-05 Mike Fishertwitter.js: new page mode for twitter. provides twitter...
2010-10-04 John Foerchgoogle-search-results-mode: support google customsearch...
2010-10-04 John Foerchbuild_url_regex: fix type detection of string vs regexp
2010-10-03 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2010-10-03 Mike Fishergoogle-reader: bind h to $fallthrough
2010-10-01 John Foerchhints-quote-next: new command
2010-09-30 John Foerchkeymap_lookup: handle empty keymap stack properly
2010-09-29 Axel BeckertMake Debian webjumps patch more robust
2010-09-29 Axel BeckertAdapt debian/patches/deb-webjumps.diff to stackoverflow...
2010-09-29 Axel BeckertUpdate delicious webjumps again *sigh*, they now use...
2010-09-28 John Foerchformfill.js: new module for using popup_autocomplete...
2010-09-27 John Foerchoverlink-mode: put link search into overlink_predicate
2010-09-27 John Foerchcontent-handler: refactor
2010-09-26 John Foerchremove old unused code
2010-09-26 John Foerchoverlink_mode: rewrite and modularize
2010-09-26 John Foerchgmail-mode: let gmail handle the return key
2010-09-26 John Foerchswitch_to_buffer: call buffer.set_input_mode
2010-09-26 John Foerchremove input-modes
2010-09-26 John Foerchcontent_buffer_modality, unfocus: support html:object
2010-09-20 John Foerchdefault_global_keymap: install via modalities system
2010-09-20 John Foerchkeywords: style change
2010-09-19 John Foerchclicks-in-new-buffer: fix a trivial FIXME
2010-09-19 Ben Spencerclicks-in-new-buffer: support image maps
2010-09-18 John Foerchunfocus: special case for embed-selections
2010-09-18 John Foerchmatch_not_escape_key: move to keymap.js
2010-09-18 John Foerchglobal_overlay_keymap: define with define_keymap
2010-09-18 John Foerchembed-input-mode: load bindings
2010-09-17 John Foerchembed_input_mode: new mode for html:embed elements
2010-09-17 John Foerchhints: support case sensitivity
2010-09-16 John Foerchstackexchange.js: comments
2010-09-16 John Foerchload: fix load-path search for relative paths w/out...
2010-09-16 John Foerchload: style change
2010-09-16 John Foerchload: fix load-path computation of loads relative to...
2010-09-15 Dave KerschnerAdded the ability to favorite a question in StackExchan...
2010-09-15 Dave KerschnerAdded ability to accept answers in StackExchange mode
2010-09-15 Dave Kerschnerrenamed StackOverflow mode to StackExchange mode
2010-09-15 Dave KerschnerFixed SO votes
2010-08-30 Ben Spencerbuffer.focused_selection_controller: update for new...
2010-08-26 Ben Spencerclicks-in-new-buffer: better support for anchor ancestors
2010-08-15 Axel BeckertFix (debian-specific) ubuntubugs webjump
2010-08-04 Axel BeckertDebian package: Use "Breaks" instead of "Conflicts... debian-0.9.2+git100804-1
2010-08-04 Axel BeckertBump Debian package Standards-Version to 3.9.1
2010-08-04 Axel BeckertPrepare debian package of new upstream snapshot
2010-07-24 John Foerchyoutube: update scraper for change
2010-07-22 John Foerchdefine_key_internal: make undefine_key work with predic...
2010-07-19 John Foerchhints_minibuffer_state.handle_auto_exit: fix bug
2010-07-07 John Foerchclock_time_format: new user variable
2010-07-05 John Foerchspace completion in some minibuffer states
2010-07-05 John Foerchinput_state, input_stack: don't store window reference
2010-07-05 John Foerchinput_stack: new type
2010-07-05 John Foerchfix typo
2010-06-30 John Foerchreload: fix typo which broke the command
2010-06-29 John Foerchreload: abide buffer.display_uri_string
2010-06-24 John Foerchhint_keymap: unbind left and right, bind C-n and C-p
2010-06-24 John Foerchhint_keymap parent to text_keymap
2010-06-24 John Foerchuse to perform minibuffer updates
2010-06-21 John Foerchbuffer: make sure first buffer in window is type="conte...
2010-06-18 John Foerchhint_manager.generate_hints: use SNAPSHOT xpath query
2010-06-17 John Foerchbuffer.override_keymaps: dealt with privately inside...
2010-06-16 John Foerchcaret_modality: fix bug
2010-06-14 John Foerchrun-conkeror: protect version strings from pathname...
2010-06-14 John FoerchRevert "Prevent filename expansion in run-conkeror."
2010-06-14 John FoerchRevert "CREDITS: update"
2010-06-14 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2010-06-14 Urmas IvaskPrevent filename expansion in run-conkeror.
2010-06-01 John Foerchmake_file: support ~/ notation for home directory
2010-06-01 John Foerchcontent_handler_save_in: new content-handler generator
2010-05-25 John Foerchhint_manager.generate_hints: don't trust html:area...
2010-05-25 John Foerchmodify_region: support point placement in richedit...
2010-05-24 John Foerchmodify_region: better support for contenteditable fields
2010-05-24 John Foerchload_spec: toString method
2010-05-24 John Foerchcall_on_focused_field: support deactivating the mark