2010-06-21 John Foerchhint_keymap: unbind left and right, bind C-n and C-pminibuffer-watch
2010-06-21 John FoerchMerge branch 'master' into minibuffer-watch
2010-06-21 John Foerchbuffer: make sure first buffer in window is type="conte...
2010-06-18 John Foerchminibuffer input_element watch: fix
2010-06-18 John Foerchhint_keymap parent to text_keymap
2010-06-18 John Foerchuse to perform minibuffer updates
2010-06-18 John Foerchhint_manager.generate_hints: use SNAPSHOT xpath query
2010-06-17 John Foerchbuffer.override_keymaps: dealt with privately inside...
2010-06-16 John Foerchcaret_modality: fix bug
2010-06-14 John Foerchrun-conkeror: protect version strings from pathname...
2010-06-14 John FoerchRevert "Prevent filename expansion in run-conkeror."
2010-06-14 John FoerchRevert "CREDITS: update"
2010-06-14 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2010-06-14 Urmas IvaskPrevent filename expansion in run-conkeror.
2010-06-01 John Foerchmake_file: support ~/ notation for home directory
2010-06-01 John Foerchcontent_handler_save_in: new content-handler generator
2010-05-25 John Foerchhint_manager.generate_hints: don't trust html:area...
2010-05-25 John Foerchmodify_region: support point placement in richedit...
2010-05-24 John Foerchmodify_region: better support for contenteditable fields
2010-05-24 John Foerchload_spec: toString method
2010-05-24 John Foerchcall_on_focused_field: support deactivating the mark
2010-05-23 John Foerchinsert-parentheses: new command, bound to M-(
2010-05-23 John Foerchmodify_region: more control for point placement
2010-05-23 John Foerchmodify_region: fix substring arithmetic
2010-05-23 John Foerchmove text editing functions to text.js
2010-05-23 John Foerchbrowser-object-links: support role="menuitem" attribute
2010-05-23 John Foerchcontent_buffer_modality: support html:button elements
2010-05-23 John Foerchdom_node_click: also send mouseup
2010-05-23 John Foerchbrowser-object-links: support role="button" attribute
2010-05-21 John Foerchinput_state.override_keymap: removed
2010-05-21 John Foerchutils.js: whitespace
2010-05-21 John Foerchadd constructor properties to prototypes
2010-05-21 John Foerchminibuffer: let minibuffer states save and restore...
2010-05-20 John Foerchminibuffer_message_state: correct 'destroy' method
2010-05-20 John Foerchminibuffer-states take minibuffer reference instead...
2010-05-20 John Foerchwhitespace & style
2010-05-20 John Foerchminibuffer_state: include argument list in methods
2010-05-20 John Foerchbuffer.js, content-buffer.js: whitespace
2010-05-20 John Foerchsession_get: use buffer.display_uri_string
2010-05-19 John Foerchextension.js: removed
2010-05-19 John Foerchminibuffer.js: whitespace
2010-05-18 John Foerchbuffer.handle_kill removed in favor of buffer.destroy
2010-05-18 John Foerchfix js error on window close, "this.browser is null"
2010-05-17 John Foerchmake_css_data_uri: util for making user stylesheets
2010-05-17 John Foercharray_p, make_array: two new utils
2010-05-17 John Foerchassert_objects_equal: fix bug with comparison of null
2010-05-17 John Foerchremove unused code
2010-05-17 John Foerchbuffer: don't support pre-existing xul
2010-05-17 John Foerchbuffer.destroy: prevent modalities from accessing dead...
2010-05-16 John Foerchremove style/window.css: not necessary anymore
2010-05-16 John Foerchminibuffer.xul: reorganize css
2010-05-16 John Foerchconkeror.xul: correct a comment
2010-05-16 John Foerchzoom.js: whitespace
2010-05-15 John Foerchminibuffer._restore_state: check focusability before...
2010-05-14 John Foerchbrowser-object-links: support svg anchors
2010-05-14 John Foerchbrowser_set_element_focus: check for focus method
2010-05-14 John Foerchcontent_buffer_modality: check existence of document...
2010-05-14 Dave KerschnerAdded docstring for view-source
2010-05-14 Dave Kerschnercalling browser_object_view_source in a view-source...
2010-05-14 John Foerchbind "C-x x" to edit-current-field-in-external-editor
2010-05-14 John Foerchbind f1 to default_help_keymap
2010-05-14 John Foerchgoogle-maps: whitespace/style
2010-05-14 Matthijs van... google-maps: code cleanup
2010-05-14 John Foerchunfocus: support scrollable divs
2010-05-14 John FoerchCREDITS: update
2010-05-14 Matthijs van... google-maps: update zoom commands
2010-05-14 John Foerchunfocus: another variable check to avoid error condition
2010-05-13 John Foerchunfocus: new procedure needed for iframes in xulrunner...
2010-05-13 John Foerchget_recent_conkeror_window: fix for xulrunner 1.9.2
2010-05-13 John Foerchgmail.js: gmail_base_keymap instead of gmail_bind_common
2010-05-09 John Foerchload_url_in_new_buffer_background: new function for...
2010-05-09 John Foerchdownload_buffer_automatic_open_target cannot be array...
2010-05-06 John Foerchdownload-manager-show-builtin-ui: reword docstring
2010-05-06 John Foerchdownload-manager.js: whitespace
2010-05-05 John Foerchdownload-manager.js: minor refactoring
2010-05-05 John Foerchkey_binding_reader: protect current keymap stack
2010-05-05 John Foerchkey_binding_reader: remove unused keyword arg $buffer
2010-05-03 John Foerchgoogle-search-results: adjust results xpath expression
2010-05-03 John Foerchcontrib/list-xulrunner-versions: don't do version-sort
2010-05-03 John Foerchdownload-show: fix issue 265
2010-04-28 John Foerch'delete' command, bound to d for content-buffers
2010-04-20 Axel BeckertFix version number in debian/NEWS once againdebian-0.9.2+git100420-2
2010-04-20 Axel BeckertFix version number in debian/NEWS
2010-04-20 Axel BeckertPrepare new Debian package release (0.9.2+git100420...
2010-04-20 Axel BeckertNew Debian package release (0.9.2+git100420-1)debian-0.9.2+git100420-1
2010-04-14 John Foerchminibuffer xul now an overlay
2010-04-14 John Foerchcontrib/run-conkeror: CONKEROR_XULRUNNER_VERSION env...
2010-04-14 John Foerchminibuffer.js: reword comment
2010-04-14 John Foerchminibuffer.pop_all: js efficiency change
2010-04-14 John Foerchminibuffer.current_state: js efficiency change
2010-04-14 John Foerchminibuffer.message: make empty string mean minibuffer...
2010-04-14 John Foerchminibuffer.js: style change
2010-04-14 John Foerchminibuffer._show: remove unused parameter 'force'
2010-04-13 John Foerchminibuffer_history_data: use js object instead of strin...
2010-04-13 John Foerchminibuffer-read.js: whitespace & style
2010-04-13 John Foerchfind.js renamed to isearch.js
2010-04-12 John Foerchcaret_enabled: move to buffer.js
2010-04-12 John Foerchclear_selection: move to buffer.js
2010-04-12 John Foerchfind.js: remove unnecessary try/catch blocks
2010-04-12 John Foerchfix focus problem try #2