2010-08-20 Martin Vidnerdoc: Migrating from cnetworkmanager to nmclimaster
2009-10-05 Martin VidnerFixed non-ASCII output.
2009-10-05 Martin VidnerFactored out the common API options.
2009-08-22 Martin VidnerAdded nm-mock, a fake NetworkManager.
2009-08-18 Martin VidnerReleasing 0.21.1.v0.21.1
2009-08-17 Martin VidnerA harmless typo in "list_conections".
2009-08-13 Martin VidnerFixed the --wep-* and --wpa-* options (Gentoo#281099).
2009-08-13 Martin VidnerFixed --activate-connection failing with Invalid settin...
2009-08-12 Martin VidneroS 11.2: noarch, os:11.0: fixed build.
2009-08-10 Martin VidnerReleasing 0.21, updated NEWS.v0.21
2009-08-07 Martin VidnerDoc cleanup for *.monitor.
2009-08-07 Martin VidnerDoc cleanup for dbusclient.func.
2009-08-07 Martin VidnerScreenshots to show off (in HTML).
2009-08-07 Martin VidnerAdded --we. Ignore AlreadyAsleepOrAwake error (-o).
2009-08-05 Martin Vidnersmall cleanup
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerMoved prop_table to Table.from_items.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerAdded --con-info.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerAlways use byte_arrays=True in DBusMio.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerTabularized --actcon, --usrcon, --syscon.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerTabularized --device-info, --ap-info.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerTabularized --ap-list.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerAdded a table formatter, applied it to --device-list.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerUse Epydoc, added more docs.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerLet all classes inherit from "object".
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerDo not use ..relative imports.
2009-08-05 Martin VidnerFor unimplemented device types, return "unknown".
2009-07-31 Martin VidnerBuild fix: Removed noarch since Python has an arch...
2009-07-30 Martin VidnerFinished the conversion to new adaptor classes.
2009-07-30 Martin VidnerClasses to make adaptors more readable.
2009-07-30 Martin VidnerAdded docstrings for DBusMio and others.
2009-07-30 Martin VidnerRun also doctests.
2009-07-30 Martin VidnerCleaned up networkmanager.util.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerUpdated NEWS, rewrote the outdated README.librarizev0.20
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerImproved help for --activate-connection.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerRemoved the separate server script.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerUse the ssid for the conn id, not __cnm_handcrafted__
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerRestored printing state change.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerAdded -C and the wifi connection options.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerMake async call adaptors work.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerRequire NM >= 0.7.0
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerBuilt an RPM using distutils.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerReactivated --monitor.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerRemoving remaining 06 artefacts.
2009-07-29 Martin VidnerCleaned up namespace: networkmanager.applet.service.
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerCleaned up namespace: networkmanager.applet.
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerMoved dbusclient out of networkmanager.
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerCleaned up namespace: networkmanager.
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerClasses renamed to IP4Config, DHCP4Config.
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerProvisionally implement -n as -a.
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerSeparated --ap-info.
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerImplemented ActiveConnection, --actcon, --usrcon, ...
2009-07-28 Martin VidnerAdaptors cleaned up.
2009-07-25 Martin VidnerAdded basic Ip4Config, Dhcp4Config.
2009-07-25 Martin VidnerDo properties in DBusMio.
2009-07-25 Martin VidnerCreated a separate program for the UserSettings service.
2009-07-20 Martin VidnerAdded a basic for distutils.
2009-07-20 Martin VidnerImplemented --ap-list.
2009-07-20 Martin VidnerRemoving old code.
2009-07-20 Martin VidnerRewrote from scratch.
2009-07-14 Martin VidnerFixed 0.6 API broken by the split.breakup
2009-07-14 Martin VidnerFixed active connection dumping.
2009-07-11 Martin VidnerRefactored property dumping.
2009-07-11 Martin VidnerSplit utility functions, fixing 06 a bit.
2009-07-10 Martin VidnerSplit off the monitor.
2009-07-10 Martin VidnerSplit off the service classes.
2009-07-10 Martin VidnerDependency fixes after the split.
2009-07-10 Martin VidnerSeparated more client classes.
2009-07-10 Martin VidnerSeparated the client classes.
2009-07-08 Martin VidnerBreaking up the big thing to smaller pieces.
2009-07-08 Martin VidnerAdded --activate-connection=[KIND],CON,DEV,[AP]
2009-07-08 Martin VidnerIgnore Emacs backups~
2009-07-08 Martin VidnerAdded testsuite. Signal failure by exit(1).
2009-07-08 Bryan DuffDo not break when dumping a GSM device (DeviceType 3).
2009-07-08 Niels de VosHandle org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied when...
2009-03-21 Martin Vidnerreleasing: v0.8.4v0.8.4
2009-03-21 Martin Vidnerreleasing: documented changes
2009-03-21 Martin VidnerTimestamp the state monitor; don't boo.
2009-03-16 Martin VidnerFixed RPM by using PREFIX consistently (bnc#485413).
2009-03-15 Martin VidnerWhen connecting (-C), monitor the NM connection state.
2009-03-15 Martin VidnerDon't overwrite ConnectionSecrets with ConnectionSettings.
2009-03-15 Martin VidnerRecognize AccessDenied when trying to dump secrets.
2009-03-15 Martin VidnerImproved Monitor (-m).
2009-03-13 Alexander BlockUpdated to the newest upstream version
2009-03-08 James HoganFixed KeyError with --wep-hex.
2009-03-06 Martin VidnerPackaging fix: claim ownership of pkgdatadir.
2009-03-06 Martin VidnerProvide NetworkManager-client, like NetworkManager...
2009-03-05 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'opensuse-11.1'v0.8.3
2009-03-05 Martin VidnerForgot to mention the bug number.opensuse-11.1v0.8.0.1
2009-03-05 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'opensuse-11.1' -> version 0.8.3
2009-03-05 Martin Vidner0.8.0.1
2009-03-05 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'secrets-leak-cve-2009-0365' into opensuse...
2009-03-05 Martin VidnerFixed secrets leak via o.fd.NMS.Connection.GetSettings... secrets-leak-cve-2009-0365
2009-03-04 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'secrets-leak-cve-2009-0365' into opensuse...
2009-03-04 Coolobuildrequire dbus-1 to fix file list check
2009-03-04 Martin VidnerSynced spec with SUSE normalized version.
2009-03-04 Martin VidnerFixed secrets leak via o.fd.NMS.Connection.Secrets...
2009-03-02 Martin Vidner0.8.2v0.8.2
2009-03-02 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'wpa-dist'
2009-03-01 Martin VidnerAdded .gitignorewpa-dist
2009-03-01 Martin VidnerAdded a proxy launcher script.