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2008-06-01 Timo Hirvonenflac: Saner EOF handlingmaster
2008-05-24 Timo HirvonenAdd --show-cursor command line option
2008-05-24 Timo HirvonenRemove fuzzy artist name fixing, add fuzzy_artist_sort...
2008-05-17 Timo Hirvonencmus-remote: Document search
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenDocument update-cache command
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenDocument cmus-remote -Q
2008-05-17 dead_orcMake cmus-remote -Q export options related to replay...
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenHandle streams separately in tree_add_track()
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenSimplify finding artist name which is displayed in...
2008-05-17 Timo HirvonenUpdate tree window after changing artist name
2008-05-17 Gregory Petrosyantree: smarter artist naming and sorting [2/2]
2008-05-17 Gregory Petrosyantree: smarter artist naming and sorting [1/2]
2008-05-12 Timo HirvonenFix off-by-one bug in gbuf_addf()
2008-05-11 Timo HirvonenFix the fix to the ffmpeg configure check
2008-05-11 Timo HirvonenCheck if real-time scheduling is supported
2008-05-07 Timo HirvonenFix configure check for ffmpeg header file
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