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descriptionS11's changes to CLSQL.
last changeSun, 11 Oct 2009 15:40:36 +0000 (11 10:40 -0500)
content tags
2009-10-11 Stephen CompallMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergAutomated commit for upstream build of version 4.1.1
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergNew documentation files
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergNew release 4.1.1
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergRework initialize-instance for view-class-direct-slot...
2009-09-04 Stephen Compallmerge master (including some s11 patches)
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergUse :verbose nil for asdf:operate invocation
2009-09-04 Kevin Rosenbergfix parse-iso-8601-duration always answering 0-length...
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergImproved handlining of nested transactions
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergHave database-type default be *default-database-type*
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergAdd directory for MacPorts mysql5 port
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergFix transposed letters
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergAllow optional connect parameters for postgresql databases
2009-09-04 Kevin RosenbergRework do-query to use database for special case
2009-09-02 Kevin RosenbergWindows Drive Patch
2009-09-01 Kevin Rosenbergfix spelling error
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