2014-08-20 David LichteblauFix license header to reflect the actual license of... master
2011-06-15 David LichteblauRevert "Clean up attributes before passing them to...
2011-06-14 David LichteblauClean up attributes before passing them to SAX
2011-06-14 David LichteblauFix use of asdf:component-relative-pathname to avoid...
2010-09-19 David LichteblauPatches by Slava Gorbunov
2008-11-30 David Lichteblaurelease
2008-05-19 David Lichteblaumoved find-output-encoding to closure-common, thanks...
2008-05-09 David Lichteblauoutput encoding fixes
2008-04-26 David LichteblauPretend a/@name is a URI
2008-04-13 David LichteblauOutput encoding support, using Babel
2008-03-23 David LichteblauEscape non-ASCII characters in URIs
2008-03-23 David LichteblauDon't escape &{
2008-03-23 David Lichteblaudon't escape < in attributes
2008-03-23 David Lichteblaudon't escape the pcdata in script and style
2008-03-23 David Lichteblausilently delete xmlns attributes in HAX events
2008-03-02 David Lichteblaudocumentation update
2008-02-09 David Lichteblaufixed serialization of unknown elements
2007-12-16 David LichteblauNew argument documentp to serialize-pt.
2007-12-15 David LichteblauFixed text nodes in PT builder
2007-10-21 David script for release preparation
2007-10-21 David Lichteblautypo
2007-10-21 David Lichteblauhax:%want-strings-p
2007-10-21 David Lichteblaumore documentation
2007-10-20 David LichteblauExamples
2007-10-20 David Lichteblaumore documentation
2007-10-20 David LichteblauDocumentation for PT
2007-10-20 David Lichteblaumore documentation
2007-10-14 David LichteblauLHTML serialization.
2007-10-14 David LichteblauLHTML builder.
2007-10-14 David LichteblauPT builder.
2007-10-14 David LichteblauAttribute parsing issues.
2007-10-14 David LichteblauAvoid base-strings, because they aren't typep ROD.
2007-10-14 David Lichteblaucxml-like PARSE function and more serialization.
2007-10-14 David LichteblauSerialization fixes.
2007-10-14 David LichteblauSerialization.
2007-10-07 David LichteblauClosure re-integration (cont).
2007-10-07 David LichteblauWeb page update: Link to
2007-10-07 David LichteblauWeb-Seite
2007-10-07 David LichteblauClosure re-integration.
2007-10-07 David LichteblauRename the remaining parts of the GLISP package to...
2007-10-07 David LichteblauShrink glisp.
2007-10-07 David LichteblauFinishing touches.
2007-10-07 David LichteblauMore integration work.
2007-10-07 David LichteblauFixed build order issue.
2007-10-07 David LichteblauChanges from trivial-html-parser by Ignas Mikalaj#nas.
2007-10-07 David LichteblauMore refactoring for a standalone version of Closure...
2007-10-07 David LichteblauDeleted everything except for the HTML parser and its...
2007-07-07 dlichteblauUmlaute raus!origin/HEADorigin/masterorigin/origin
2007-07-07 dlichteblaubuild fix for clisp
2007-07-07 dlichteblaufixed build on clisp
2007-07-01 dlichteblauPatch by Christophe Rhodes on closure-devel <87ejk2sngi...
2007-06-30 dlichteblauNew argument new-process to run-closure, which can...
2007-02-04 dlichteblauTabbed browsing.
2007-01-21 dlichteblaurune fix
2007-01-07 emarsdenTrivial bugfix.
2007-01-07 dlichteblaurevert accidental change
2007-01-07 dlichteblaurevert accidental change
2007-01-07 dlichteblauMoved AIMAGE drawing routines into McCLIM.
2007-01-07 emarsdenFollow HTTP redirects (HTML-level redirects still not...
2007-01-07 thenriksenMake Closure work better with common-lisp-controller...
2007-01-05 emarsdenFix rendering of preformatted content.
2007-01-05 crhodesRune fixes for TeX Mode
2007-01-04 emarsdenAdd title to the PT that is generated for image/* and...
2007-01-04 emarsdenCleanups.
2007-01-03 emarsdenImplement transparency support for GIF files (thanks...
2007-01-03 emarsden- new function RENDER-LHTML that renders LHTML
2007-01-03 emarsdenNew files for the "organic" GIF support.
2007-01-03 emarsdenReimplement the LHTML parser. The previous version...
2007-01-03 emarsdenLoad GIF images using the Skippy library, instead of...
2007-01-03 emarsdenGUI: implement beginning-of-page and end-of-page comman...
2007-01-02 dlichteblauUse the ZIP library instead of run-shell-command for...
2007-01-02 dlichteblaurune fixes
2007-01-02 dlichteblauRemoved open-inet-socket from dep-*.
2007-01-02 dlichteblauremoved server socket code (unused)
2007-01-02 dlichteblauremoved gendep.lisp
2007-01-02 dlichteblauremoved all top-level calls to EXPORT in favour of...
2007-01-02 dlichteblauUn-RMAIL-ify dep-openmcl.lisp...
2007-01-02 dlichteblauRemoved some unused definitions from glisp.
2007-01-02 dlichteblaucommented out one of the two BACKGROUND-PIXMAP+MASK...
2007-01-02 dlichteblaudepend on :MCCLIM, which loads :CLIM-LOOKS, rather...
2006-12-31 dlichteblau"so that non-GUI parts of Closure don't have to depend...
2006-12-31 dlichteblauUse Bordeaux Threads for all threading primitives,...
2006-12-31 emarsden- add basic wholine support (currently title & last...
2006-12-31 dlichteblaurune fixes
2006-12-31 dlichteblauBased on the assumption that (and cmucl pthread) is...
2006-12-31 dlichteblauAs part of the great glisp cleanup, remove dep-acl5...
2006-12-31 dlichteblauDon't export gray stream symbols from glisp. Use a...
2006-12-31 dlichteblauNo need to have two identical versions of defsubst...
2006-12-31 dlichteblauMore rune fixes.
2006-12-31 dlichteblauFinish what Eric started:
2006-12-30 emarsden- use CL from Closure packages
2006-12-30 emarsdenCleanup debugging code.
2006-12-30 emarsdenMinor improvements to user interface:
2006-12-30 emarsdenUse character instead of base-char for GLISP strings...
2006-12-29 dlichteblaualso mention the instructions on
2006-12-29 dlichteblauRemove outdated system file and BUILD-script. Update...
2006-12-29 dlichteblauremove old files
2006-12-29 dlichteblauUse CXML's rune implementation and XML parser.
2006-12-29 dlichteblauMake closure start on Gtkairo:
2006-12-26 emarsdenTrivial bugfixes.