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2010-10-06 David LichteblauFix asd for cmucl with unicodemaster
2008-11-30 David Lichteblaurelease
2008-10-23 David Lichteblaufixed ystream newline handling, thanks to Ivan Shvedunov
2008-06-07 David LichteblauSupport for various windows codepages, thanks to Pierre Mai
2008-05-19 David Lichteblaumoved find-output-encoding to closure-common, thanks...
2008-05-17 David Lichteblaupossible fix for allegro
2008-04-13 David LichteblauOutput encoding support, using Babel
2008-02-24 dlichteblauallow Microsoft BOM (thanks to Ivan Shvedunov)origin
2007-12-22 dlichteblauUse 21 bit characters on Lisp offering them.
2007-11-18 dlichteblauhax:unescaped
2007-10-21 script for release preparation
2007-10-21 dlichteblautypos
2007-10-21 dlichteblauhax:%want-strings-p
2007-10-21 dlichteblauHAX documentation
2007-10-14 dlichteblauAllow non-simple strings in MAKE-ROD-XSTREAM, for the...
2007-10-14 dlichteblauNew package HAX.
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