descriptionPort of CLooG to PPL
last changeFri, 1 Apr 2011 04:27:58 +0000
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2011-04-01 Sebastian PopRegenerate config files.master
2010-08-27 Sebastian PopConfigure with all revisions of PPL later than 0.10.
2010-03-24 Sebastian PopBump CLOOG_VERSION_REVISION.
2010-03-24 Sebastian PopFix correct cloog_domain_sort.
2010-02-11 Sebastian PopBump CLOOG_VERSION_REVISION.
2010-02-11 Sebastian PopFix
2009-09-18 Sebastian PopFix memory leaks.
2009-08-12 Sebastian PopBump CLOOG_VERSION_REVISION.
2009-08-11 Sebastian PopUse top_builddir, not builddir that is undefined.
2009-08-11 Sebastian PopInclude --with-host-libstdcxx at the end of the LIBS...
2009-08-10 Sebastian PopAdd --with-host-libstdcxx configure switch.
2009-07-31 Sebastian PopBump CLOOG_VERSION_REVISION to 5.
2009-07-31 Sebastian PopAdd all the files generated by autoconf.
2009-06-19 Sebastian PopFix uninitialized configure variable
2009-06-09 Sebastian PopFix compilation with -Wc++-compat warning.
2009-06-08 Sebastian PopMake it compilable with a c++ compiler
3 years ago master
5 years ago CLooG-PPL-GCC4.4