2015-02-27 Eric Wongclogger 2.0.2 - bugfixes for pure Ruby usersmasterv2.0.2
2015-02-27 Eric Wongpure: use monotonic clock if possible
2015-02-27 Eric Wongpure: fix reentrancy of request_time
2015-01-13 Eric Wongclogger 2.0.1 - doc updates and new mailing listv2.0.1
2015-01-13 Eric Wongremove Rubyforge reference in Rakefile
2015-01-13 Eric Wonggemspec: use SPDX license abbreviation
2015-01-13 Eric Wongnew mailing list at
2015-01-13 Eric Wongext: get rid of noisy and unnecessary cast
2015-01-13 Eric Wongswitch docs + website to olddoc
2014-08-14 Eric WongREADME: document $env support for reading Rack env
2014-05-12 Eric Wongclogger 2.0.0 - updated website URL, cleanupsv2.0.0
2014-05-12 Eric Wongrelax license to allow LGPLv2.1 or later
2014-05-12 Eric Wongtest_clogger: workaround test failure on 32-bit
2014-05-12 Eric Wongremove :to_io support
2014-05-12 Eric Wongclogger 1.4.0 - updated website URL, cleanups
2014-05-12 Eric Wongupdate docs for rubyforge death
2014-05-06 Eric WongAdd script for redirecting to
2014-02-15 Eric Wonguse rb_thread_call_without_gvl for Ruby 2+
2014-02-15 Eric Wongremove each_id, it was never used
2014-02-15 Eric Wongprevent potential premature GC in byte_xs
2014-02-15 Eric Wonguse RB_GC_GUARD instead of volatile
2014-02-15 Eric Wongremove unused RARRAY_PTR macro
2014-02-15 Eric Wongblocking_helpers: remove fstat wrapper
2013-09-30 Eric WongGNUmakefile: kill raa_update invocation
2013-09-26 Eric WongRakefile: kill task to update RAA
2013-09-26 Eric Wongclogger 1.3.0 - avoid RARRAY_PTR usagev1.3.0
2013-09-26 Eric Wongext: avoid RARRAY_PTR usage for RGenGC in Ruby 2.1.0
2013-09-26 Eric WongREADME: indicate we support all versions of C Ruby
2012-11-06 Eric Wongclogger 1.2.0 - small bug and compatibility fixesv1.2.0
2012-11-06 Eric Wongext: enable C extension under Ruby 2.0.0
2012-11-06 Eric Wongtest_clogger: fix Ruby 1.8 test compatibility
2012-11-03 Eric Wongavoid calling "<<" on env["rack.errors"]
2012-06-08 Eric WongREADME: update for Ruby 1.9.3 support status
2012-06-08 Eric Wongtest case to simulate Rack::BodyProxy usage pattern
2012-05-08 Eric WongREADME: updated to use concise format syntax
2011-12-06 Eric update
2011-12-06 Eric Wongclogger 1.1.0 - more escaping!v1.1.0
2011-12-06 Eric Wongescape individual cookie values from $cookie_*
2011-12-06 Eric Wongescape bytes in the 0x7F-0xFF range, too
2011-07-22 Eric Wonguse for mailing list address
2011-07-20 Eric Wongext: note we rely on GVL for reentrancy detection
2011-06-22 Eric Wongclogger 1.0.1 - portability fixesv1.0.1
2011-06-22 Eric Wongext: fix portability defines for some installs
2011-05-12 Eric Wongtests: add full URL example
2011-04-26 Eric Wongchange from LGPLv2.1+ to LGPLv2.1 + LGPLv3
2011-04-21 Eric Wongclogger 1.0.0 - \o/v1.0.0
2011-04-19 Eric WongREADME: stop promoting strftime()-compatible formats
2011-04-19 Eric Wong$time_local and $time_utc are locale-independent
2011-04-16 Eric Wongadd support for $time_iso8601 format
2011-03-21 Eric Wongextconf: unnecessary dir_config statement
2011-03-16 Eric Wong:format may be a Symbol for less typing
2011-03-16 Eric Wongfix documentation of for :path
2011-03-15 Eric WongREADME: misspelled "discusssion"
2011-03-15 Eric Wongclogger 0.9.0 - configurable logging for Rackv0.9.0
2011-03-15 Eric Wongclogger: remove VERSION constant
2011-03-13 Eric Wongavoid potential RString -> C-string conversions
2011-03-13 Eric Wongrelease GVL for filesystem operations
2011-03-13 Eric Wongext: ensure path is a valid C string
2011-03-13 Eric Wongupdate
2011-03-04 Eric Wongdoc: URL diet
2011-03-04 Eric Wongext: avoid potentially unsafe casts with C API
2011-01-27 Eric update in case we get rid of C ext
2011-01-21 Eric Wongclogger 0.8.0 - delegating away!v0.8.0
2011-01-21 Eric Wongswitch to for maintenance tasks
2011-01-21 Eric Wongpure: simpler autoload trigger
2011-01-21 Eric Wongdelegate method_missing calls to the response body
2011-01-21 Eric Wongpass along "to_io" calls to the body
2011-01-15 Eric Wongclogger 0.7.0 - portability improvements, cleanupsv0.7.0
2011-01-15 Eric Wongproperly support $time_utc as documented
2011-01-15 Eric Wonghandle abitrarily long time formats in C extension
2011-01-14 Eric WongRDoc fixups
2011-01-14 Eric Wongremove dead RSTRUCT* compatibility macros
2011-01-14 Eric Wongremove Clogger::ToPath proxy class
2011-01-14 Eric Wongtest_clogger_to_path: do not assume implementation...
2011-01-14 Eric Wonganother try to fix systems without CLOCK_MONOTONIC
2011-01-14 Eric Wonganother workaround for systems with broken CLOCK_MONOTONIC
2011-01-13 Eric Wongattempt to support broken/crazy systems
2011-01-13 Eric Wongremove unused function (obj_fileno)
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrelease: publish_news runs by default
2010-12-25 Eric WongREADME: updates
2010-12-25 Eric Wongclogger 0.6.0 - :path shortcut, minor bugfixesv0.6.0
2010-12-25 Eric Wongfix $msec and $usec in pure Ruby variant
2010-12-25 Eric Wongadd support for Rubinius
2010-12-25 Eric WongGNUmakefile: better external RUBYLIB support
2010-12-25 Eric Wongeliminate unnecessary freeze and dup
2010-12-25 Eric Wongdoc: switch to wrongdoc for documentation
2010-12-25 Eric WongGNUmakefile: preserve RUBYLIB env for tests
2010-12-25 Eric Wongfix #include ordering under FreeBSD 7.2
2010-12-24 Eric Wonguse clock_gettime for time resolution
2010-12-24 Eric Wongaccept a new :path argument in initialize
2010-12-24 Eric WongGNUmakefile: fix running of extension test
2010-10-05 Eric WongGNUmakefile: use portable tar invocation
2010-06-06 Eric WongREADME: Rack 1.1 is out (and has been for a while)
2010-06-06 Eric Wongclogger 0.5.0 - body.to_path forwardingv0.5.0
2010-06-06 Eric WongREADME: document CLOGGER_PURE environment variable
2010-06-06 Eric WongCLOGGER_PURE=0 disables the C ext
2010-06-06 Eric Wongext: comment why we do what we do in to_path
2010-06-06 Eric Wongext: the N in /dev/fd/N must be unsigned
2010-06-06 Eric Wongext: handle weird regular files with O_NONBLOCK set
2010-06-06 Eric Wongext: cleanup -Wshadow warning