descriptionCommon Lisp binding for SQLite
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CL-SQLITE package is an interface to the SQLite embedded relational database engine.
2011-05-10 Nicolas Martyanoffimplement the asdf test-op for the sqlite systemmaster
2010-12-15 Dmitry KalyanovIn purge-cache function declare variable uid=1000(dvk...
2010-11-15 Dmitry KalyanovReally fix links
2010-11-15 Dmitry KalyanovFix links to new version
2010-11-14 Dmitry KalyanovAdd to changelog0.2
2010-11-14 Dmitry KalyanovAdd documentation for named parameters
2010-11-06 Dmitry KalyanovAdd variants of functions that accept named parameters
2010-10-30 Alexander GavrilovDocument the new error conditions and property accessors.
2010-10-30 Alexander GavrilovDocument new prepared statement API functions.
2010-10-30 Alexander GavrilovFix a couple of minor issues in the library.
2010-10-30 Alexander GavrilovAdd tests for the new condition and statement API funct...
2010-10-23 Alexander GavrilovAdd a high-level wrapper for sqlite3_clear_bindings.
2010-10-23 Alexander GavrilovImplement a custom error condition for SQLite.
2010-10-23 Alexander GavrilovSupport returning multiple values from with-transaction...
2010-10-23 Alexander GavrilovExport read-only accessors for statement output column...
2010-10-23 Alexander GavrilovMake handle slots unbound after deallocating C objects.
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