descriptionGeneric SAT solver interface for Common Lisp with exchangeable backends like minisat, precosat or whoever wins next year's satrace
last changeFri, 13 May 2011 10:13:18 +0000 (13 12:13 +0200)
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2011-05-13 Utz-Uwe Hausadd missing and in minisat subtreemaster
2011-05-09 Utz-Uwe Hausupdate to newer libtool, keep in-tree
2011-05-09 Utz-Uwe Hausanother round of default test predicate mess
2011-05-09 Utz-Uwe Hausmessing with default test predicate in macro again
2011-05-09 Utz-Uwe Haus.gitignore update
2011-05-09 Utz-Uwe Hausfixes for package name confusion in swig-lispify
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe HausReduce consing in flush-to-backend
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe HausAdd vector variant for clause-valid method
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe HausReduce consing and recursion in split-delimited-string
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe HausAllow assumptions to be lists or vectors in backend
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe HausAvoid double mapping from symbolic literals to variable...
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe HausFix NNF generation if explicit :ATOMs are used
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe Hausfix add-formula to drop :AND and :OR-symbols before...
2010-06-22 Utz-Uwe HausFix macro expansion time confusion in with-index-hash
2010-06-17 Utz-Uwe Hausremove debugging output and ensure empty clauses are...
2010-06-17 Utz-Uwe HausFix call to minisat solve()minisat-backend
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5 years ago precosat-465r2
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