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descriptionexperimental patches
last changeTue, 18 Mar 2008 02:17:09 +0000 (17 22:17 -0400)
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2008-03-18 D Herringbitmask tweak and grid generatormaster
2008-03-17 D HerringAdd a couple more examples.
2008-03-04 D HerringUpdate lib/types.lisp for February 2007 CFFI (breaks...
2008-02-10 William RobinsonAdded major version changelog.
2008-02-10 William RobinsonAdded Win+Mac notes. Some wishlist aswell.
2008-02-06 William RobinsonBug fix on broken argument output loop
2008-02-02 William RobinsonChanged error on extension functions not found to merel...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonStripped out a lot of useless info from the spec, by...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonFixed the make-opengl-bindings.rb top-level generator...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonCut-out empty enum groups earlier (results in reorderin...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonRemoved useless proto-package.
2008-01-30 William RobinsonLittle nomenclature and do->loop clean ups.
2008-01-30 William RobinsonFixed the nil names of the generator.
2008-01-30 William RobinsonSome fixes on some missing output....
2008-01-30 William RobinsonRemoved unused functions
2008-01-30 William RobinsonTidied up the scaffolding code
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