2008-01-11 William RobinsonAdded cl-opengl example proof-of-concept.0.3
2008-01-09 William RobinsonSmall usability improvement for main generator interfac...
2008-01-07 William RobinsonUpdated README
2008-01-04 William RobinsonFixed examples for new includes pattern.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonAvoid duplicate fix.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonMoved glu versioned files into lib/.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonFixed package name
2008-01-04 William RobinsonModule location generator fix.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonRemoved dependent type boolean from cl-glfw-opengl...
2008-01-04 William RobinsonRemoved the lib module from all of the asd files inside...
2007-12-31 William RobinsonUpdated README layout.
2007-12-31 William RobinsonMoved all extension asd files into lib, tidier.
2007-12-15 William RobinsonUpdated specification files: GREMEDY_frame_terminator... 0.2
2007-12-15 William RobinsonAdded with-projection-matrix macro.
2007-10-28 William RobinsonSmall changes to string/symbol style of .asd files...
2007-10-28 William RobinsonFixed name of opengl package. I thought this was commit...
2007-10-28 William RobinsonSplit out the GLU into seperate files to keep windows...
2007-10-28 William RobinsonAdded extra test platform.
2007-10-28 William RobinsonPackage name change.
2007-10-24 William RobinsonRevisited all examples and updated.0.1
2007-10-24 William RobinsonReworking of synchronizing shaders.
2007-10-24 William RobinsonSmall tidy-up, ensure window isn't closed twice.
2007-10-24 William RobinsonAdded some missing automatic conversions.
2007-10-22 William RobinsonFormatting fix.
2007-10-21 William Robinsonconversion of gl:booleans, gl:floats and gl:doubles.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded VBO example.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded example for ARB shaders, so you don't have to...
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded ARB conveniences for shaders and VBO for non...
2007-10-21 William RobinsonSilently fail if load-extension extension doesn't have...
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded some forgotten types for export.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded forgotten files from last commit.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded shader convenience functions and a shader example.
2007-10-20 William RobinsonFixes for some rare OpenGL function names. More verbosi...
2007-10-20 William RobinsonExtensions system fixed a lot. Hopefully some build...
2007-10-20 William RobinsonAdded extensions loading system based on LOADs of ASD...
2007-10-20 William RobinsonBlah blah readme updates.
2007-10-20 William RobinsonFormatting of a comment of old code.
2007-10-20 William RobinsonShadowed some foreign type definitions that may clash...
2007-10-20 William RobinsonAdded ignore for everyone for *~ as i can't remember...
2007-10-20 William RobinsonReadme updates...
2007-10-20 William RobinsonExport fix and extra convenience macro.
2007-10-20 William RobinsonAdded forgotten export.
2007-10-20 William RobinsonStupid function-not-macro bug fix.
2007-10-19 William RobinsonAdded some convenience wrappers and a very simple examp...
2007-10-19 William RobinsonSome more convenience functions for glfw.
2007-10-18 William RobinsonAdded some small "fixes" to threading test (basically...
2007-10-18 William RobinsonUpdated notice about threading
2007-10-18 William RobinsonChanged mipmaps test image for something public-domains.
2007-10-17 William RobinsonUpdated README
2007-10-17 William RobinsonAdded broken mtbench example.
2007-10-17 William RobinsonAdded with-lock-mutex macro.
2007-10-17 William RobinsonKeytest example.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonFormatting fixes and added a macro for gears example...
2007-10-16 William RobinsonPeter's gears translation.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonMipmaps examples and data file working.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonAnother example!
2007-10-16 William RobinsonAdded multi-threading example.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonFixed a couple of silly bugs
2007-10-16 William RobinsonAdded listmodes example and fixed some bugs it brought up.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonAdded maybe-support for framework on MacOSX
2007-10-16 William RobinsonASDF package for installing it.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonAdded the glfw file itself (duh)!
2007-10-16 William RobinsonFixed float-too-big error.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonIgnoring binary object files.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonAdded initial output of generator scripts.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonFix destination of extension files.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonIgnore intermediate files in repository
2007-10-16 William RobinsonFixed wrong path.
2007-10-16 William RobinsonInitial file set. Not even sure if it works.