2011-07-28 Bill RobinsonBetter support for loading extensions:better-extensions-support
2011-06-20 Bill RobinsonError string can be translated into a string ok.
2011-06-19 Bill RobinsonFixed export declarations on cl-glfw-opengl package.
2011-06-19 Bill RobinsonExtension enumerations now only included where necessary.
2011-06-19 Bill RobinsonNeed to export the extension loader
2011-06-18 Bill RobinsonFixed dll name on windows
2011-06-17 Bill RobinsonRe-ran generator for OpenGL 4.1 and new extensions
2011-06-12 Bill RobinsonWindows fixes.
2011-02-20 Bill RobinsonAdded all of the window hints to the open-window functi...
2011-02-02 Bill RobinsonFolded in some ftgl improvements from Cowl
2011-02-01 Bill RobinsonIgnore some temp files
2011-02-01 Bill RobinsonAdded FTGL for convenience
2011-01-05 Bill RobinsonUpdated for GLFW 2.7
2011-01-05 Bill RobinsonHack to make it work with CCL
2011-01-05 Bill RobinsonUpdated the OpenGL generator for the new spec versions...
2010-10-29 Bill RobinsonCFFI upgrade fix.
2010-10-29 Bill RobinsonFixed glfw library reference for ubuntu (and debianesque)
2010-10-29 Bill RobinsonFixed cffi library specification syntax
2009-03-28 William RobinsonLibrary fixes.
2009-03-07 William RobinsonFixed D Herring's examples for new types.
2009-03-07 D Herringbitmask tweak and grid generator
2009-03-07 D HerringAdd a couple more examples.
2009-03-07 William RobinsonBill's coming back online merge. API breaking changes!
2008-08-26 John ConnorsExperimental changes to generated code.
2008-08-17 John ConnorsDocumentation tweaksnew-cffi-foreign-types
2008-08-17 John ConnorsRemoved some (TMS)
2008-08-02 John ConnorsRemoving unicode characters that impede compilation...
2008-08-02 John ConnorsRemoving unicode characters that impede compilation...
2008-08-01 John ConnorsSorted some problems with poiner types.
2008-08-01 John ConnorsSimpler examples work. Extension loading still question...
2008-08-01 John ConnorsFixing opengl package so that types work.
2008-08-01 John ConnorsMerging cffi-newtypes with master for next release.
2008-07-30 John ConnorsMerge branch 'new-cffi-foreign-types' of git+ssh:/...
2008-07-30 John ConnorsAdding documentation
2008-03-30 John ConnorsUnix loading fix
2008-03-30 John ConnorsMerge branch 'new-cffi-foreign-types' of git+ssh:/...
2008-03-30 John ConnorsAdding seperate file for library loading
2008-03-29 John ConnorsMerge branch 'jfc-darcs-cffi' into jfc-new-cffi-foreign...
2008-03-29 John ConnorsDocumentation changes.
2008-03-08 John ConnorsChanged to use multi-platform lib loading form
2008-03-04 William RobinsonAuthor: D Herring <>mob
2008-02-10 William RobinsonAdded major version changelog.0.4
2008-02-10 William RobinsonAdded Win+Mac notes. Some wishlist aswell.
2008-02-06 William RobinsonBug fix on broken argument output loop
2008-02-02 William RobinsonChanged error on extension functions not found to merel...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonStripped out a lot of useless info from the spec, by...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonFixed the make-opengl-bindings.rb top-level generator...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonCut-out empty enum groups earlier (results in reorderin...
2008-01-30 William RobinsonRemoved useless proto-package.
2008-01-30 William RobinsonLittle nomenclature and do->loop clean ups.
2008-01-30 William RobinsonFixed the nil names of the generator.
2008-01-30 William RobinsonSome fixes on some missing output....
2008-01-30 William RobinsonRemoved unused functions
2008-01-30 William RobinsonTidied up the scaffolding code
2008-01-29 William RobinsonStart of code cleanup on main generator.
2008-01-29 William RobinsonAdded comments to files that are auto-generated.
2008-01-29 William RobinsonAdded generator structure explanation
2008-01-27 William RobinsonFixed regression. get-window-param still returns an...
2008-01-27 William RobinsonRetro-applied package layout changes to generator code...
2008-01-27 William RobinsonMajor package refactoring.
2008-01-27 William Robinsonjfc's patch for reorganising cl-glfw-opengl and cl...
2008-01-24 William RobinsonAdded forgotten shadow of boolean in glfw package.
2008-01-19 William RobinsonFix for building under ECL, working under the assumptio...
2008-01-19 William RobinsonFix for platforms where there's no int64/uint64...
2008-01-19 William RobinsonFixed dependency of opengl extensions and versions...
2008-01-19 William RobinsonFix files not found for glu versions 1_1, 1_2 and 1_3.
2008-01-11 William RobinsonAdded cl-opengl example proof-of-concept.0.3
2008-01-09 William RobinsonSmall usability improvement for main generator interfac...
2008-01-07 William RobinsonUpdated README
2008-01-04 William RobinsonFixed examples for new includes pattern.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonAvoid duplicate fix.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonMoved glu versioned files into lib/.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonFixed package name
2008-01-04 William RobinsonModule location generator fix.
2008-01-04 William RobinsonRemoved dependent type boolean from cl-glfw-opengl...
2008-01-04 William RobinsonRemoved the lib module from all of the asd files inside...
2007-12-31 William RobinsonUpdated README layout.
2007-12-31 William RobinsonMoved all extension asd files into lib, tidier.
2007-12-15 William RobinsonUpdated specification files: GREMEDY_frame_terminator... 0.2
2007-12-15 William RobinsonAdded with-projection-matrix macro.
2007-10-28 William RobinsonSmall changes to string/symbol style of .asd files...
2007-10-28 William RobinsonFixed name of opengl package. I thought this was commit...
2007-10-28 William RobinsonSplit out the GLU into seperate files to keep windows...
2007-10-28 William RobinsonAdded extra test platform.
2007-10-28 William RobinsonPackage name change.
2007-10-24 William RobinsonRevisited all examples and updated.0.1
2007-10-24 William RobinsonReworking of synchronizing shaders.
2007-10-24 William RobinsonSmall tidy-up, ensure window isn't closed twice.
2007-10-24 William RobinsonAdded some missing automatic conversions.
2007-10-22 William RobinsonFormatting fix.
2007-10-21 William Robinsonconversion of gl:booleans, gl:floats and gl:doubles.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded VBO example.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded example for ARB shaders, so you don't have to...
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded ARB conveniences for shaders and VBO for non...
2007-10-21 William RobinsonSilently fail if load-extension extension doesn't have...
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded some forgotten types for export.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded forgotten files from last commit.
2007-10-21 William RobinsonAdded shader convenience functions and a shader example.
2007-10-20 William RobinsonFixes for some rare OpenGL function names. More verbosi...
2007-10-20 William RobinsonExtensions system fixed a lot. Hopefully some build...