2009-12-19 Julian SquiresAdded some palette-related functions and a couple of... master
2009-05-13 Julian SquiresMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-05-13 Julian SquiresAdded DETERMINE-TYPE; exported ENABLED-P.
2009-04-13 Julian SquiresTemporarily remove ILUT.
2009-04-13 Julian SquiresGensym tweak.
2008-11-13 Julian SquiresILUT:INIT is pretty important.
2008-11-11 Julian SquiresTrivial fix of WITH-IMAGES.
2008-11-03 Julian SquiresAdded automatic translation of pathnames via namestring.
2008-11-03 Julian SquiresImproved GEN-IMAGES interface; fixed load problems.
2008-10-29 Julian SquiresForgot to update ASDF system for ILUT.
2008-10-29 Julian SquiresAdded more utilities: WITH-INIT, WIDTH-OF, HEIGHT... mob
2008-10-28 Julian SquiresInitial commit. Basic IL bindings and a couple of...