2012-11-03 Thomas PerlVersion 1.1 with conntrack-tools supportmaster1.1
2012-11-03 Thomas PerlUpdate information on conntrack accounting
2012-11-03 Thomas PerlFallback to conntrack-utils if ip_conntrack is not...
2010-07-30 Thomas PerlAdd release creation script1.0
2010-07-30 Thomas PerlApply BSD-style license
2010-07-30 Thomas PerlRe-structuring test files, add AUTHORS and README
2010-06-20 Stefan Koegladd missing comments
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglcorrected measured traffic file
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglupdated measurement results
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglfix typo in user-manual
2010-06-19 Stefan Koegladd html user manual
2010-06-19 Stefan Koeglmake produce nicer output
2010-06-16 Stefan Koeglmeasurement results of automated web-session
2010-06-16 Thomas PerlMore test cases; download URLs
2010-06-16 Stefan Koegladd simple memory monitor
2010-06-16 Thomas PerlTest cases; profiling and simulation
2010-06-12 Stefan Koegladd user manual
2010-06-12 Stefan Koeglfix outdated description in notifications.sample.cfg
2010-06-12 Stefan Koeglmove standalone pipe to
2010-06-12 Stefan Koeglremove misplaced comment
2010-06-07 Thomas PerlAdd documentation / epydoc
2010-06-05 Stefan Koeglfix bug in parse_bool
2010-06-05 Stefan Koeglignore local traffic
2010-06-05 Stefan Koegladd option --no-lookback
2010-06-05 Stefan Koeglimplement notification, read from configuration file
2010-06-03 Stefan Koeglread monitor configuration from config file
2010-06-03 Stefan Koegladded sample configuration files
2010-06-03 Stefan Koeglclear aggregator output
2010-06-01 Stefan Koeglautomatically group processes by their basename (-...
2010-06-01 Stefan Koeglfix app grouping
2010-06-01 Stefan Koeglimplement App grouping (buggy!)
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlHTTP Visualisation
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlAggregator for monitor + pipes
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlRename pinhole to pipe (class names, etc.)
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlRename pinhole to pipe
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlImplement traffic monitoring in pinhole
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlCorrect bandwidth usage calculation
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlRefactor monitor to use a proper class-based design
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlMove "Monitor" to bwmon.monitor module
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlMove the clear screen functions to bwmon.util
2010-05-31 Thomas PerlFilter connection types for conntrack
2010-05-30 Stefan Koeglinclude, exclude processes based on the commandline
2010-05-30 Stefan Koeglcompare records to previous record within 1s time frame
2010-05-30 Stefan Koeglaggregator can now handle multiple monitors
2010-05-30 Stefan Koeglstyle changes, comments
2010-05-30 Stefan Koeglvarious bugfixes
2010-05-30 Stefan Koegladd missing parameter
2010-05-30 Stefan Koeglmove pre-compiled regex to correct method
2010-05-29 Stefan Koeglimplement aggregator stub
2010-05-29 Stefan Koeglcorrectly handle processes that re-appear in ip_conntrack
2010-05-26 Thomas PerlAdded pinhole (TCP port forwarding w/ measurement)
2010-05-26 Thomas PerlFix output of command line
2010-05-26 Thomas PerlTest documentation
2010-05-25 Stefan Koegldifferentiate between incoming/outgoing traffic
2010-05-23 Thomas PerlUpdated, re-factored and with clear screen
2010-05-23 Thomas PerlAdd documentation link for conntrack entries
2010-05-23 Thomas PerlCleaned-up implementation of conntrack parser
2010-05-23 Stefan Koegladd Makefile
2010-05-23 Stefan Koegllet bwmon run continously
2010-05-23 Stefan Koeglfix matching between src/dest and local/remote addresses
2010-05-23 Stefan Koeglinitial commit