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This is the home for bioperl-run, which contain modules that provides a Perl interface to various bioinformatics applications. This allows various applications to be used with common BioPerl objects.

See the Changes file for more information about what is contained in here.


See the accompanying INSTALL file for details on installing bioperl-run.


Write down any problems or praise and send them to


Bug reports can be made using the GitHub Issues tracker for this distribution.

2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsshut off emboss and wise tests for nowmaster
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsretry non-sudo containerized approach
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldstest using sudo, but maybe try using a local install...
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsmake exec
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsfix path, and turn off samtools
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsinitial test install
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsadd initial install script directory, with samtools...
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsrun latest CPAN release of BioPerl
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsshut off some tests so we can focus on a few failing...
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsoops, forgot Changes but it is a minor release for...
2016-12-19 Chris Fieldsadd in code to add version to META filesrelease-1-7-1
2016-12-17 Chris Fieldsremove SOAP dependency, since relevant modules no longe... release-1-7-0
2016-12-17 Chris Fieldsbump VERSION
2016-12-17 Chris FieldsSOAP eutils API not supported since 2015, modules are...
2016-12-17 Chris Fieldsthese should not be executable out of the box
2016-12-17 Chris FieldsClean up a bit
2 months ago release-1-7-1
2 months ago release-1-7-0
5 years ago release-1-6-9 BioPerl-Run release 1.6.900
7 years ago run-1-6-1_001
8 years ago release-1-6-1
8 years ago release-1-6
8 years ago bioperl-1-6-RC2
8 years ago bioperl-1-6-RC1
8 years ago bioperl-1-6-RC1_15468
10 years ago bioperl-run-release-1-5-2
11 years ago bioperl-run-release-1-5-1
11 years ago bioperl-run-release-1-5-1-rc4
12 years ago bioperl-run-release-1-5-0-rc1
13 years ago bioperl-run-release-1-4-0
13 years ago bioperl-run-devel-1-3-01
13 years ago bioperl-run-release-1-2-2
2 months ago master
2 years ago topic/issue11
4 years ago daisieh-adding_batchfile
7 years ago branch-1-6
11 years ago bioperl-run-branch-1-5-1
14 years ago branch-1-0-0
15 years ago branch-07-ensembl-120
15 years ago branch-07