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This is bioperl-run version 1.6.x, a developer release.

bioperl-run contain modules that provides a Perl interface to various bioinformatics applications. This allows various applications to be used with common BioPerl objects.

See the Changes file for more information about what is contained in here.


See the accompanying INSTALL file for details on installing bioperl-run.


Write down any problems or praise and send them to


Bug reports can be made using the GitHub Issues tracker for this distribution.

2015-05-28 Chris FieldsMerge pull request #15 from adsj/mastermaster
2015-05-26 Adam SjøgrenSupply TEMPLATE and SUFFIX for temporary query sequence... 15/head
2015-02-20 David PintoRaxml: use File::Spec->devnull() instead of our own...
2015-02-20 Carnë DraugMerge pull request #13 from hettling/master
2015-01-31 Chris Fieldsconvert to markdown for consistency
2015-01-31 Chris Fieldsconvert to markdown for consistency
2015-01-28 hettlingremoved obsolete whitespace13/head
2014-12-18 Francisco J... StandAloneBlastPlus: Improved 'db_info' Algorithm ID...
2014-12-18 Francisco J... Added MYMETA.json to .gitignore
2014-10-29 hettlingAdded -d option (random starting tree) to raxml run...
2014-10-29 hettling(1) when -w option was provided with a custom directory...
2014-09-01 Francisco J... WBCommandExts.t: Fixed a pending TODO related to
2014-08-26 Mark A. JensenUpdate Build.PL, MYMETA.json with build dependencies
2014-08-24 Mark A. Jensenno dependencies on any of the Test::* or Sub::Uplevel...
2014-08-24 Mark A. JensenUpdate Build.PL with config_requires and build_requires...
2014-08-24 Mark A. JensenMerge branch 'master' into topic/move_WrapperBase
5 years ago release-1-6-9 BioPerl-Run release 1.6.900
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9 years ago bioperl-run-release-1-5-2
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