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20 hours ago Francisco J... nexml.t: Added a missing XML::Twig requirement.master
20 hours ago Francisco J... Sopma.t: Added -requires_networking requirement up...
35 hours ago Francisco J... Inactivated tests for GOR4.t, HNN.t and Sopma.t, since...
35 hours ago Francisco J... Fixed a bug where the server is not respondin...
2014-11-17 Francisco J... Fixed small typo
2014-11-17 Francisco J... Updated Changes and included myself in AUTHORS after...
2014-11-16 Francisco J... Fix for issue #90. Added new codon table...
2014-11-16 Francisco J... Coveralls report finally worked but only some jobs...
2014-11-13 Francisco J... Last try failed probably because I did not specify...
2014-11-13 Francisco J... In the last try 3 builds almost finished. This last...
2014-11-13 Francisco J... Argument worked but "-subs_only" actually took longer...
2014-11-13 Francisco J... This argument order should work
2014-11-12 Francisco J... Make Devel::Cover ignore external module 'prove' and...
2014-11-12 Francisco J... Unfortunately, the complete coverage test could not...
2014-11-12 Francisco J... Good news! Reducing the output made it finish much...
2014-11-12 Francisco J... I found that the extra verbosity was caused by 'prove',
5 months ago release-1-6-924 Minor release to deal with META...
12 months ago release-1-6-923 Latest release, with several bug...
15 months ago release-1-6-922
15 months ago release-1-6-921
15 months ago release-1-6-920
15 months ago release-1-6-910 Point release, mainly bug fixes
3 years ago bioperl-release-1-6-901
3 years ago bioperl-release-1-6-9 BioPerl core 1.6.9 release
5 years ago bioperl-release-1-6-1
5 years ago bioperl-1-6-0_006
5 years ago bioperl-1-6-0_005
5 years ago bioperl-1-6-0_003
5 years ago bioperl-1-6-0_004
5 years ago bioperl-1-6-0_002
5 years ago bioperl-1-6-0_001
5 years ago bioperl-release-1-6
3 hours ago v1.6.x
20 hours ago master
6 months ago topic/local_build
8 months ago topic/sf_lite_fixes
8 months ago topic/cjfields_psl_fixes
12 months ago topic/assembly-less
16 months ago topic/yinjun111-simplealign
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