Add support for DragonFlyBSD target.
[binutils.git] / ld / ChangeLog
2011-03-28 Nick CliftonAdd support for DragonFlyBSD target.
2011-03-28 Joseph Myers * Check for windows.h, not Windows.h.
2011-03-25 Eric B. WeddingtonRegenerate
2011-03-23 Joseph Myers * lexsup.c (parse_args): Only set report_plugin_symbol...
2011-03-22 Eric B. Weddington/bfd:
2011-03-21 Eric B. Weddington2011-03-21 Eric B. Weddington <eric.weddington@atmel...
2011-03-14 Richard Sandifordinclude/elf/
2011-03-14 Richard Sandifordbfd/
2011-03-10 Dave Korn[PATCH] Respect symbol wrappers when computing symbol...
2011-03-10 Dave Korn[PATCH] Fix issue from GCC PR47527: no ELF flags, EABI...
2011-03-10 Dave Korn[PATCH] Revise linker plugin API to better preserve...
2011-03-10 Dave Korn[PATCH] Do not use dummy bfd suffix for recognition...
2011-03-10 Dave Korn[PATCH] Fix PE-COFF bug in orphan section alignment...
2011-03-04 H.J. LuReport plugin symbols for --verbose=N.
2011-03-01 H.J. LuDon't use filename_cmp in plugin test DSO.
2011-02-28 Kai Tietz2011-02-28 Kai Tietz <>
2011-02-26 H.J. LuAdd entry_symbol chain into non_ironly_hash.
2011-02-24 H.J. LuDon't mark entry symbol IR only.
2011-02-18 Dave Anglin PR ld/12376
2011-02-16 H.J. LuChange x32 LIBPATH_SUFFIX to x32.
2011-02-15 Kai Tietz2011-02-15 Kai Tietz <>
2011-02-14 Mike Frysingerbfd/ld: handle ABI prefixes in version scripts
2011-02-14 Alan Modra * ldmain.c (remove_output): Rename to..
2011-02-13 Ralf WildenhuesRemove freebsd1 from libtool.m4 macros and config.rpath.
2011-02-10 Alan Modra * scripttempl/ Revert 2010-11-02 H.J...
2011-01-22 H.J. LuAdd AC_PROG_CXX.
2011-01-22 Richard Sandifordbfd/
2011-01-21 Alan Modra * ldexp.c (fold_binary): Set result section for arithm...
2011-01-14 Alan Modra * ldmain.c (main): Flush stdout before and stderr...
2011-01-14 Alan Modra * emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orpha...
2011-01-14 Alan Modra PR ld/12339
2011-01-14 Alan Modra * Sort emulation rules.
2011-01-13 Alan Modra PR ld/12356
2011-01-13 Alan Modra PR ld/12356
2011-01-12 Alan Modra PR ld/12380
2011-01-10 Nick Clifton * po/da.po: Updated Danish translation.
2011-01-10 H.J. LuRemove startup_file from ldlang.c.
2011-01-05 H.J. LuCheck if a bfd is NULL before accessing its flags field.
2011-01-01 H.J. LuUpdate copyright to 2011.
2011-01-01 H.J. LuRotate binutils ChangeLogs.
2010-12-31 Richard SandifordAdd change missing from previous commit, and fix mispla...
2010-12-31 Richard Sandifordbfd/
2010-12-31 H.J. LuAdd x86-64 ILP32 support.
2010-12-29 H.J. LuMention PR ld/12327 in ChangeLog entry.
2010-12-20 Alan Modra * ld.texinfo (Expression Section): Describe treatment...
2010-12-20 Alan Modra PR ld/12001
2010-12-15 H.J. LuAdd SORT_BY_INIT_PRIORITY.
2010-12-13 Alan Modra * ldlang.c (load_symbols): Correct last change.
2010-12-12 H.J. LuOptimize for add_archive_element.
2010-12-09 Mike Frysingerbfd/binutils/gas/gprof/ld/libiberty/opcodes: add .gitignore
2010-12-06 H.J. LuAdd -flto and -flto-partition=.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuDon't add the trailing `\n' for LDPL_ERROR.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuRemove the trailing `\n' from TV_MESSAGE.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuUse putchar for the trailing `\n' in plugin message.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuCall xatexit with plugin_call_cleanup.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuCall plugin_call_cleanup on plugin fatal error.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuAdd a space after `:' in plugin error message.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuAdd the trailing `\n' to einfo in plugin.c.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuMention PR ld/12277 in ChangeLog.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuAdd the trailing `\n' to pluin message.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuReplace is_archive with maybe_archive.
2010-12-06 H.J. LuProperly convert LTO plugin visibility to ELF visibility.
2010-12-04 Alan Modra * ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Align lma using...
2010-12-03 H.J. LuFix a typo in comments.
2010-12-02 H.J. LuRe-indent plugin.h.
2010-11-30 Alan ModraAdd sparc64-rtems.
2010-11-26 Alan Modraupdate japanese translation
2010-11-25 Alan ModraUpdate translations
2010-11-25 Alan Modra * scripttempl/ Group .text.exit, text.startup...
2010-11-23 Nick Clifton * For --enable-gold, handle value `defau...
2010-11-21 H.J. LuRe-indent plugin code.
2010-11-20 H.J. LuSet alignment of common plugin symbol to 1 for For...
2010-11-20 H.J. LuProperly report loading plugin error.
2010-11-19 Dave Korn * plugin.c (is_visible_from_outside): New function.
2010-11-15 Mike Frysingerblackfin: add support for L1 code/data flags
2010-11-15 Alan Modra * emultempl/pe.em (_list_options): Correct typo.
2010-11-08 Thomas SchwingeImprove binutils testsuite coverage for GNU/Hurd.
2010-11-05 Richard SandifordFix spacing.
2010-11-05 Richard Sandifordld/
2010-11-05 Tristan Gingoldbfd/
2010-11-05 Tristan Gingoldbinutils/binutils-2_21-branchpoint
2010-11-05 Dave Korn * plugin.h (plugin_active_plugins_p): New prototype.
2010-11-05 Alan Modra * ldlang.c (lang_add_section): Distinguish ELF treatme...
2010-11-04 Kai Tietzbfd/
2010-11-04 Alan Modra * plugin.c (is_ir_dummy_bfd): Don't segfault on NULL...
2010-11-03 Nick Clifton PR ld/12001
2010-11-03 Alan Modra * (eelf64hppa.c): Correct dependencies.
2010-11-02 H.J. LuInclude compressed DWARF debug sections in ELF linker...
2010-10-29 H.J. LuAdd compressed debug section support to binutils and ld.
2010-10-28 Alan Modra * ldfile.c (find_scripts_dir): Don't look in absolute...
2010-10-28 Alan ModraAdd directory section for info document.
2010-10-28 Alan Modra * emultempl/ppc64elf.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_new_vers...
2010-10-28 Alan Modra * ldlang.h (ldlang_add_undef): Add cmdline param.
2010-10-25 Alan Modra * plugin.c (plugin_get_ir_dummy_bfd): Set bfd_use_rese...
2010-10-22 Rainer Orth ld:
2010-10-21 Alan Modra * ldwrite.c (build_link_order <lang_data_statement_enu...
2010-10-21 Joseph Myersbfd:
2010-10-20 Dave Korn * plugin.c (get_symbols): Check symbol type correctly.
2010-10-15 Dave KornProvide win32-based dlapi replacements on windows platf...
2010-10-15 Dave KornFix potential use-after-free bugs.