Add support for DragonFlyBSD target.
[binutils.git] / ChangeLog
2011-03-28 Nick CliftonAdd support for DragonFlyBSD target.
2011-03-25 Joseph Myers * (native_only): Remove.
2011-03-25 Joseph Myers * (target_tools): Remove target-groff.
2011-03-24 Paolo Bonzini2011-03-24 Paolo Bonzini <>
2011-03-24 Paolo Bonzini2011-03-24 Paolo Bonzini <>
2011-03-24 Joseph Myers * (i[[3456789]]86-*-vsta, i[[3456789...
2011-03-24 Joseph Myers * (ppc*-*-pe): Remove host case.
2011-03-24 Joseph Myers * config.sub: Update to version 2011-03-23.
2011-03-22 Joseph Myers * (arm-semi-aof, crx-*-*, parisc*-*-linux*,
2011-03-22 Joseph Myers * Don't handle arc-*-elf*.
2011-03-21 Rainer Orth PR bootstrap/48120:
2011-03-18 David Edelsohn * config.guess: Update to version 2011-02-02
2011-03-04 spopAdjust test of with_ppl.
2011-03-02 spopAdd -lpwl to ppllibs, and -lisl to clooglibs.
2011-02-13 Ralf WildenhuesRemove freebsd1 from libtool.m4 macros and config.rpath.
2011-02-12 Ralf WildenhuesImport move-if-change script from gnulib.
2011-02-12 Ralf WildenhuesSync toplevel and config/ from GCC.
2011-01-31 Alexandre OlivaPR libgcj/44341
2011-01-21 Andreas SchwabSync toplevel configure from GCC
2011-01-13 Ralf WildenhuesBackport from Libtool: Fix relink mode to use absolute...
2011-01-13 Joel Brobeckerport GDB to ia64-hpux (native).
2011-01-02 Ralf WildenhuesSync toplevel configure from GCC.
2010-12-17 Jeff Johnston2010-12-18 Jeff Johnston <>
2010-12-14 H.J. LuMove gdb ChangeLog entry to gdb/ChangeLog.
2010-12-14 kwernergdb:
2010-12-10 Ian Lance Taylor PR bootstrap/46819
2010-12-10 Paolo Bonzini2010-12-10 Tobias Burnus <>
2010-12-10 Tristan Gingold2010-12-10 Tristan Gingold <>
2010-12-07 Ian Lance Taylor * Always set default for poststage1_ldfl...
2010-12-06 Alexandre OlivaCheck in for PR other/46020 was meant for PR other...
2010-12-06 Hans-Peter Nilsson PR libffi/46792
2010-12-02 Jeff Johnston2010-12-02 Jeff Johnston <>
2010-11-29 Andreas Schwab* Move comment to remove extra space...
2010-11-26 Alexandre OlivaPR other/46020
2010-11-23 H.J. LuProperly check default linker.
2010-11-23 Nick Clifton * For --enable-gold, handle value `defau...
2010-11-23 Joel BrobeckerMove ChangeLog entry to the correct ChangeLog file.
2010-11-23 Joel Brobeckerravenscar/sparc: cannot fetch registers from non-active...
2010-11-21 Ian Lance Taylor * Only disable a language library if...
2010-11-20 Paolo Bonzinisync toplevel with gcc
2010-11-20 Ralf WildenhuesPR other/46202: implement install-strip.
2010-11-19 Ian Lance TaylorMerge from gcc top-level.
2010-11-17 Mike Frysingerstart a gitignore
2010-11-05 Michael EagerFix typo in microblaze license.
2010-11-03 Dave KornSync from gcc/
2010-11-02 Alan Modra PR binutils/12110
2010-10-20 Ian Lance Taylor * Makefile.def (target_modules): Set lib_path to src...
2010-10-09 Jeff Johnston2010-10-08 Bernd Schmidt <>
2010-10-07 Dave Korn * (build_lto_plugin): New shell variable.
2010-10-07 Ralf WildenhuesAdd missing ChangeLog entry for toplevel configure...
2010-10-02 Ralf WildenhuesAllow to pass separate configure arguments for build...
2010-10-02 Ralf WildenhuesSync toplevel and config from GCC.
2010-09-30 Ralf Wildenhuesbuild: info-gcc, dvi-gcc etc work from unbuilt configur...
2010-09-27 Ralf WildenhuesFix unportable shell quoting.
2010-07-18 Paolo Bonzini2010-07-17 Jack Howarth <>
2010-06-10 Alexandre Oliva* Makefile.def (configure-gcc): Depend on all-libelf.
2010-06-01 Ralf Wildenhues/:
2010-06-01 Ralf WildenhuesSync toplevel files from GCC.
2010-05-26 Dave KornMerge from gcc:
2010-04-27 Nick Clifton * (--enable-gold): Support both...
2010-04-14 Tristan Gingold2010-04-14 Tristan Gingold <>
2010-04-08 Ralf Wildenhues/:
2010-03-31 Ralf WildenhuesFix toplevel configure --enable-multilib handling.
2010-03-23 Joseph Myers * (tic6x-*-*): New case.
2010-03-23 Joseph Myers Merge from gcc:
2010-03-23 Joseph Myers * config.sub: Update to version 2010-03-22.
2010-03-14 Joseph Myers Merge from gcc:
2010-03-04 Rainer Orth PR libstdc++/32499
2010-02-17 Nick Clifton * Makefile.tpl: Use "-exec rm {}" rather than...
2010-02-17 Nick Clifton PR 11238
2010-02-15 Nick Clifton PR 11238
2010-02-15 Nick CliftonSync from gcc mainline.
2010-02-12 Daniel Gutson*** empty log message ***
2010-02-12 Daniel Gutson gas/
2010-01-31 ghazi * Add "recommended" version checks for...
2010-01-25 Joern Rennecke gcc PR libstdc++/36101, gcc PR libstdc++/42813
2010-01-23 Joern Rennecke gcc PR libstdc++/36101, gcc PR libstdc++/42813
2010-01-22 Joern Rennecke gcc PR libstdc++/36101, gcc PR libstdc++/42813
2010-01-09 Ralf WildenhuesSync Libtool from GCC.
2010-01-08 ghazi PR bootstrap/42424
2010-01-07 Ralf WildenhuesSync from GCC: Makefile.tpl (BASE_TARGET_EXPORTS) fix
2009-12-18 Ben Elliston * config.sub, config.guess: Update from upstream sources.
2009-12-17 Jeff Johnston2009-12-17 Jeff Johnston <>
2009-12-07 ghaziSync with GCC:
2009-11-20 Paolo Bonzini2009-11-20 Paolo Bonzini <>
2009-11-16 Alexandre Oliva* Makefile.def: Restore host and target settings for...
2009-11-16 Alexandre Oliva* Add libelf to host_libs. Enable in...
2009-10-13 Ralf WildenhuesFix toplevel 'config.status --recheck' for --enable...
2009-10-07 Ian Lance TaylorSync with gcc repository.
2009-09-29 Paolo Bonzini2009-09-29 Paolo Bonzini <>cgen-snapshot-20091001
2009-09-25 Nick Clifton * Pass any --cache-file=/dev...
2009-09-23 Nick Clifton * config.sub, config.guess: Update from upstrea...
2009-09-22 Ralf WildenhuesError out if building separately but srcdir has build...
2009-09-21 Ralf WildenhuesRequire c++ in stage1_languages with --enable-gold...
2009-09-21 Ralf Wildenhuestoplevel configure: bootstrap target_libs of stage1_lan...
2009-09-21 Ralf WildenhuesDiagnose --enable-build-with-cxx --enable-bootstrap...
2009-09-16 Jie Zhang * Disable java and boehm-gc for bfin...
2009-09-08 Ralf WildenhuesFix toplevel config.status for HP-UX sed.
2009-09-07 Alexandre OlivaChangeLog:
2009-09-02 Paolo Bonzini2009-09-02 Paolo Bonzini <>