2010-11-09 Bill Burdickadded LICENSE filesmaster
2010-11-09 Bill Burdickfixed LICENSE
2010-11-09 Bill Burdickprettied up docs
2010-11-09 Bill Burdickdocumented source file
2010-11-09 Bill Burdickremoved obsolete SpawnCount diag
2010-11-09 Bill BurdickConcurrency seems to work well; cleaned up seq a bit
2010-11-09 Bill Burdickadded bug report
2010-11-09 Bill BurdickAppears to run now
2010-11-09 Bill BurdickAdded CDo, fixing and getting dice example to work...
2010-11-09 Bill Burdicka bit of cleanup
2010-11-09 Bill Burdickchanged CMap to use a goroutine for each func
2010-11-08 Bill Burdicktweaks for bulkMap
2010-11-08 Bill BurdickRenamed to Seq and El, generalized operations, started...
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickadded some defers
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickadded ToVector
2010-11-07 Bill BurdickRemoved Bleed and changed it to close the channel....
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickchanged Seq() to use defer to close the channel
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickuh.
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickformatting OK, now (I think)
2010-11-07 Bill BurdickRTFM
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickmore happy formatting :(
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickstill formatting
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickdoc formatting
2010-11-07 Bill BurdickUpdated doc
2010-11-07 Bill BurdickReplaced Cons with AddFirst and added AddLast
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickchanged import
2010-11-07 Bill Burdickseq concurrent library
2010-10-22 Bill Burdicktook out diagnostic
2010-10-22 Bill Burdickfixed erroneous hard-coded winids in calc
2010-10-22 Bill Burdickadded license
2010-10-22 Bill Burdickinitial commit