2009-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegebarvinok 0.29barvinok-0.29
2009-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: add experimental comparison between old and new...
2009-07-22 Sven remove "anachronism"
2009-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: fix typo
2009-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: add some less common .sty files
2009-07-21 Sven Verdoolaegeadd "clever" Laurent expansion based summation
2009-07-20 Sven Verdoolaegemove Last_Non_Zero to util.c
2009-07-20 Sven Verdoolaegeextract out param_polynomial from
2009-07-20 Sven Verdoolaegeextract vertex_cone from
2009-07-13 Sven add stdio include for EOF hidden in NTL_io_v...
2009-07-11 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate polylib for speed improvement in in_domain
2009-06-12 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate piplib for distribution issue
2009-05-26 Sven VerdoolaegePolyhedron_Factor: fix merging of groups of columns
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegebarvinok_enumerate_series: don't check for revlex posit...
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaege(t)counter: move counter::reset() up to counter_base...
2009-05-07 Sven keep better track of failed tests
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegeadd semigroup_holes application
2009-05-07 Sven VerdoolaegeLine_Length: handle 0D polytope in 1D space
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegegen_fun: add is_zero method
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegebarvinok_enumerate_e_series: remove equalities in each...
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: fix typo
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegebarvinok_enumerate_e_series: handle all existentials...
2009-05-07 Sven make project static
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegebarvinok_enumerate_e_series: handle all equalities...
2009-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegeadd test set from the other itsl2008 paper
2009-04-28 Sven Verdoolaege.gitignore: ignore object files
2009-04-28 Sven parallel_polytopes: detect 0D polytopes...
2009-04-27 Sven set AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR
2009-04-27 Sven Verdoolaegeadd pkg.m4
2009-04-02 Sven VerdoolaegePolyhedron_Factor: handle polyhedra with a non-trivial...
2009-04-02 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate piplib for change in configure arguments
2009-02-09 Sven Verdoolaegetest_approx.c: add dummy field in dummy tms structure...
2009-02-09 Sven avoid introducing empty elements in PKG_C...
2009-02-09 Sven Verdoolaegeocc: define OMIT_GETRUSAGE if sys/resource.h cannot...
2009-02-09 Sven Verdoolaegeomega_interface/ put depending libraries...
2009-02-09 Sven add $(EXEEXT) to optional occ for cygwin
2009-02-09 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate omega for MinGW compatibility
2009-02-09 Sven Verdoolaegebernstein/ add missing AC_PROG_CXX
2009-02-04 Sven add braces round extern "C" typedef
2008-12-30 Sven Verdoolaegevector_partition_chambers: computes chambers of vector...
2008-12-27 Sven remove unused nonorthog
2008-12-26 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate piplib for MinGW compatibility
2008-12-26 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate polylib for MinGW compatibility
2008-12-26 Sven don't (re)declare fileno if it's a macro
2008-12-26 Sven Verdoolaegeevalue.c: in_domain: special-case 0D domains
2008-12-25 Sven VerdoolaegeAvoid use of sys/times.h header when not available
2008-12-25 Sven Verdoolaegeadd gnulib getsubopt module for MinGW
2008-12-01 Sven VerdoolaegeREADME: mention that GiNaC is also needed for the Omega...
2008-12-01 Sven VerdoolaegeAllow build of occ when using bundled omega
2008-10-28 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: add a reference to a master thesis actually using...
2008-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegebarvinok 0.28barvinok-0.28
2008-10-16 Sven VerdoolaegeREADME: fix up installation instructions
2008-10-16 Sven VerdoolaegeAdd files generated by bison and flex to the distribution
2008-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate polylib
2008-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate piplib
2008-10-10 Sven Verdoolaegeevalue.c: affine2evalue: reduce coefficients
2008-10-10 Sven Verdoolaegeevalue.c: evalue_level_cmp: produce more consistent...
2008-10-07 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: add another paper referring to the library
2008-09-16 Sven Verdoolaegepiecewise_lst.h: avoid duplicate parameter name
2008-09-02 Sven Verdoolaegeevalue_read.c: fix minor bugs in tokenizer
2008-09-02 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate omega for missing files in distribution
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegebarvinok_enumerate_e: avoid infinite loop when presente...
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegeinclude omega submodule
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegemove omega subdir to omega_interface
2008-08-28 Sven add stdlib include for abort hidden in NTL_v...
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegeremove gnulib link-warning module completely
2008-08-28 Sven find and sort are in std:: namespace
2008-08-28 Sven avoid use of typeof
2008-08-28 Sven remove dead code
2008-08-28 Sven add missing returns
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegeworkaround silly sun compiler errors
2008-08-28 Sven VerdoolaegeAvoid use of the make -C option
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegesummate.c: add missing include
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegesummate.c: add missing return values
2008-08-28 Sven include lib include dir in build dir
2008-08-28 Sven don't use const vectors as map keys
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegevariable length arrays are not standard C++ (yet)
2008-08-28 Sven argument of mp_get_memory_functions should...
2008-08-28 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate piplib for compatibility changes
2008-08-24 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate polylib with extra field in Param_Polyhedron
2008-07-30 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: fix typos
2008-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegeadd missing algorithm include for find
2008-07-22 Sven VerdoolaegeFix out-of-bounds error in Laurent expansion based...
2008-07-22 Sven VerdoolaegeInclude empty .c file in libbarvinok if GiNaC was not...
2008-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegecorrectly reflect extra sources for libbarvinok and...
2008-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegefix typo in comment
2008-07-22 Sven Verdoolaegelib/ copy __restrict handling from lib...
2008-07-20 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate gnulib function to last pre-GPLv3 version
2008-07-02 Sven Verdoolaegeenumerator::handle: replace incorrect delete by free
2008-06-17 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate piplib for corrected Urs_parms handling
2008-06-12 Sven Verdoolaegeconfigure: use correct header files in case of bundled...
2008-05-08 Sven fix check for code_gen library availability
2008-05-08 Sven Verdoolaegeomega/occ: only open debug output file if there is...
2008-05-08 Sven Verdoolaegeomega/ avoid bison's -o option as naming...
2008-05-08 Sven add missing include of alloca.h
2008-05-08 Sven Verdoolaegedoc: fix typo
2008-05-08 Sven Verdoolaegeadd editors to ITSL papers
2008-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegeuse argp for argument parsing in barvinok_ehrhart and...
2008-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegeproperly handle NTL CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS
2008-05-07 Sven Verdoolaegebasis_reduction_templ.c: add missing include