2008-07-05 Chris FreyReduced minimum password retry level from 6 to 3mastertasks
2008-07-05 Chris FreyBumped version number in rpmbuild example.
2008-07-05 Chris FreyFixed rpm build instructions in web docs
2008-07-05 Chris FreyRemoved old, unused spec file and scripts for bcharge...
2008-07-05 Chris FreyUpdated release scripts to build RPMs with the new...
2008-07-05 Chris Freyrpm/barry.spec file now assumes gui and opensync, with...
2008-07-04 Chris FreyAdded libtool to dependencies documentation
2008-07-04 Chris FreyRemoved openssl from dependencies documentation
2008-07-04 Chris FreyNow that btool patch is applied, don't need it in contrib.
2008-07-04 Chris Freyupdated AUTHORS
2008-07-04 Ashley WillisApplied Ashley Willis's perlbarry package.
2008-07-04 Chris Freyupdated AUTHORS
2008-07-04 Chris FreyRemoved bool reference argument in GetParser()
2008-07-04 Chris FreyApplied Ashley Willis's btool 0.12 null parser patch...
2008-07-04 Chris FreyAdded -i option to brecsum, to include record IDs in...
2008-07-04 Chris FreyFixed virtual function mis-name bug in btool's null...
2008-07-04 Chris FreyAdded "known issues" section to main www doc page
2008-06-27 Chris FreyAdded tip to sync web docs, for using DebugMode on...
2008-06-27 Chris FreyMoved old doc/TroubleShooting.txt document to web,...
2008-06-27 Chris FreyUpdated TODO list
2008-06-27 Chris FreyAdded syncing howto web document
2008-06-27 Chris FreyFixed tiny subheadings in modem web document
2008-06-26 Chris FreyFixed more lintian warnings on Ubuntu
2008-06-26 Chris FreyFixed bug in test/ when opensync is not...
2008-06-26 Chris FreyUpdated udev rules to recognize devices with the 8004...
2008-06-23 Chris FreyAdded ppp and test directories to EXTRA_DIST
2008-06-23 Chris FreyRemoved unused src/controllertmpl.h
2008-06-23 Chris Freyupdated AUTHORS
2008-06-23 Chris FreyAdded DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS to root
2008-06-23 Chris FreyImproved speed, accuracy
2008-06-23 Chris FreyAdded missing 'scoped_lock.h' to src/
2008-06-23 Chris FreyRemoved mis-configured 'make dist' check from
2008-06-23 Chris FreyAdded note to patch webpage regarding testing patches...
2008-06-23 Chris FreyChanged so it's safe to run from outside...
2008-06-23 Chris FreyRemoved old Makefile.orig from src/
2008-06-21 Chris FreyFixed sha1.h so it is installed by src/
2008-06-21 Chris FreyKilled trailing whitespace
2008-06-21 Chris FreyAdded beginnings of a build system test script
2008-06-21 Chris FreyTypo fix
2008-06-21 Chris FreyUpdated modem web documentation page (Sprint / security)
2008-06-19 Chris FreyUpdated AUTHORS
2008-06-19 Chris FreyMerge branch 'andyherkey2'
2008-06-19 Chris FreyAdded the m_filter for ipmodem PPP 0x7e filtering
2008-06-19 Chris FreyAdded modem reset workaround to web documentation page
2008-06-19 Chris FreyAdded check to skip password if "" is passed in
2008-06-19 Chris FreyMore cleanups to ipmodem password patch.
2008-06-19 Chris FreyAdded BXLOCAL to private member SendPasword()
2008-06-19 Chris FreyRemoved commented out code in
2008-06-19 Andy HerkeyApplied Andy Herkey's ipmodem password patch [round 2]
2008-06-19 Andy HerkeyApplied Andy Herkey's ipmodem password patch [round 1]
2008-06-07 Chris FreyRemoved openssl dependency due to license issues
2008-06-06 Chris FreyBarry-fied the sha1 code.
2008-06-06 Chris FreyNow compiles as C++
2008-06-06 Chris FreyAdded mozilla's sha1 code from git
2008-06-06 Chris FreyAdded timeout argument to Device::BulkDrain()
2008-06-04 Chris FreyAdded ppp options and chat script for Sprint
2008-06-04 Chris FreyFixed missing and mis-dated copyright notices in src/
2008-06-04 Chris FreyDocumentation updates: git, tarball, bugs, contact
2008-06-04 Chris FreyAdded notes to web documentation for OpenBSD
2008-05-30 Chris FreyOops... FIXME doesn't belong in this file anymore.
2008-05-30 Chris FreyAdded Ubuntu 8.04 to release build scripts
2008-05-30 Chris FreyUpdated Debian binary package: manpages, ppp, warnings
2008-05-30 Chris FreyDeleted old src/Makefile.orig
2008-05-30 Chris FreyMinor whitespace and usage text fix in
2008-05-30 Chris FreyAdded ProductID code 0x8004 to
2008-05-30 Chris FreyUpdated rpm spec file with new manpages
2008-05-30 Chris FreyAdded manpages for brecsum, breset, upldif, and barryba...
2008-05-29 Chris FreyAdded pppob manpage to rpm spec file
2008-05-29 Chris FreyUpdated rpm spec file history
2008-05-29 Chris FreyFixed missing -P option in btool manpage
2008-05-29 Chris FreyUpdated pppob manpage with -P option
2008-05-29 Chris FreyAdded -P option to pppob to specify password
2008-05-29 Chris FreyUpdated docs with binary package default PPP scripts
2008-05-29 Chris FreyAdded ppp options and chatscript files to RPM build
2008-05-29 Chris FreyFixed gcc 4.3.x compile errors in gui
2008-05-28 Chris FreyFixed most gcc 4.3.x compile errors.
2008-05-28 Chris FreyFixed missing #includes in src/
2008-05-24 Chris FreyAdded minimum g++ version to website dependency docs
2008-05-24 Chris FreyAdded webpage for USB modem / pppob setup
2008-05-23 Chris FreyUpdates to website documentation
2008-05-23 Chris FreyReorganized sample ppp options files
2008-05-23 Chris FreyAdded ppp/README
2008-05-22 Chris FreySplit the sample rogers options file into options and...
2008-05-22 Chris FreyModified verizon options file to use pppob
2008-05-22 Chris FreyRenamed sample ppp peer files.
2008-05-22 Chris FreyUpdated AUTHORS
2008-05-22 Chris FreyAdded sample ppp options files for Verizon Blackberries
2008-05-16 Chris FreyAdded SIGINT signal handler to pppob
2008-05-16 Chris FreyRemoved debug sleep() calls from pppob
2008-05-16 Chris FreyAdded -z and -Z command line options to btool
2008-05-16 Chris FreyAdded verbose log message to Controller
2008-05-16 Chris Freysrc/ Source code reorganization
2008-05-16 Chris FreyLocalize sequence packet checking in SocketZero class
2008-05-15 Chris FreyAdded man page for pppob
2008-05-15 Chris Freypppob update for new library features
2008-05-15 Chris FreyExperimental implementation for Mode::Serial
2008-05-15 Chris FreyMode::IpModem is now derived from Barry::Modem
2008-05-15 Chris FreyAdded pure virtual Modem base class
2008-05-15 Chris FreyAdded ProbeResult::HasIpModem()
2008-05-15 Chris FreyEnhanced PPP filter class to support prepending