2012-07-19 Chris FreyRemoved old branches from git-push-all.shscripts
2012-01-24 Chris FreyCleaned up the main configure script and added optional arg
2011-10-24 Chris FreyAdded barry-desktop to, along...
2011-10-24 Chris FreyUpdated, due to change
2011-03-14 Chris FreyRemove -pedantic from gui compile, due to gettext.h
2011-03-11 Chris FreyAdded v0.17.2 to git push list
2011-03-03 Chris FreyPut branches into a common variable
2011-02-11 Chris Freyscripts: disable rpath in os-4x plugin build
2011-02-11 Chris Freyscripts: added script to build a sequence of commits...
2011-02-11 Chris Freyscripts: add plain and additive build scripts
2011-02-11 Chris Freyscripts: add desktop build support
2011-02-11 Chris Freyscripts: remove CVS support
2009-09-05 Chris FreyAdded an extra backup push
2009-07-01 Chris FreyMoved rootdir targets out of barry1/
2009-06-24 Chris FreyAdded boost support to the configure-all test
2009-06-19 Chris FreyUpdated script for new boost switches
2009-05-12 Chris FreyAdded opensync-plugin-0.4x to
2009-05-06 Chris FreyAdded
2009-04-22 Chris FreyUpdated to use new as...
2009-04-09 Chris FreyAdded configure script for opensync 0.4x devel plugin
2009-04-02 Chris FreyAdded opensync 0.4x to "config all" script
2009-03-27 Chris FreyRemoved -pedantic, since new g++-4.3 compiler complains...
2009-02-27 Chris FreyUpdated for git repo
2009-01-27 Chris FreyAdded opensync-0.4x branch to git push list
2008-11-21 Chris FreyRemove i18n branch from public committing
2008-09-25 Chris FreyMake more user-friendly
2008-09-25 Chris FreyAdded pristine-tar to default push
2008-09-18 Chris FreyFixed git command line in for new 1...
2008-09-13 Chris FreyAdded example of a push command line
2008-09-13 Chris FreyAdded clean to end of processing
2008-09-13 Chris FreyAdded, for adding tagged tarball trees...
2008-08-22 Chris FreyAdded scripts branch to push script.
2008-08-22 Chris FreyAdded sleep, for viewing.
2008-08-22 Chris FreyInitial commit of external build and maintenance scripts