2008-05-15 Chris Freyi18n work in progress... desperately needs some housecl... i18n
2008-05-15 Chris FreyAdded man page for pppob
2008-05-15 Chris Freypppob update for new library features
2008-05-15 Chris FreyExperimental implementation for Mode::Serial
2008-05-15 Chris FreyMode::IpModem is now derived from Barry::Modem
2008-05-15 Chris FreyAdded pure virtual Modem base class
2008-05-15 Chris FreyAdded ProbeResult::HasIpModem()
2008-05-15 Chris FreyEnhanced PPP filter class to support prepending
2008-05-15 Chris FreyMoved PPP filter logic into its own class
2008-05-15 Chris FreyMention CVS and git on main documentation "how to"...
2008-05-10 Chris FreyModified doc/VersionNotes to support a 1.0 release...
2008-05-09 Chris FreyHTML documentation update
2008-05-02 Chris FreyAdded opensync-plugin to maintainer test scripts, and...
2008-05-02 Chris FreyAutomatic brecsum usage display.
2008-05-02 Chris FreyRemoved -fvisibility-inlines-hidden compile options.
2008-05-02 Chris FreyAdded recurrence builder function to Calendar record...
2008-05-02 Chris FreyAdded brecsum to debian and rpm builds
2008-05-02 Chris FreyAdded tools/brecsum program.
2008-05-02 Chris FreyAdded Calendar to list of Builders in tools/btool.
2008-05-02 Chris FreyFixed missing fields in the Calendar record build process.
2008-05-02 Chris FreyMade UnknownField's data member into its own type.
2008-05-01 Chris FreyFixed serialization code for Calendar record class...
2008-05-01 Chris FreyRemoved usb_control message check from IpModem endpoint...
2008-05-01 Chris FreyUpdated doc/TroubleShooting.txt
2008-04-29 Chris FreyUpdated AUTHORS.
2008-04-29 Chris FreyApplied Jason Thomas's debian build dependency patch.
2008-04-29 Chris FreyApplied Jason Thomas's ACLOCAL_FLAGS patch.
2008-04-26 Chris FreyTypo fix
2008-04-26 Chris FreyStarted documentation overhaul in doc/www
2008-04-26 Chris FreyFixed error messages in that still referre...
2008-04-25 Chris FreyUpdated NEWS file with API change and modem support
2008-04-25 Chris FreyMerged barry-b1-socket-arch-branch into MAIN.
2008-04-10 Chris FreyAdded Tasks and Memos to TODO listbarry-main-before-socket-arch
2008-03-28 Chris FreyAdded support for Blackberry 8120
2008-03-22 Chris FreyRemoved TimeZones from TODO list, as it is done
2008-03-22 Chris FreyMerge branch 'visibility'
2008-03-22 Chris FreyVersion bump:
2008-03-22 Chris FreyPreparing for release - dating Changelogbarry-0.12
2008-03-21 Chris FreyUbuntu binary package support (maintainer scripts)
2008-03-21 Chris FreyFixed find warning in maintainer/
2008-03-21 Chris FreyAdded Debian source package support.
2008-03-21 Chris FreyAdded GCC visibility support to opensync plugin
2008-03-15 Chris Frey- added GCC visibility support, limiting what symbols...
2008-03-13 cdfrey- renamed all vformat_ and VFormat symbols in opensync...
2008-03-07 cdfrey- fixed problem in tools/ where bs11nread... merged
2008-03-07 cdfrey- updated the install.php web page with Paul Dugas...
2008-03-06 cdfrey- changed format of Boost serialization file output...
2008-03-06 cdfrey- added tools/ to read Boost serialization...
2008-03-06 cdfrey- updated s11n-boost.h header to match record classes
2008-03-06 cdfrey- minor adjustments to r_message.h and r_timezone.h
2008-03-06 cdfrey- changed format of Boost serialization file output...
2008-03-01 cdfrey- added Time Zones to list of supported parsers in...
2008-03-01 cdfrey- applied Time Zone parsing patches from Brian Edginton
2008-02-29 cdfreycommitting unused function that's been lying around...
2008-02-29 cdfrey- changed to use bzip2 for "make dist...
2008-02-28 cdfreyupdated AUTHORS
2008-02-28 cdfrey- applied Paul Dugas's x86-64 build patch, except the
2008-02-28 cdfrey- committed Chris Burgess's update to the roadmap document
2008-02-23 cdfrey- ahem, fixed again... don't use --include...
2008-02-23 cdfrey- updated RPM spec file to use new --with-boost behaviour
2008-02-23 cdfrey- fixed's --with-boost option, so that...
2008-01-26 cdfrey- updated copyright statments for 2008
2008-01-26 cdfrey- fixed locale issues in src/
2007-12-21 cdfrey- applied wording correction patch to btool from Matt...
2007-12-08 cdfrey- updated TODO
2007-12-07 cdfrey- version bump:
2007-12-07 cdfrey- changed hard coded databases names in btool to calls to
2007-12-01 cdfrey- added pause to maintainer release scriptbarry-0.11
2007-12-01 cdfreyfixed missed version bump
2007-12-01 cdfreyrelease preparation
2007-12-01 cdfrey- fixed null pointer bug in Probe class (bug #1842407)
2007-12-01 cdfrey- version bump to 0.11
2007-12-01 cdfrey- fixed bug in rpm maintenance script that used the... barry-0.10
2007-12-01 cdfreyrelease preparation
2007-12-01 cdfrey- documented the bidentify return code behaviour
2007-12-01 cdfrey- added bidentify tool and accompanying man page
2007-11-30 cdfrey- updated the www docs with regard to the new usb_storage
2007-11-30 cdfreyupdated change log to reflect reality
2007-11-30 cdfreyfixed typo
2007-11-30 cdfrey- added suppot to the Probe class to limit its search for
2007-11-30 cdfreyadded Martin Owens
2007-11-30 cdfrey- added explanatory comments to udev rules files, about why
2007-11-30 cdfrey- added message to specify which PIN device is being...
2007-11-30 cdfrey- changed Probe class behaviour so that it will not...
2007-11-30 cdfrey- added better error checking to breset
2007-11-30 cdfrey- added code to handle the race condition where usb_storage
2007-11-29 cdfrey- added better error checking to breset
2007-11-27 cdfrey- added ClearHalt() calls to probe and controller class...
2007-11-24 cdfrey- added sleep to bcharge, before calling usb_reset...
2007-11-24 cdfrey- added
2007-11-09 cdfrey- split the maintenance scripts into release and test, so
2007-11-09 cdfreyfixed typo
2007-11-09 cdfrey- updated rpm spec file to include modprobe blacklist...
2007-11-09 cdfrey- updated Debian package to include modprobe blacklist...
2007-11-09 cdfrey- fixed string comparison to use case insensitive compa...
2007-11-09 cdfrey- fixed udev rules to work on both old and new distros
2007-11-09 cdfrey- fixed udev rules to work on both old and new distros
2007-11-09 cdfreyupdate
2007-11-09 cdfrey- added modprobe/blacklist-berry_charge as per Simon...
2007-10-26 cdfrey- opensync plugin fixes: