descriptionAwish: Avish reborn! (rewriting of old MS-DOS game Avish)
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Awish: Avish Reborn!

This is 'from-the-scratch' rewrite of the old MS-DOS game Avish. New
engine is GPLv3, but assets are not.

Awish can use original resources from Avish.


To build Awish you need SDL libraries and k8jam. You can download k8jam

DON'T try to use Perforce jam or any other jam fork!

DON'T try to build win32 version, and don't ask me questions about it.

If you don't want to download k8jam, you can use script '' to
build game binaries.


You will need original Avish files (RESOURCE.*) to run Awish. You can download the
original game from Abandonia:

Happy hacking!
Ketmar // Vampire Avalon
2013-09-21 ketmarconfigure fixes, N900 fixesmaster
2013-09-12 ketmarconfigure now using new k8jam features
2013-09-05 ketmarfixed some memset() errors and windoze build
2012-11-16 ketmarn900 data packages moved to another sections
2012-11-16 ketmarn900: using thumb if specified
2012-11-14 ketmarmaemo rules now should understand k8maemo47
2012-11-10 ketmarsection, category and icon fixes
2012-11-10 ketmarmore files for n900
2012-11-10 ketmarsave/load/demo now in local home dir
2012-11-08 ketmarsome stupid fixes for stupid windoze
2012-11-08 ketmarn900: added -dev packages to build dependencies
2012-11-08 ketmaradded keypad enter as 'return'
2012-11-08 ketmaradded 'u' key as 'use'
2012-11-08 ketmar.deb: changed copyrights
2012-11-08 ketmarn900 fixes: .deb should depend on sdl and sdl-mixer
2012-11-08 ketmarfixed idiotic bug in default data dir location on install
6 years ago v1.0.beta3 version 1.0.beta3, public
6 years ago v1.0.beta2 version 1.0.beta2, public
6 years ago v1.0.beta1 version 1.0.beta1, public
6 years ago v1.0.beta0 version 1.0.beta0, public
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