descriptiongenerating native linux packages from cpan
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this application allows to generate native linux packages (rpm, deb, etc) for your distribution from cpan modules.
2009-06-06 Jérôme Quelinv1.1.0mastermobv1.1.0
2009-06-06 Jérôme Quelinadding resources to meta.yml
2009-06-06 Jérôme Quelinusing --ban instead of --ignore
2009-05-17 Jérôme Quelinv1.0.0v1.0.0
2009-05-17 Jérôme Quelinmerging repository in meta.yml
2009-05-17 Jérôme Quelinadding boilerplate
2009-05-17 Jérôme Quelintesting all modules compile
2009-05-17 Jérôme Quelinpod update
2009-05-17 Jérôme Quelinstoring that module is available upstream
2009-03-24 Jérôme Quelindon't submit upstream if we miss some packages
2009-03-15 Jérôme Quelinfix upstream_import result
2009-03-15 Jérôme QuelinRevert "TEMP - don't import+submit packages by now"
2009-03-10 rôme Quelindon't submit package on build system if missing prereqs
2009-03-10 Jérôme Quelinprereqs() is now a public accessor
2009-03-10 Jérôme Quelinnew attribute is_avail_on_bs()
2009-03-08 Jérôme Quelinpod update + using Getopt::Euclid
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