2014-02-02 Liam M. HealyAdd package for iter:formaster
2014-02-01 Liam M. HealyDefine iterate clauses in the antik package
2013-11-12 Liam M. HealyExplicitly default initial-element of make-grid-with... QL-2013-12
2013-10-22 Liam M. HealyFix #'right-angleQL-2013-11
2013-09-25 Liam M. HealyMonte Carlo sampling addedQL-2013-10
2013-09-21 Liam M. HealyIn with-parameters, right-hand sides may use old values...
2013-09-21 Liam M. HealyCheck of undefined system of units
2013-06-24 Liam M. HealyFix iterate extension to increment properlyQL-2013-07
2013-06-19 Liam M. HealyCorrect estimated uncertainty in parameters for linear...
2013-06-13 Liam M. HealyUpdate list of Antik requirements
2013-06-13 Liam M. HealyUpdate links and instructions for download
2013-06-13 Liam M. HealyMake link in documentation
2013-06-13 Liam M. HealyCorrect link to GSLL
2013-06-12 Liam M. HealyFix tests to remove ambiguous #m reader macro
2013-06-04 Liam M. HealyUpdate documentation for system of units as symbol...
2013-06-03 Liam M. HealySystems of units names in the units table
2013-06-01 Liam M. HealyMake *unit-information* a hash table
2013-06-01 Liam M. HealyCheck that a named parameter exists
2013-05-29 Liam M. HealyDon't offer help with non-existent parameters
2013-05-29 Liam M. HealyGenerate parameter-symbol-create in expansion
2013-05-26 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'system-of-units' into parameters
2013-05-26 Liam M. HealyParameters as exported dynamic variables
2013-05-23 Liam M. HealyParameters: continue port to special variables
2013-05-21 Liam M. HealyNew function find-parameter-symbol
2013-05-01 Liam M. HealySystem-of-units tests
2013-04-29 Liam M. HealyDocument changes to systems of units
2013-04-20 Liam M. HealyDefine parameters as symbols made functional, check...
2013-04-14 Liam M. HealyFix and simplify pqval (physical-quantity) for non...
2013-04-07 Liam M. HealyMerge commit '42b2dc4e9fd0dccc89572e6091e32dcc637db1b5...
2013-04-07 Liam M. HealyInitial definition of parameters as dynamic variables
2013-04-06 Liam M. HealyAdd macro with-si-units
2013-04-01 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'new-feature' into system-of-units
2013-03-30 Liam M. HealyNew macro define-derived-system-of-units
2013-03-29 Liam M. HealyAdd linear-least-squares-1d for one dimensional linear...
2013-03-25 Liam M. HealyComplete changes for system of units specification
2013-03-23 Liam M. HealySystem of units specification is through an nf-option
2013-03-22 Liam M. HealySimplified units setting for formatted output
2013-03-19 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'time-format' into parameters
2013-03-18 Liam M. HealyTime interval parsing and unparsing, specific TeX format
2013-03-05 Liam M. HealyAngle nf option :dms; org-mode format-value
2013-02-25 Liam M. HealyJ2000 day number tableQL-2013-03
2013-02-21 Liam M. HealyAdd org-mode version for jd-table
2013-02-19 Liam M. HealySplit out *parameter-check-function*
2013-02-18 Liam M. HealyComputational chain basic definitions
2013-02-17 Liam M. HealyNew file variable-metadata.lisp
2013-02-16 Liam M. HealyNew function check-dimension-or-type
2013-02-10 Liam M. HealyInclude type in make-parameter-with-attribute
2013-02-04 Liam M. HealyAdd 'attribute slot to parameters
2013-02-02 Liam M. HealyFormat 1d grid readably always binds vector-format...
2013-01-31 Liam M. HealyFix error causing units to print on previous line for...
2013-01-31 Liam M. HealyNew function export-value for org-mode code blocks
2013-01-23 Liam M. HealyNew macro #'val to aid parameter evaluation in code...
2013-01-21 Liam M. HealyReading org-mode tables as parameters
2013-01-02 Liam M. HealyNew functions org-table, org-table-line
2012-12-23 Liam M. HealyLispworks has no specialized complex Lisp array types
2012-12-03 Liam M. HealyNew system math-high-tests, file name change norm-vecto...
2012-11-24 Liam M. HealyDestination default if first source, and if subsequence...
2012-11-24 Liam M. HealyAddition of non-scalar dimension pq grid
2012-06-11 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'cffi-libffi' of ssh://
2012-06-11 Liam M. HealyLimit index range in read-indexed-data
2012-06-04 Liam M. HealyDefault combination-function for #'distance is #'antik:-
2012-04-29 Liam M. HealyFunctions to test how declarations are used, improved...
2012-04-28 Martin SchmauderSharp-m reader macro must not ignore *read-suppress*
2012-04-08 Liam M. HealyStart attempts to make array access more efficient
2012-03-11 Liam M. HealyFix format of floats with exponent markers
2012-02-20 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'master' into cffi-libffi
2012-01-01 Liam M. HealySimplify grid:normalize and work around bug
2011-12-30 Liam M. HealyAdd default-value when reading indexed input
2011-12-30 Liam M. HealyNew function read-indexed-data
2011-12-28 Liam M. HealyPass #'length through to CL
2011-12-19 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'cffi-fsbv' of ssh://
2011-12-19 Liam M. HealyOptional combination function for #'distance
2011-12-04 Liam M. HealyExport make-grid-with-diagonal
2011-12-02 Liam M. HealyComparison functions with more than two arguments
2011-10-23 Liam M. HealyRemove all reference to FSBV
2011-10-18 Liam M. HealyExtensions to iterate
2011-10-17 Liam M. HealyRemove complex-to-cl, which is now unused
2011-10-16 Liam M. HealyJacobian matrix calculation, not yet working
2011-10-10 Liam M. HealySolve a linear equation using GSLL
2011-10-08 Liam M. HealyAdd or subtract on pq grid using matching dimel and...
2011-10-08 Liam M. HealyMake right-angle work with pq grids
2011-10-08 Liam M. HealyFix equal-dimension, normalize, coplanar
2011-10-08 Liam M. HealyArithmetic methods compute scalar-dimension from arguments
2011-10-07 Liam M. HealyStructure name fix for cffi-fsbv
2011-10-03 Liam M. HealyCFFI-FSBV define structures and translations for complex
2011-10-03 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'master' into cffi-fsbv
2011-10-02 Liam M. HealyFix error in setting an element of a pq grid
2011-09-19 Liam M. HealyStart writing read-unix-date
2011-09-17 Liam M. HealyEliminate *cstd-integer-types*
2011-09-17 Liam M. HealyDefine *cstd-integer-types* using *built-in-foreign...
2011-09-10 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-09-10 Liam M. HealyRelocation generic math functions and methods
2011-09-09 Liam M. HealyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-09-09 Liam M. HealyMultidimensional optimization started, not loaded
2011-09-03 Liam M. HealyStatement of philosophy of design for Antik
2011-09-03 Liam M. HealyChange translate-from-foreign method for complex
2011-08-26 Liam M. HealyNew function make-fortran-array
2011-08-26 Liam M. HealyMove asdf-system-connections into :defsystem-depends-on
2011-08-26 Liam M. HealyRestore connections in asd file
2011-08-26 Liam M. HealyQuote the eql specializer