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ALURE is a utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications. This includes device enumeration and initialization, file loading, and streaming.
2018-02-10 Chris RobinsonEnable handling vorbis comment metadata with libFLACmaster
2017-12-29 Chris RobinsonUse a defined struct for attribute pairs
2017-12-28 Chris RobinsonDon't assume fixed-size source queue entries
2017-12-27 Chris RobinsonClean up some wording
2017-12-27 Chris RobinsonLimit text to 80 columns
2017-12-27 Chris RobinsonFix a couple typos
2017-12-27 Chris RobinsonFix Opus link
2017-12-27 Shae Boltadded cmake and build instructions for windows to the...
2017-12-18 Chris RobinsonSet the correct effect type for chorus
2017-12-15 Chris RobinsonReplace a pending source's future if a different one...
2017-12-15 Chris RobinsonAllow devices to be stored in AutoObj
2017-12-15 Chris RobinsonAdd a bool operator to AutoObj
2017-12-14 Chris RobinsonAdd an AutoObj container to auto-destroy resources
2017-12-14 Chris RobinsonUpdate variant headers
2017-12-14 Chris RobinsonAdd a cast to silence MSVC warning
2017-12-14 Chris RobinsonAllow destroying a context that's globally current
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