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ALURE is a utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications. This includes device enumeration and initialization, file loading, and streaming.
2016-12-30 Chris RobinsonUse nullptr for a pointer instead of 0master
2016-12-28 Chris RobinsonRemove some extraneous markup
2016-12-28 Chris RobinsonAdd a missing include for std::array
2016-12-16 Chris RobinsonRemove an unnecessary move
2016-12-12 Chris RobinsonAdd a method to check if a channel config and sample...
2016-12-11 Chris RobinsonSort and lookup buffers by hash
2016-12-11 Chris RobinsonUse an unordered map for a source's effect slots
2016-12-11 Chris RobinsonDon't do unnecessary work for non-looping streams
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonExpose FramesToBytes and BytesToFrames methods
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonAdd a method to get an existing source group
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonReturn an array from get_read/write_vector
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonReserve vector space before adding a known amount
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonConstify some methods
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonReplace more uses of virtual with override
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonReplace some uses of 'virtual' with 'override'
2016-12-10 Chris RobinsonUse a plain vector for storing buffers
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