2011-07-26 Miguel PaganoMoved Data.Poset to ordered; reflect this change.split-poset
2010-10-13 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add an example program to show problems with... master
2010-10-13 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add appropriate #ifdef's to rounding direction...
2010-10-13 Nick Bowlerfenv: Separate exception testing from environment save...
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add a Sortable constraint for PrimFloat.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add a new Data.Floating.Types module.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlertrivial: Remove redundant imports and pointless variables.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerroundable: Split out the Roundable class.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerposet: Add fixity declarations.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Move Data.Floating.CMath.Instances under...
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Merge Data.Floating.Types and Data.Floating...
2010-02-23 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add support for suppressing exceptions across...
2010-02-22 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add epsilon to the RealFloat class.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlercmath: Fix bad typo in atan2 and atan2f.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlercomplex: Add initial complex support.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlercmath: Fix section headings to match the C standard.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add instances for CDouble and CFloat.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlerfloating: Fix off-by-one error in scaleRational.
2010-02-19 Nick Bowlerfloating: Split out formatting from the Double module.
2010-02-19 Nick Bowlerfloating: Make fromRational work properly.
2010-02-19 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add scalb as the altfloat version of scalbln.
2010-02-19 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add another characteristic function and gener...
2010-02-19 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add some floating point characteristic functions.
2010-02-12 Nick Bowlerfloating: Punt the FFI newtype wrappers.
2010-02-06 Nick Bowleraltfloat-0.3v0.3
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlerdoc: Add haddock documentation for the RealFloat class.
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlerfloating: Rename tgamma to gamma.
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlerfloating: Move the Double and Float modules.
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlerfloating: Use nearbyint instead of round in fquotRem.
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add rint function to complement nearbyint.
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlerexamples: Add a demonstration of why FEnv is still...
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add support for raising exceptions explicitly.
2010-02-05 Nick Bowlercfloat: Use FE_ALL_EXCEPT instead of -1.
2010-02-02 Nick Bowlercompat: Make an effort to support fma properly.
2010-02-02 Nick Bowlerfloating: Punt the class version of C's remquo function.
2010-02-02 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add a separate class for the basic floating...
2010-01-31 Nick Bowlercompat: Add note to source file about non-conformance.
2010-01-30 Nick Bowlerdoc: Acknowledge the existence of floating point enviro...
2010-01-30 Nick Bowlercompat: Implement wrappers for C99 float-valued functions.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerbuild: Fix build type in cabal file.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlercompat: Add configure warning when replacements are...
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlercfloat: Add compatibility wrappers for some C99 functions.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add source repository to cabal file.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add explicit definitions for infinity, nan and pi.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerfenv: Fix embarrassing typo in the Fractional instance.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerfenv: Re-export Control.Applicative since users need it.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add exception support to fenvEval.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerlicense: Fix copyright years in source files.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerfloating: Use a strict data constructor for FEnv.
2010-01-28 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add initial support for floating point except...
2010-01-27 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add nearbyint to the RealFloat class.
2010-01-27 Nick Bowlerbuild: Update cabal dependency information for GHC...
2010-01-27 Nick Bowlerfloat: Remove use of decodeFloatInteger.
2010-01-27 Nick Bowlerfloating: Use bang patterns for unlifted bindings.
2010-01-27 Nick Bowlercfloat: remove INCLUDE pragmas as GHC 6.12 hates them.
2010-01-27 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add missing Data.Floating.Float to cabal file.
2010-01-27 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add initial support for the floating point...
2010-01-26 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add homepage.
2010-01-25 Nick Bowlercfloat: Generalize double_format to allow specifying...
2010-01-25 Nick Bowlerfloat: Add class instances for Float.
2010-01-25 Nick Bowlercmath: Add bindings for float-valued functions.
2010-01-21 Nick Bowleraltfloat-0.2v0.2
2010-01-21 Nick Bowlerlicense: Add missing copyright headers.
2010-01-21 Nick Bowlerdoc: Add rationale behind the Roundable class.
2010-01-21 Nick Bowlerdoc: Fix oops in description of Ord class.
2010-01-20 Nick Bowlerposet: Add commutativity note for max and min.
2010-01-20 Nick Bowlerposet: Rename isSignificant to isOrdered.
2010-01-20 Nick Bowlerdoc: Move library description to a better home.
2010-01-19 Nick Bowlerbuild: Hackage-ify the cabal file.
2009-12-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add Roundable instance for Integral a =>...
2009-12-24 Nick Bowlerposet: Add instance for Integral a => Ratio a.
2009-12-24 Nick Bowlerdoc: Minor haddock markup fix.
2009-12-24 Nick Bowlerdouble: Add an Enum instance.
2009-12-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add a class which supports rounding functions.
2009-12-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Fix broken isFinite implementation.
2009-11-23 Nick Bowlerfloating: Get rid of the extra Instances module.
2009-11-23 Nick Bowlerposet: Remove IncoherentInstances and define our own...
2009-11-21 Nick Bowlerposet: Use IncoherentInstances to resolve overlaps.
2009-11-21 Nick Bowlerfloating: Update export lists.
2009-11-21 Nick Bowlerdouble: Split out foreign declarations into their own...
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerdoc: Update haddock comments for Data.Poset.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerposet: Export the Ord class (but not its methods).
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerdoc: Elaborate on why Ord instances for floating types...
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add fquotRem, the analogue of C's remquo.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add fma function.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerdouble: Implement specific comparison functions.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerdouble: Remove superfluous parentheses.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerbuild: Update cabal script for distribution.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlermisc: Fix FFI pragmas.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerlicense: Add copyright and license information.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlercfloat: Update cfloat.h.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerdoc: Add a detailed overview of the purpose of the...
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerdocs: Update haddock markup and add a trivial function.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerdouble: Add Poset and Sortable instances.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerposet: Add a class for partially ordered datatypes.
2009-11-20 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add an autoconf configure script to determine...
2009-11-19 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add description of floating classes.
2009-11-19 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add remainder functions.
2009-11-19 Nick Bowlercfloat: Allow a printf format specifier to be passed...
2009-11-19 Nick Bowlerdouble: implement fromInteger using toFloating.