descriptionAlternative floating point support for GHC.
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A replacement for the standard Haskell floating point types and supporting functions. There are a number of shortcomings which I feel severely hinder Haskell's utility for numerical computation. These shortcomings include:

This package is intended to address all of the above issues, and more. Also provided, for convenience, is an alternative to the standard Prelude which includes features from this library and the non-overlapping parts of the standard Prelude.

2010-10-13 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add an example program to show problems with... master
2010-10-13 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add appropriate #ifdef's to rounding direction...
2010-10-13 Nick Bowlerfenv: Separate exception testing from environment save...
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add a Sortable constraint for PrimFloat.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add a new Data.Floating.Types module.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlertrivial: Remove redundant imports and pointless variables.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerroundable: Split out the Roundable class.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerposet: Add fixity declarations.
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Move Data.Floating.CMath.Instances under...
2010-02-24 Nick Bowlerfloating: Merge Data.Floating.Types and Data.Floating...
2010-02-23 Nick Bowlerfenv: Add support for suppressing exceptions across...
2010-02-22 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add epsilon to the RealFloat class.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlercmath: Fix bad typo in atan2 and atan2f.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlercomplex: Add initial complex support.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlercmath: Fix section headings to match the C standard.
2010-02-20 Nick Bowlerfloating: Add instances for CDouble and CFloat.
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