2013-02-16 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated NEWS.xml0.7.0
2013-02-16 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to 0.7.0
2013-02-16 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated TODO.xml
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated italian translations
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanaadg: do not skip introspection of AdgPath methods
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanaadg: improved AdgCanvas:scales handling
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanaadg: added adg_dash_append_dashes_array()
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated italian translations
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated po
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanaadg: dropped ADG_TYPEDEF
2013-02-15 Nicola Fontanabuild: slightly simplified gir handling
2013-02-14 Nicola Fontanatests: corrected bug in AdgDash offset checking
2013-02-14 Nicola Fontanadoc: included
2013-02-14 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated README.xml
2013-02-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: define {ADG,CPML}_{CFLAGS,LIBS} in configure
2013-02-14 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated TODO.xml
2013-02-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: improved gobject introspection handling
2013-02-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: disable command prompt window on Windows
2013-02-12 Nicola Fontanaadg: added dash patterns to line stroking
2013-02-06 Nicola Fontanabuild: uninstall also CPML link from NSis
2013-02-06 Nicola Fontanabuild: explicitely include libcmpl
2013-02-03 Nicola Fontanaadg: syncrhronized GTK+2 version
2013-02-03 Nicola Fontanabuild: avoid gtester if cross-building for Windows
2013-02-03 Nicola Fontanabuild: merged gtester makefile with latest glib
2013-02-03 Nicola Fontanaadg: corrected bug in while changing cell values
2013-02-02 Nicola Fontanaadg: implemented autoscale in AdgCanvas
2013-02-01 Nicola Fontanaadg: added adg_gtk_area_reset()
2013-02-01 Nicola Fontanaadg: added adg_scale_factor()
2013-01-28 Nicola Fontanabuild: use a proper $INSTDIR on win64 installer
2013-01-28 Nicola Fontanademo: revamped GTK+2 port
2013-01-28 Nicola Fontanademo: relocated the default window icons
2013-01-28 Nicola Fontanabuild: added installer phony target
2013-01-28 Nicola Fontanabuild: corrected installed vs uninstalled behavior
2013-01-14 Nicola Fontanadoc: general refactoring and improvements
2013-01-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: s/srcdir/abs_srcdir/
2012-12-20 Nicola Fontanabuild: corrected flags for tests and demos
2012-12-19 Nicola Fontanabuild: corrected --libs flags
2012-10-30 Nicola FontanaUsing indexed bitmap for NSis
2012-10-27 Nicola Fontanadoc: added motivations to THANKS
2012-10-27 Nicola Fontanabuild: corrected nsis uninstaller
2012-10-22 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to
2012-10-22 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated NEWS.xml
2012-10-21 Nicola Fontanabuild: improved NSIS installer
2012-10-21 Nicola Fontanademo: lookup icons on uninstalled demo
2012-10-21 Nicola Fontanabuild: enhanced cross-building for win32 and win64
2012-10-21 Nicola Fontanadoc: added some GIMP artwork
2012-05-27 Nicola Fontanabuild: s/AC_HELP_STRING/AS_HELP_STRING/
2012-03-25 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to
2012-03-25 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated NEWS.xml
2012-03-25 Nicola Fontanabuild: included xml handcrafted docs in dist
2012-03-25 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated translations
2012-03-25 Nicola Fontanadocs: corrected NEWS.xml grammatic
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanadocs: udpated TODO.xml0.6.4
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanadocs: removed --type-name-mangling, no more used
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated section docblocks
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanadocs: merged and adapted gtk-doc 1.18 into ADG
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanabuild: udpated DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanabuild: improved --with-gtk and --with-glade-catalogdir
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanaadg-demo: update spin buttons before getting the values
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanabuild: corrected MKINSTALLDIRS in po-properties/Makefil...
2012-03-24 Nicola FontanaAdgGtkLayout: cosmetic changes on indentation
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanatest-text: implemented test overriding old pasted code
2012-03-24 Nicola Fontanatests: added test-rdim
2012-03-23 Nicola FontanaIncluded adg-canvas.h in gitignore
2012-03-23 Nicola Fontanabuild: corrected --with-gtk handling
2012-03-23 Nicola Fontanabuild: do not hang if GObject introspection if not...
2012-03-23 Nicola FontanaAdgCanvas: removed adg-canvas.h from SCM
2012-03-23 Nicola FontanaAdgDress: explicitely specify AdgDres is a gint for...
2012-03-23 Nicola FontanaADG: using GType instead of int in _get_type() functions
2012-03-23 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated copyright to 2012
2012-03-23 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated po stuff
2012-03-23 Nicola Fontanabuild: introduced NTD_UNEXPAND() autoconf macro
2012-03-23 Nicola FontanaAdgEntity: added "destroy" signal
2012-03-22 Nicola FontanaCpmlSegment: converted cpml_path_is_empty() to function
2012-03-22 Nicola FontanaCpmlExtents: limits must be considered "inside"
2012-03-22 Nicola FontanaAdgRDim: corrected docblock
2012-03-22 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated NEWS.xml
2012-03-22 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to 0.6.4
2012-03-22 Nicola Fontanabuild: renamed dir arguments (to be consistend with...
2012-03-22 Nicola Fontanabuild: allow to customize gitdir and typelibdir
2012-03-19 Nicola Fontanabuild: added support for gladeui-2.0
2012-03-19 Nicola Fontanabuild: initial support for GTK+3
2012-03-18 Nicola FontanaAdgCanvas: corrected arg name and removed adg-canvas...
2012-03-18 Nicola FontanaAdgGtkLayout: removed empty size_request() implementation
2012-03-18 Nicola FontanaAdgRDim: implemented outside style
2012-03-11 Nicola FontanaADG: split AdgTableRow and AdgTableCell from AdgTable
2012-03-10 Nicola FontanaADG: corrected g-ir-scanner warnings where possible
2012-03-10 Nicola FontanaCPML: removed warnings for unused cairo symbols
2012-03-10 Nicola FontanaCPML: substituded TRUE and FALSE with 1 and 0
2012-02-25 Nicola Fontanadocs: updated TODO.xml
2011-11-27 Nicola Fontanabuild: improved silent rules handling
2011-11-26 Nicola Fontanabuild: added backward compatibility to automake 1.10
2011-11-17 Nicola FontanaAdg_?Dim: allow-none for AdgPair and named pairs
2011-10-31 Nicola Fontanaadg-demo: renamed hatch_edge to hatch_contour
2011-10-31 Nicola Fontanabuild: moved pkg-config files under their respectives...
2011-09-24 Nicola Fontanadocs: cosmetic changes
2011-08-21 Nicola Fontanabuild: added dependency on a specific GObject introspection
2011-06-09 Nicola Fontana[ADG] s/G_CONST_RETURN/const/
2011-04-25 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Added adg_path_append_array()
2011-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgTable] Avoid text computation on the same text