2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[build] Check for libm in configure.ac0.6.3
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated NEWS.xml
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[build] Bumped version to 0.6.3
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated italian translations
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgTrail] s/B├ęzier/Bezier/
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated TODO.xml
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgLineStyle] Changed TODO items to an XXX
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgTrail] Added max-angle property
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Renamed M_PI... references to G_PI...
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgEdges] Added the "axis-angle" property
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgEdges] Enabled use of the critical-angle property
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Moved TODO in XXX
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgArror] Added extents computation
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgADim] Added extents computation
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgRDim] Updated to be consistent with AdgLDim
2011-03-19 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Improvements on the arrange() phase
2011-03-18 Nicola Fontana[AdgRDim] Added extents computation
2011-03-18 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Removed use of inverted global in quote arrang...
2011-03-18 Nicola Fontana[CpmlExtents] Corrected the extents transformation
2011-03-18 Nicola Fontana[AdgAlignment] Corrected displacement calculation
2011-03-17 Nicola Fontana[AdgMatrix] Resolved TODO items
2011-03-17 Nicola Fontana[build] Simplified regex used for merging gtester xml...
2011-03-17 Nicola Fontana[tests] "make test-report" is now working
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated TODO.xml
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[docs] Added missing definitions
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[tests] Final clean-ups in the CPML test framework
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[tests] Added complete CpmlExtents test
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[CPML] Minor docs correction in extents management
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[tests] Minor code clean-ups
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[tests] Added complete CpmlPair test
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[tests] Added a basic test-segment program
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[CPML] Corrected assumption in cpml_path_is_empty()
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[CPML] Removed inexistent arg from docblock
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[tests] Implemented basic CpmlPrimitive test
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[build] Corrected glade path computation on FreeBSD
2011-03-13 Nicola Fontana[tests] Use float to compare floating values
2011-03-12 Nicola Fontana[demo] Stylish improvements on note sizes
2011-03-12 Nicola FontanaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-12 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated italian translations
2011-03-12 Nicola Fontana[demo] Text improvements
2011-03-11 Nicola Fontana[CPML] Initial test unit implementation
2011-03-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtk] Making tests a stand-alone unit
2011-03-11 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Use GCallback in tests where appropriate
2011-03-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgAlignment] Use an helper pair instead of abuse...
2011-03-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgText] Do not modify the local matrix for alignment...
2011-03-09 Nicola Fontana[demo] Added tab for title block customization
2011-03-09 Nicola Fontana[demo] Hardcoded 50 as "width-chars" for notes
2011-02-27 Nicola FontanaMerge branch 'master' of git://adg.git.sourceforge...
2011-02-20 Nicola Fontana[AdgText] Added property tests
2011-02-20 Nicola Fontana[build] Updated i19n files
2011-02-20 Nicola FontanaResolved residual warnings from gcc
2011-02-20 Nicola Fontana[demo] Moved tips from canvas to UI
2011-02-20 Nicola Fontana[AdgText] Using logical_rect instead of ink_rect for...
2011-02-20 Nicola Fontana[AdgTable] Added support for AdgText
2011-02-20 Nicola Fontana[AdgText] Moved text proxy login into adg-text-internal.h
2011-02-19 Nicola FontanaMerge branch 'master' of git://adg.git.sourceforge...
2011-02-18 Nicola FontanaTested build process under ss-dev of OpenIndiana
2011-02-16 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Testing AdgText on quotes
2011-02-16 Nicola Fontana[docs] Added missing classes (AdgPangoStyle and AdgText)
2011-02-16 Nicola Fontana[AdgText] Initial implementation
2011-02-16 Nicola Fontana[AdgPangoStyle] Initial implementation
2011-02-16 Nicola Fontana[AdgTableStyle] Removed useless includes
2011-02-15 Nicola Fontana[AdgToyText] Minor typo
2011-02-15 Nicola Fontana[AdgFontStyle] Exposed adg_font_style_new_options()
2011-02-15 Nicola Fontana[AdgStyle] Force "invalidate" emission on disposing
2011-02-15 Nicola Fontana[AdgStyle] Implemented "apply" and "invalidate" signals
2011-02-15 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Removed cheating comment
2011-02-15 Nicola Fontana[build] Added optional pango support
2011-02-13 Nicola Fontana[AdgToyText] Renamed "label" to "text" for consistency
2011-02-13 Nicola Fontana[build] Cleaned up DLLDIR definition in
2011-02-13 Nicola Fontana[build] Corrected inclusion bug in VPATH builds
2011-02-07 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Moved text stuff from AdgToyText to AdgTextual
2011-02-06 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Moved include dependencies from .h to .c
2011-01-23 Nicola Fontanas/2010 N/2010,2011 N/
2011-01-16 Nicola Fontana[build] Corrected bug in glade catalog dir
2011-01-09 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated NEWS.xml0.6.2
2011-01-09 Nicola Fontana[build] Bumped version to 0.6.2
2011-01-09 Nicola Fontana[docs] Added AdgGtkLayout docs
2011-01-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkLayout] Try to set the proper size to the parent
2011-01-08 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated italian translations
2011-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Corrected docs on paddings and margins
2011-01-08 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated TODO.xml
2011-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkLayout] First implementation
2011-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Reset the initialized flag on "canvas...
2011-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Added support for "render-map" property
2011-01-07 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Added adg_canvas_apply_margins()
2011-01-06 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Corrected zoom in size_allocate()
2011-01-04 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Improved zoom handling and added adg_gtk_a...
2011-01-04 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Autozoom feature is now configurable
2011-01-04 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Corrected comments on new size allocation
2011-01-03 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Added "extents-changed" signal
2011-01-03 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtk] Added support for custom marshallers
2011-01-03 Nicola Fontana[CPML] Added equality method for pairs and extents
2011-01-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] New API: adg_gtk_get_extents()
2011-01-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Corrected bug in adg_entity_arrange() docblock
2011-01-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Added global space zoom and pan
2010-12-27 Nicola Fontana[docs] Moved CpmlExtents under "Core reference"
2010-12-15 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Docs corrections
2010-12-08 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated italian localization
2010-12-08 Nicola Fontana[demo] Localized cpml-demo