2010-05-06 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated NEWS.xml0.6.0
2010-05-06 Nicola Fontana[build] Bumped version to 0.6.0
2010-05-06 Nicola Fontana[build] Cross-building on MinGW32 working
2010-05-06 Nicola Fontana[demo] Improved data file resolution
2010-05-04 Nicola Fontana[CPML] Separated CpmlPrimitiveType from cairo_path_data...
2010-05-04 Nicola FontanaUsing AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS instead of AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS
2010-05-04 Nicola FontanaRemoved useless GtkBuilder properties
2010-05-02 Nicola Fontana[build] GObject 2.10.1 is now required
2010-05-02 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated README.xml
2010-05-02 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Added custom dispacement in x
2010-05-02 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] s/GET_DIM_STYLE/_ADG_GET_DIM_STYLE/g
2010-05-02 Nicola Fontana[AdgDimStyle] Using a default x displacement of 4
2010-05-02 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Prefixed internal functions
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Fluent scaling on size allocation
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Got rid of internal setter functions
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Consider the global map when transforming
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Code cleanup
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[adg-demo] Improved and included last changes
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Added "title-block" property
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Corrected bug in "frame-dress"
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Added custom paddings
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Added frame around the canvas
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] Changed color of the builtins
2010-05-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] Use annnotation color for frame lines
2010-04-29 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Added custom margins
2010-04-29 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Removed padding properties
2010-04-28 Nicola Fontana[adg-demo] Prefixed diameter when needed
2010-04-28 Nicola Fontana[AdgRDim] Prefix values with "R " by default
2010-04-28 Nicola Fontana[AdgADim] Suffix values with a degree by default
2010-04-28 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Added hardcoded UTF8 degree string constant
2010-04-28 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Added hardcoded UTF8 diameter constant
2010-04-28 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Properly use the "value" property
2010-04-28 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Added adg_string_replace()
2010-04-27 Nicola Fontana[adg-demo] Hold last wndEdit position
2010-04-25 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Removed internal needed_pairs()
2010-04-25 Nicola Fontana[docs] Grammatical corrections in NEWS.xml
2010-04-25 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Directly use event->window in expose
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[build] Explicitely set demo library dependencies
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Invalidate also the quote value text
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Removed redundant " != NULL" checks
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgContainer] Allow to g_object_unref() the children
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgMarker] Using signal callback instead of weak refer...
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgModel] Cosmetic improvements
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgADim] Invalidate points only if defined
2010-04-24 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Invalidate points only if defined
2010-04-23 Nicola Fontana[AdgPoint] Improved API and updated accordingly
2010-04-23 Nicola Fontana[AdgModel] Rearranged headers dependencies
2010-04-23 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Added dependency on model
2010-04-23 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Added adg_entity_point_set()
2010-04-23 Nicola Fontana[demo] Improved adg-demo reaction on data change
2010-04-23 Nicola Fontana[AdgPoint] Added getter for named pair attributes
2010-04-22 Nicola Fontana[demo] Initial data manipulation
2010-04-22 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Clear the all the cached data
2010-04-22 Nicola Fontana[AdgModel] Clear also the named pairs
2010-04-22 Nicola Fontana[CpmlSegment] Hardened cpml_segment_transform()
2010-04-20 Nicola Fontana[demo] Improved adg-demo user experience
2010-04-20 Nicola Fontana[docs] Explicitely include index.xml
2010-04-20 Nicola Fontana[build] Improved library linking
2010-04-16 Nicola Fontana[demo] Make data dialog modal
2010-04-16 Nicola Fontana[adg-demo] Added type checking
2010-04-16 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Corrected base line extension
2010-04-16 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Consider global map when choosing flags
2010-04-14 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Corrected bad alignment in global scaling
2010-04-14 Nicola Fontana[AdgAlignment] Corrected bug on global scaling
2010-04-14 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Implemented size_allocate()
2010-04-13 Nicola Fontana[adg-demo] Added missing dimensions
2010-04-13 Nicola Fontana[AdgDressBuiltins] s/(LINE|COLOR)_HATCH/\1_FILL/
2010-04-13 Nicola Fontana[AdgRuledFill] Do not apply local global maps twice
2010-04-13 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] Rearranged font dresses
2010-04-13 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] New builtin dress: ADG_DRESS_FONT_TEXT
2010-04-13 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] s/_COLOR_TABLE/_COLOR_ANNOTATION/g
2010-04-13 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] s/text/font/u
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[build] Helper script to call glade-3 with adg support
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[tests] Removed ADG_DRESS_LINE_TABLE references
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] The trail extents are subject to the global...
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgRDim] Rearrange on "global-changed"
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgADim] Rearrange on "global-changed"
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Rearrange on "global-changed"
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Show the extents after rendering
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgTable] Corrected a long-standing alignment bug
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Showing extents with alpha boxes
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgTableStyle] Using different line style for frame...
2010-04-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] Splitted table line style for grid and frame
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Do not overwrite the canvas global matrix
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgGtkArea] Added padding support
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgDimStyle] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgTableStyle] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgFontStyle] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgLineStyle] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgRuledFill] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgToyText] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgStroke] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgTable] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgProjection] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgLogo] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgHatch] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgCanvas] Rely on automatic dress validation
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgDress] Moved validation logic in the param spec
2010-04-10 Nicola Fontana[ADG] Renamed '*-util.*' files to '*-utils.*'