2009-02-21 Nicola Fontana[CpmlSegment] Implemented a decent offseting curve... mob
2009-02-10 Nicola Fontana[CpmlSegment] Worked offset algorithm
2009-02-10 Nicola Fontana[CpmlSegment] Stub for offset curves
2009-02-08 Nicola Fontana[demo] Added a simmetric B├ęzier sample to cpml-test
2009-02-08 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] Added @length arg documentation
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[CpmlSegment] Initial implementation of cpml_segment_of...
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[demo] Added cpml_vector_at_curve() test case
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] Implemented cpml_vector_at_curve()
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] Compute curve_at using the canonical function
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[demo] Added cpml-test demo
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] Implemented cpml_pair_at_... family
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[demo] Updated callback to use the user_data pointer
2009-02-03 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Added user_data arg to the callback
2009-02-02 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] New API to get the intersaction between...
2009-02-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgLDim] Updated and cleaned sources
2009-02-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgArrowStyle] Updated and cleaned sources
2009-02-01 Nicola Fontana[AdgDim] Using clusters while rendering text
2009-02-01 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] API implementation
2009-01-31 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] Revamped AdgVector
2009-01-30 Nicola Fontana[AdgPair] Cleaned API
2009-01-30 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] Improved API
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[docs] Corrected *ugly* typo
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated NEWS.xml0.4.0
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[demo] Removed debugging stuff from adg-demo
2009-01-14 Nicola FontanaFinalized renaming of AdgPositionable to AdgTranslatable
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[AdgPositionable] Moved adg-positionable.[ch] to adg...
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[demo] Updated adg-demo
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[AdgMatrix] Added adg_matrix_init_reflection()
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[CpmlSegment] Added cpml_segment_transform()
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated README.xml and TODO.xml
2009-01-14 Nicola Fontana[docs] Improved docbook2txt xslt stylesheet
2009-01-13 Nicola Fontana[adg] Updated the project using the new cpml segment API
2009-01-13 Nicola Fontana[CpmlSegment] Rewrote API almost from scratch
2009-01-13 Nicola Fontana[build] Compile with the new cpml-segment.[ch] files
2009-01-13 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPath] Renamed to CpmlSegment
2009-01-13 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPath] Implemented cpml_path_to_cairo() exit point
2009-01-13 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPath] Implemented cpml_segment_reverse()
2009-01-12 Nicola Fontana[cmpl] Added alloca implementation
2009-01-12 Nicola Fontana[build] Updated some deprecated macros
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[build] Removed ChangeLog,README,NEWS,TODO from git
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[docs] Added autogeneration of TODO
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[docs] Added autogeneration of NEWS
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[docs] Doublespacing after <simplesect>
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[docs] Use chapter instead of refentry in README.xml
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[docs] Using a single README.xml to generate README...
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated README
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Added missing documentation
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[docs] Updated TODO
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPath] Updated documentation
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Implemented adg_path_dump() using cpml_path_d...
2009-01-11 Nicola Fontana[cpml] Implemented cpml_path_dump()
2009-01-11 Nicola FontanaIncluded 2009 in the copyright
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[build] Bumped version to 0.4.0
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[build] Added ChangeLog-0.2.1 to dist
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[build] Updated Changelogs using the new make target
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[build] Added ChangeLog target to make
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgPath] Removed cairo wrappers
2009-01-10 Nicola FontanaMerge branch 'ntd'
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[adg-demo] Added png and pdf surfaces and improved...
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgToyText] Implemented the AdgRotable interface
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Added cairo_t arg in adg_entity_point_to_pair()
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgMatrix] Renamed adg_matrix_set() to adg_matrix_copy()
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgPoint] Renamed source to src in adg_point_copy()
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgRotable] Use angle in radians
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[docs] Expose the dummy typedef for interfaces
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[docs] Removed xatch-style as still to be done
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgRotable] Initial implementation
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgPositionable] Removed bug in docblock
2009-01-10 Nicola Fontana[AdgPositionable] Documented args for "origin-moved...
2009-01-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgPositionable] Using origin instead of org in public API
2009-01-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgPair] Implemented adg_pair_copy() as macro
2009-01-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgToyText] Initial implementation
2009-01-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Applying forgot component in adg_entity_poi...
2009-01-09 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Implemented adg_entity_point_to_pair()...
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgEntity] Implemented adg_entity_point_to_pair()
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[docs] Added new APIs
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[CpmlPair] Implemented cpml_pair_transform() shortcut
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgPair] Implemented adg_pair_copy()
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgPoint] Reversed args in adg_point_copy() to keep...
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgPoint] Added adg_point_unset()
2009-01-08 Nicola FontanaImproved indentation consistency
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgPositionable] Implemented adg_positionable_set_org_...
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgPositionable] Initial implementation of the positio...
2009-01-08 Nicola Fontana[AdgPoint] Implemented adg_point_copy() shortcut
2009-01-07 Nicola FontanaAdded missing @cr params to docblock
2009-01-07 Nicola Fontana[AdgPoint] Initial implementation
2009-01-07 Nicola FontanaImproved consistency in documenting @cr
2008-10-25 Nicola FontanaRemoved #include <gcontainer/gcontainer.h>0.3.2
2008-10-25 Nicola Fontana[] Bumped version to 0.3.2
2008-10-25 Nicola Fontana[README] Updated
2008-10-25 Nicola Fontana[NEWS] Updated
2008-10-25 Nicola Fontana[docs/] Updated documentation
2008-10-25 Nicola Fontana[demo/] Updated demo programs using the new container API
2008-10-25 Nicola Fontana[adg-container.* adg-entity.*] Merged gcontainer in...
2008-10-24 Nicola Fontana[docs/] Removed reference to GContainer
2008-10-24 Nicola Fontana[ adg/] Removed GCONTAINER_{CFLAG...
2008-10-24 Nicola Fontana[.gitignore] Ignore .loT
2008-10-24 Nicola Fontana[] Removed dependency on gcontainer
2008-08-22 Nicola FontanaUpdated "GNU Library General License" to "GNU Lesser...
2008-08-22 Nicola FontanaUpdated FSF address