2015-04-02 Nicola Fontanabuild: GTK+3 is called libgtk-3-dev in TravisCImaster
2015-04-02 Nicola Fontanabuild: enable GTK+2 and GTK+3 build testing in TravisCI
2015-04-02 Nicola Fontanacpml: cast to int in primitive to avoid clang warning
2015-04-01 Nicola Fontanabuild: include Lua support in the NSIS installer
2015-04-01 Nicola Fontanabuild: rename USRDIR to HOSTPREFIX
2015-04-01 Nicola Fontanabuild: initial import of build/build-win{32,64}
2015-04-01 Nicola Fontanabuild: share dist flags
2015-03-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: correct typo in NEWS
2015-03-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: update DOAP metadata0.8.0
2015-03-07 Nicola FontanaMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-05 Nicola Fontanai18n: make update-po
2015-03-05 Nicola Fontanabuild: include cairo-gobject in docs/adg
2015-03-05 Nicola Fontanabuild: bump version to 0.8.0
2015-03-05 Nicola Fontanadoc: update NEWS
2015-03-05 Nicola Fontanadoc: update TODO
2015-02-28 Nicola Fontanacpml: drop CPML_GNUC_CONST macro
2015-02-28 Nicola Fontanacpml: use hash table to get the primitive class
2015-02-27 Nicola Fontanatests: check fillets and chamfers in AdgPath
2015-02-26 Nicola Fontanatests: include GTK+ tests for AdgCanvas
2015-02-26 Nicola Fontanabuild: install GTK+2 in travis
2015-02-26 Nicola Fontanatests: check adg_canvas_export()
2015-02-26 Nicola Fontanaadg: correct size in adg_canvas_export()
2015-02-25 Nicola Fontanatests: randomly enable extents rendering
2015-02-25 Nicola Fontanatests: ensure AdgEntity has a parent when mixing locals
2015-02-25 Nicola Fontanatests: full AdgEntity coverage
2015-02-25 Nicola Fontanatests: remove commented code from AdgTextual
2015-02-24 Nicola Fontanatests: initial AdgTableRow checking
2015-02-24 Nicola Fontanaadg: require a valid layout in adg_table_row_arrange()
2015-02-24 Nicola Fontanaadg: protect AdgTableRow against null cell styling
2015-02-24 Nicola Fontanaadg: protect AdgTableRow from NULL rows
2015-02-23 Nicola Fontanatests: full AdgEdges coverage
2015-02-23 Nicola Fontanatests: bare AdgEdges behavior checks
2015-02-23 Nicola Fontanaadg: destination of adg_trail_put_segment is optional
2015-02-22 Nicola Fontanatests: add model checks
2015-02-21 Nicola Fontanatests: check directly size-request in AdgGtkLayout
2015-02-20 Nicola Fontanatests: do not rely on default values
2015-02-20 Nicola Fontanatests: abort on double signal disconnection
2015-02-19 Nicola Fontanatests: full AdgGtkLayout coverage
2015-02-19 Nicola Fontanatests: correct GTK+2/3 discrepancy on GtkAlignment
2015-02-19 Nicola Fontanatests: AdgGtkLayout
2015-02-18 Nicola Fontanatests: full AdgGtkArea testing
2015-02-17 Nicola Fontanatests: more checks in AdgGtkArea
2015-02-16 Nicola Fontanatests: improve test-gtk-area
2015-02-16 Nicola Fontanatests: move dummy canvas creation in adg-test
2015-02-16 Nicola Fontanatests: test AdgGtkArea destruction with canvas set
2015-02-16 Nicola Fontanatests: use adg_entity_destroy in test-canvas
2015-02-16 Nicola Fontanaadg: clarify roles during destruction
2015-02-15 Nicola Fontanatests: AdgTextual
2015-02-15 Nicola Fontanatests: export signal testing from adg-test.c
2015-02-15 Nicola Fontanatests: AdgParamDress
2015-02-15 Nicola Fontanaadg: include adg-param-dress.h in adg.h
2015-02-14 Nicola Fontanatests: skip marshallers
2015-02-14 Nicola Fontanaadg: mark marshalers as internal
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanaadg: include cairo-fallback in public header
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanatests: more AdgPath method checks
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanaadg: protect AdgPath from NULL pairs
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanaadg: rescan after adg_path_append_cairo_path()
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanaadg: correct typo in AdgPath header
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanatests: cover adg_matrix_normalize corner case
2015-02-13 Nicola FontanaRevert "adg: add fallback GObject wrapper for cairo_mat...
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanatests: full adg-matrix.c tests
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanaadg: add fallback GObject wrapper for cairo_matrix_t
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanatests: AdgEntity and AdgContainer signal checking
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanaadg: document lazy {global,local}-changed emission
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanabuild: do not exclude _build/ from coverage
2015-02-13 Nicola Fontanaadg: use GObject closures where possible
2015-02-12 Nicola Fontanatests: update AdgPath to latest changes
2015-02-12 Nicola Fontanaadg: correct behavior of last and over
2015-02-12 Nicola Fontanatests: adg_path_append_segment
2015-02-12 Nicola Fontanaadg: update over and last after adg_path_append_segment()
2015-02-11 Nicola Fontanatests: initial test-path import
2015-02-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: avoid crash on invalid adg_path_append_primitive...
2015-02-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: return NULL instead of invalid data from adg_path_...
2015-02-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: return NULL instead of invalid data from adg_path_...
2015-02-11 Nicola Fontanatests: add missing doc to test-canvas
2015-02-11 Nicola Fontanabuild: exclude _build/ from coverage
2015-02-11 Nicola Fontanabuild: ignore built sources in coverage
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanatests: more AdgCanvas tests
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanaadg: consider the title block when arranging the canvas
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanaadg: ignore undefined extents in adg_canvas_apply_margins
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanatests: adg_canvas_autoscale()
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanatests: use better naming conventions in ADG tests
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanatests: canvas error GQuark check
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanatests: use g_object_run_dispose for destroying AdgCanvas
2015-02-10 Nicola Fontanatests: use better naming conventions in CPML tests
2015-02-09 Nicola Fontanatests: additional checks on container types
2015-02-09 Nicola Fontanatests: adg_test_add_container_checks
2015-02-09 Nicola Fontanaadg: improve AdgContainer doc
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanaadg: allow building without GTK+
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanaadg: cosmetic change to
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanatests: add basic curve offset testing
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanacpml: new cpml_primitive_copy_data() API
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanacpml: better doc for cpml_segment_copy_data
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanatests: cpml_segment_copy
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanacpml: s/cpml_segment_deep_copy/cpml_segment_copy_data/
2015-02-08 Nicola Fontanatests: use adg_assert_isapprox where appropriate
2015-02-07 Nicola Fontanatests: add CpmlPrimitiveType enum checks
2015-02-07 Nicola Fontanatests: avoid g_test_add_data_func_full
2015-02-07 Nicola FontanaMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-07 Nicola Fontanatests: correct primitive_copy test