2014-01-06 Nicola Fontanabuild: force Travis CI to build under _build/master
2014-01-06 Nicola Fontanabuild: added _build/ to POTFILES.skip
2014-01-06 Nicola Fontanabuild: do not call ./configure in
2014-01-06 Nicola Fontanabuild: initial attempt to support Travis CI
2013-12-31 Nicola Fontananodist: extract desktop and web from overview.pdf
2013-12-31 Nicola Fontananodist: added captions to overview images
2013-12-30 Nicola Fontananodist: added overview.tex design
2013-12-30 Nicola Fontanadoc: skeleton overview document
2013-12-29 Nicola Fontananodist: added new symbols (ADG logo and gear)
2013-12-29 Nicola Fontananodist: generate symbols with .mps extension
2013-12-29 Nicola Fontananodist: added missing symbols
2013-12-28 Nicola Fontananodist: added
2013-10-19 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated public website links
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: improved win32/win64 installer0.7.4
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated NEWS
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to 0.7.4
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated po files
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: updated gschemas.compiled
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanadoc: improved README stuff
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanaadg: "transfer none" on get_cairo_path()
2013-08-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: gitignore ./compile
2013-06-23 Nicola Fontanadoc: refactored to be more mainstream
2013-04-08 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated Lua bindings link in README.xml
2013-04-06 Nicola Fontanadoc: corrected NEWS.xml typo0.7.3
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to 0.7.3
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated NEWS.xml
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanabuild: depends on cairo-gobject if introspection is...
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanabuild: stripped --internal arg from glib-genmarshal
2013-04-05 Nicola Fontanaadg: provided cairo-gobject fallbacks
2013-04-04 Nicola Fontanabuild: make --internal of glib-genmarshal optional
2013-04-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: make cairo-gobject optional
2013-04-04 Nicola Fontanabuild: downgraded intltool dependency to 0.35.0
2013-04-01 Nicola Fontanacpml: alias CpmlVector to CpmlPair in introspection...
2013-03-30 Nicola Fontanaadg: cosmetic refactoring on adg-canvas.c
2013-03-26 Nicola Fontanaadg: changed comment starting with @
2013-03-26 Nicola Fontanaadg: removed adg_matrix_new() API
2013-03-25 Nicola FontanaUpdated damned gschemas.compiled
2013-03-25 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to
2013-03-25 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated it.po
2013-03-25 Nicola Fontanaadg: invalidate "scale" text directly in AdgCanvas
2013-03-25 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated NEWS.xml
2013-03-25 Nicola Fontanademo: corrected metadata valign in adg-demo.ui
2013-03-25 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated TODO.xml
2013-03-25 Nicola Fontanaadg: dependency between AdgStroke and its model
2013-03-22 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated it.po
2013-03-22 Nicola Fontanaadg: split AdgParamDress from AdgDress
2013-03-22 Nicola Fontanabuild: s/gobject/gobject-2.0/
2013-03-22 Nicola Fontanaadg: inherit AdgDress from GEnum
2013-03-21 Nicola Fontanaadg: check dresses have unique ids
2013-03-21 Nicola Fontanaadg: cosmetic improvements in adg-dress-builtins.h
2013-03-21 Nicola Fontanatest: added AdgDress testing
2013-03-21 Nicola Fontanaadg: improved AdgDress annotations
2013-03-21 Nicola Fontanaadg: allow-none in adg_path_reflect()
2013-03-21 Nicola Fontanaadg-demo: favoring simplicity over rendering quality
2013-03-21 Nicola Fontanaadg-demo: s/shape/body/
2013-03-19 Nicola Fontanademo: moved help stuff on its own dialog
2013-03-19 Nicola Fontanademo: improved consistency in widgets names
2013-03-17 Nicola Fontanaadg: added adg_canvas_get_page_setup()
2013-03-14 Nicola Fontanai18n: updated italian translations0.7.1
2013-03-14 Nicola Fontanabuild: bumped version to 0.7.1
2013-03-14 Nicola Fontanaadg: updated for GTK+2 support
2013-03-14 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated NEWS.xml
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: fixed remapping of AdgPath over primitive
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: annotation bug in adg_path_append_array
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: properly initialize all AdgPath fields
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanatest: updated test units
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanadoc: added missing adg-rdim.c to
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: refactored _adg_read_cairo_path()
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanacpml: removed CpmlPath
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanacpml: return if a point exist in CpmlPrimitive
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanacpml: protected CpmlPrimitive APIs against NULL args
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanacpml: protect CpmlPair methods against NULL args
2013-03-11 Nicola Fontanaadg: added (transfer none) to AdgPath
2013-03-07 Nicola Fontanaadg: avoid to screw the cairo context on invalid data
2013-03-07 Nicola Fontanadoc: corrected typos in git annotations
2013-03-07 Nicola Fontanaadg: improved AdgPoint handling
2013-03-07 Nicola Fontanaadg: cleaned up adg_entity_point()
2013-03-07 Nicola Fontanabuild: compile demo before doc
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: set direction in adg_ldim_new_full()
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanabuild: adg-canvas.h is generated by configure
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: corrected AdgToyText test unit
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated it.po
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: ensure local-mix in AdgTitleBlock behaves like...
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: properly initialize AdgTable:local-mix
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: properly initialize AdgToyText:local-mix
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: properly initialize AdgText:local-mix
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: properly initialize AdgArrow:local-mix
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: renamed AdgMixMethod to AdgMix
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: corrected name convention for AdgProjectionScheme
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: provide a default value for AdgCanvas:scales
2013-03-04 Nicola Fontanaadg: protect autoscale() from NULL scales
2013-03-03 Nicola Fontanadoc: improved some README.xml wording
2013-03-02 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated copyright
2013-03-02 Nicola Fontanaadg: use cairo_matrix_t instead of AdgMatrix
2013-03-01 Nicola Fontanadoc: updated doap record
2013-03-01 Nicola FontanaMoved AdgSegment to CpmlSegment
2013-03-01 Nicola FontanaMoved AdgPrimitive to CpmlPrimitive
2013-03-01 Nicola FontanaMoved AdgPair to CpmlPair
2013-03-01 Nicola Fontanacpml: protect cpml_pair_copy() against NULL