descriptionManage XDG AutoStart entries, especially for ROX-Session
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last changeThu, 29 May 2008 20:49:58 +0000 (29 21:49 +0100)
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This replaces my AutoStart project due to a name clash.
2008-05-29 Tony HoughtonUpdated licence to GPL v3.master
2008-05-29 Tony HoughtonRelease 0.2.0 (updated README wrt former name of AutoSt...
2008-05-29 Tony HoughtonChanged name from AutoStart to XDGStart.
2008-05-29 Tony HoughtonMakes sure $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/autostart exists before...
2008-05-29 Tony HoughtonNew icon.
2007-10-06 Tony HoughtonRemoved incomplete drag & drop code.
2007-10-04 Tony HoughtonFixed check for execs without path and taking arguments.
2007-10-04 Tony HoughtonFixed building of savable pathname.
2007-10-04 Tony HoughtonDefine _DE in xdgautostart.c too so it can be used...
2007-10-04 Tony Houghtongetenv needs <stdlib.h>.
2007-10-04 Tony HoughtonMoved locale initialisation into xdgautostart.c.
2007-10-04 Tony HoughtonFixed reading of "don't start in" from OnlyShowIn.
2007-10-04 Tony HoughtonReading name from desktop entry file is now done by...
2007-10-04 Tony HoughtonInitial check-in to git.
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