2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothPrepared release and bumped version numbers to
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumAllow the minimum chars for auto-completion to be confi...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1617: TortoiseGitPLink does not work with...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothDo not compile TortoisePLink any more use static binary
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumCommit dialog shows "Please wait..." when updating...
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumFixed issue #1633: Pull windows layout problem
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumDon't delete files which contain of one line without...
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumValidate the drawing area after the custom painting...
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumFix broken build after upgrading libgit2
2013-02-07 Frank LiStatGraph: rename some variable and clean up code
2013-02-07 Frank LiFixed issue #1624: Easier navigation in revision graph...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothUpdated libgit2
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothShow all selected filters
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothImprove the caret positioning when clicking on a line
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothEnable the moved-blocks detection by default
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothDo not select last selected item if user has selected...
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumReload tracking relationship info on refreshing log...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothFixed typo
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1623: Search by email in Log window
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1619: TortoiseGitMerge: Ribbon UI/toolbars...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothFixed typo introduced in last commit
2013-02-07 Sven Strickrothgit.exe of msysgit cmd folder does not work, so try...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothDetect msysgit installation with user-rights
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumClose handles only not equal to INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
2013-02-07 Sup Yut SumAdd refresh (press F5) function in Changed Files Dialog
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1620: Apply Patch serial can't open file...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1611: Changing Search criteria with empty...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothTGitMerge: After saving a conflicted versioned file...
2013-02-07 Sven StrickrothTortoiseGitMerge does not require gitdll.dll directly
2013-01-27 Sven StrickrothPrepared release and bumped version numbers to
2013-01-27 Sven StrickrothSynced with Transifex
2013-01-27 Sven StrickrothFixed signed/unsigned warnings
2013-01-27 Sven StrickrothUpdated cleanup dialog screenshot
2013-01-27 Sven StrickrothAdded Romanian language pack
2013-01-27 Sup Yut SumUse more LONG_PTR instead of LONG
2013-01-27 Sup Yut SumRevert "If running on Win XP or Vista, use a smaller...
2013-01-26 Sven StrickrothCast the pointer to LONG_PTR instead of just long
2013-01-26 Sup Yut SumInitialize local variable, otherwise when ReaddUnselect...
2013-01-26 Sup Yut SumIf running on Win XP or Vista, use a smaller command...
2013-01-24 Sup Yut SumOffice2013 requires the diffed files to be opened writable
2013-01-23 Sven StrickrothAccept cli parameter values separated by space from...
2013-01-23 Sup Yut SumCenter align text of Y axis of Stat Graph
2013-01-23 Sup Yut SumCould not show submodule conflicts in TortoiseMerge...
2013-01-22 Sup Yut SumShow 'Unknown' change type if there are errors retrievi...
2013-01-22 Sven StrickrothGitProgressDlg: Decode UTF-8 encoded libgit2 error...
2013-01-21 Sup Yut SumDoxygen docu fixes: list all parameters, fix parameter...
2013-01-20 Sup Yut Sumconstify methods
2013-01-20 Sup Yut SumCheck that the return value of VerQueryValue is valid
2013-01-20 Sup Yut SumSync AsyncFramework from TortoiseSVN
2013-01-20 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'scintilla-3.2.4'
2013-01-20 Sven Strickrothapplied backgroundcolors.patch
2013-01-20 Sven StrickrothMinor Scintilla update to 3.2.4
2013-01-20 Sup Yut SumDo not show SVG in Statistics Graph save file dialog...
2013-01-20 Sup Yut SumFix stack corruption
2013-01-20 Sup Yut SumInitialize member variable
2013-01-19 Sven StrickrothTGitCache: Clear cache of subdirectories on refresh
2013-01-19 Sven StrickrothCommitDlg: Improved performance for filling patch view
2013-01-17 Sup Yut SumDo not prompt error on showing log list context menu
2013-01-16 Sup Yut SumFixed issue #1593: Sync dialog In ChangeList shows...
2013-01-16 Sven Strickroth/GL vs /ZI conflict for CrashHandler and SendRpt in...
2013-01-16 Sven StrickrothGitdllTest: Fixed x64 build
2013-01-16 Sven StrickrothDropped unneeded references
2013-01-16 Jano SvitokCleanup test projects and use common.props
2013-01-16 Sven StrickrothGitIndexTest: Fixed compilation
2013-01-16 Jano SvitokFixed compilation of test/Cache project by adding missi...
2013-01-16 Sven StrickrothUpdated documentation for added follow parameter
2013-01-16 Jano SvitokGitdllTest: Fixed compilation
2013-01-16 Jano SvitokTortoiseGitPLink: Fix compilation in debug configuration
2013-01-14 Sup Yut SumInitialize local variable
2013-01-14 Sven StrickrothDropped some unused strings
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothUpdated Tortoise.pot
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'prop-page-crash'
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothFixed possible crash in libgit2 by adding a mutex
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumMake string translatable
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumFix compilation warning
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumFix some warnings
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothFlush ref cache in libgit before loading log messages
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumInitialize member variables
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumAdd button to push notes in Sync Dialog
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothMoved header file to correct filter in project file
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothReset last error messages after displaying
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothShowing log of initial repo/orphane HEAD did not work
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothDropped unused resources in touch.exe
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothUse global targetver.h
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothCleanup unneeded resource filters in project files
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothSaved resource files with VS2012
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothSmall cleanups
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothLayout fixes
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumDrop dummy assignment statements
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumFix typo
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumEstimate the required stack size for getting latest...
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumAdd Submodule Add Force option
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumGit Property Page: get latest change in new thread
2013-01-13 Sup Yut SumUncheck "Track" checkbox when creating a branch with...
2013-01-13 Sven StrickrothIf creating the ITaskbarList3 interface fails, set...
2013-01-12 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1285: Show Log Filter on Tags
2013-01-12 Sven StrickrothShow SHA-1 instead of Revisions in LogFilter popupmenu
2013-01-12 Sven StrickrothAvoid UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER(...)
2013-01-12 Sven StrickrothUpdate copyright years
2013-01-12 Sven StrickrothCleanup