2011-09-17 Sven Strickrothupdate docsREL_1.7.4.0_INTERNAL
2011-09-17 Sven Strickrothchange IntermediateDirectories to global obj-directory
2011-09-17 Sven Strickrothmove gitdlltest to test folder
2011-09-17 Sven Strickrothrenamed tgit.exe project to tgit
2011-09-17 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #716: Aborted clone leaves git process...
2011-09-17 Sven Strickrothsmall fix
2011-09-16 Frank LiUpdate version number to 1.7.4
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothalso include plural form
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothhide useless options
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothdrop ObjectCombo
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothcleanup includes
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothadded missing GPL header
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothquote remote
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothfixed some typos
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothalways allow to switch to ref
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothadded menu separators
2011-09-12 Sven Strickrothfixed icon indexes
2011-09-10 Sven StrickrothFixes issue #881: "Create repository here" should warn...
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothadded copyright header
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothupdated activation order on CreateRepository dialog
2011-09-10 Sven StrickrothCreateRepoDlg no need to be resizable
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothrefatored CreateRepoCommand
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothadd own folder in projectbrowser for CreateRepository
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothdrop svn specific stuff
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothadded a note about tortoiseoverlays
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothfixed some typos
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothadded tortoisesvn link in aboutbox
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothdrop outdated code
2011-09-10 Sven Strickrothadded a readme file where to find the source code for...
2011-09-09 Sven Strickrothallow to select all entries in the log using CTRL-A
2011-09-08 Sven StrickrothFixes issue #893. "Show Unified Diff" on file entry...
2011-09-08 Sven Strickrothcorrectly initialize all variables
2011-09-08 Sven StrickrothFixes issue #899: Push via Showlog use Push with force...
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothdo not show "Cherry pick this commit" if it's the curre...
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothcorrectly show "Switch to" menu-items resp. submenu
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothdon't show "Switch to rev..." on same commit
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothdon't show "merge" on same commit
2011-08-28 Frank LiTGitCache: Fix something project root show as unversion...
2011-08-28 Frank LiFix wrong contextmenu icon display position when instal...
2011-08-28 Frank LiUpdate menu about\help\settings ico
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothhide options which aren't useful on the current branch
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothmore cleanup
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothcleanup
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothreset folder status before calculating most important_s...
2011-08-28 Sven Strickrothdo not report whole folder as added if just a file...
2011-08-27 Sven Strickrothdo not report whole folder as deleted if just a file...
2011-08-27 Sven Strickrothreport correct filename to cache
2011-08-25 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'use-original-libgit2'
2011-08-25 Sven Strickrothuse original libgit2 source repositoy
2011-08-25 Sven Strickrothcleanup project file
2011-08-25 Sven Strickrothuse ext/build/libgit2.vcproj
2011-08-25 Sven Strickrothcopied libgit2.vcproj from tortoisegit/libgit2.git...
2011-08-24 Frank Liupdate version number 1.7.3REL_1.7.3.0_INTERNAL
2011-08-24 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #386: Commit dialog does not preserve selec...
2011-08-24 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #863: Commit and revert gets stuck on repos...
2011-08-24 Sven Strickrothrefactored
2011-08-24 Sven Strickrothallow GITPROGRESS dialog to be maximized
2011-08-23 Sven Strickrothreturn git_wc_status_unversioned for folders we have...
2011-08-23 Sven Strickrothdo not try to revert renamed files if the source name...
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'issue-860'
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothFixes issue #860. Commit file moves does not properly...
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'restructure-tree'
2011-08-23 Sven Strickrothdon't show "(from " in commit dialog, where gitoldpath...
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothFixes issue #793: Context menu for files does not conta...
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothBetter fix for issue #851, which does not break "Shell...
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothFixes issue #870. Wrong overlay icons
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'issue-872'
2011-08-23 Sven StrickrothFixes issue #872. Allow TortoiseGit to be installed...
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothsplit some big components into smaller ones
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothdrop sasl stuff
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothdrop guids for components we do not need again
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothadded some notes
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothdropped non-existing file from project
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothrestructured project structure to reflect file system...
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothoptical cleanup
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothfix msi installer to kill tgitcache
2011-08-22 Sven StrickrothUpdated changelog
2011-08-22 Sven Strickrothsmall cleanup
2011-08-21 Frank Liupgrade wix 3.0 to avoid repair
2011-08-21 Frank LiTortoiseSVN 21551: use MajorUpgrade instead of doing...
2011-08-21 Frank LiTortoiseSVN 19783 Schedule the RemoveExistingProducts...
2011-08-21 Frank LiTortoiseSVN 19318: remove the REINSTALLMODE property
2011-08-21 Frank LiTortoiseSVN 18718: Add an "MsiRMFilesInUse" dialog...
2011-08-21 Sven Strickrothclose FindFirstFile handle
2011-08-20 Frank LiFixed issue #851 Windows Explorer Shell Crashed when...
2011-08-19 Jakub RajmanFixed issue #864: Show-log issue when "encoding" is...
2011-08-18 Frank LiUpdate Change log for issue #850
2011-08-17 Frank LiFix TGitCache build error
2011-08-17 Frank LiAdd missed CreateProcessHelper.h
2011-08-17 Frank Li32 and 64 bit use the same pipe name to communicate...
2011-08-17 Frank Lifix tortoisegitblame build error cause by upgrade register
2011-08-17 Frank LiFix tortoisemerge build error cause by register upgrade
2011-08-17 Frank LiFix TortoiseIDiff build error and upgrade to 21831
2011-08-17 Frank LiFix TortoiseProc build error cause by CRegXXXX
2011-08-17 Frank LiReplace CRegStdWORD with CRegStdDWORD
2011-08-17 Frank LiUpdate Registry.cpp to SVN 20830
2011-08-16 Sven Strickrothdrop old TortoiseSVN drupal modules
2011-08-16 Frank LiFix potential problem at CheckFor update
2011-08-15 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #852. Incorrect current version string...
2011-08-15 Sven Strickrothfixed typos