2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothupdated changelogREL_1.7.4.0_EXTERNAL
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothprovide error mesasges the to user
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothforce "remove" added files on revert
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothenable RandomizedBaseAddress for zlib
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothscroll to a selected revision if called from "Browse...
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothscroll to specified endrev revision if endrev parameter...
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothscroll log to current revision if not requested differently
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothfixed "diff to base" on amend
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothdrop some tsvn specific stuff from contrib
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothlibgit2 requires zlib
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothfixed x64 debug intermediate directory of libgit2
2011-10-09 Sven Strickroth_LIB define is not needed for libgit2 any more
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothfixed broken x64 version of libgit2 0.15.0
2011-10-09 Sven Strickrothfixed intermediate directory for tgitcache
2011-10-07 Frank LiAdd gpl license to gitdll
2011-10-06 Sven StrickrothFixed issue 924: Stash-Save does not show up in the...
2011-10-06 Sven Strickrothdrop useless readme file
2011-10-06 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #922: Settings / Git / Config / Edit global...
2011-10-06 Sven Strickrothdisable ok button if there is no local branch
2011-10-06 Sven Strickrothguess correct branch for push on log dialog
2011-10-06 Sven Strickrothallow to preselect local branch on push dialog
2011-10-06 Sven StrickrothFixed issue 923: Code spelling fix: function ReadTreeRe...
2011-10-06 Sven Strickrothshow "create branch" for remote branches
2011-10-06 Sven Strickrothshow tree node options only on tree nodes
2011-10-06 Sven StrickrothAllow to "Update submodules" after pull
2011-10-06 Sven StrickrothAllow to "Update submodules" after hard reset
2011-10-06 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'upgrade-libgit2'
2011-10-06 Sven Strickrothupgrade libgit2 to 0.15.0
2011-10-05 Sven StrickrothAdded "Show Log" to TortoiseGitBlame in order to see...
2011-10-05 Sven Strickrothadded show log to tortoisegitblame revision contextmenu
2011-10-05 Sven Strickrothadded show log to tortoisegitblame log
2011-10-05 Sven Strickrothadded /rev parameter to log command and automatically...
2011-10-05 Sven Strickrothdo not list "(no branch)" as branch
2011-10-05 Sven Strickrothconvert tabs to spaces in resource file
2011-10-05 Sven Strickrothalso scroll to selected revision
2011-10-03 Sven Strickrothrenamed GIT_SUCCESS to TGIT_GIT_SUCCESS to avoid name...
2011-10-03 Sven Strickrothcorrectly clear the menu on RemoveAll
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothfixed possible empty path in LogDlg title
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothfixed window title for FileDiffDlg
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothsynced TreePropSheet with TortoiseSVN
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdo not show drop down arrow if menu only contains one...
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothallow do open commit dialog on merge w/o commit
2011-10-02 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'drop-w2k-support'
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothremove the XPTheme wrapper class since we now require...
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothmake CMenuButton a wrapper for CMFCMenuButton with...
2011-10-02 Sven StrickrothUse the SysInfo class instead of using GetVersionEx...
2011-10-02 Sven StrickrothRemove context menu handling for Win2k
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothset windows installer version to 301
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothno need to check for IE5
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothno need to check for gdi+ any more
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothrequire at least Windows XP SP3
2011-10-02 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'update-scintilla'
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdo not build TortoiseProcLang with Debug
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothfix compiling in debug mode
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothapplied backgroundcolors.patch
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothmake scilexer compile again
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothrescued ScintillaLexer.vcproj from scintilla/vcbuild...
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothupdated Scintilla to 2.29
2011-10-02 Sven StrickrothAdd an UI to enable/disable specific overlay handlers.
2011-10-02 Sven StrickrothInitialize member variables in the constructor.
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothtry to guess branch name on merge from log dialog
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothwrite "parent N" instead of "N parent"
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothfixed missing importpatchesbackground icon in project...
2011-10-02 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'drop-old-stuff'
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop revisiondlg
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop mergewizards
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop merge stuff from SVNProgressDlg
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop commit from svnprogressdlg
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdropped unused icon ressources
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop relocate
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop delunversioned
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop urldiff
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop lock/unlock
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop mergeall
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop import
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop gooffline
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop logcache
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop revisiongraph
2011-10-02 Sven Strickrothdrop update
2011-10-01 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'context-menu'
2011-10-01 Sven Strickrothcorrectly show example filenames on overlay icons setti...
2011-10-01 Sven Strickrothdrop createpatch
2011-10-01 Sven Strickrothdrop repositorybrowser
2011-10-01 Sven Strickrothdrop checkout
2011-10-01 Sven Strickrothdrop "drop export"
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothcleanup project file
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothdrop useless readme file
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothsimplify the revert entry
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothcleanup
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothdo not allow newly files to be renamed
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict stash pop and apply to folders
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict "stash save" to modified files and directories
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict reflog actions to directories
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict rebasing to directories
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict sync to directories
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict push to directories
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict fetch to directories
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict pull to directories
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothalso show "review patches" on all files with shift...
2011-09-30 Sven Strickrothrestrict "review patches" menu entry to patches