2012-06-03 Sven Strickrothprepared release of TortosieGit 1.7.10REL_1.7.10.0_EXTERNAL
2012-06-03 Sven Strickrothadded hint for squashing
2012-06-03 Sven Strickrothpulled from Transifex
2012-06-03 Sven Strickrothfixed c&p error
2012-06-03 Sven Strickrothmake more space for translations in dialogs
2012-06-02 Sven Strickrothupdated git doc
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothmake some more strings translatable
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothdoc: added image for context menu of a bare repository
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothdoc: improved reflog doc
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothdoc: fixed internal link
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothdoc: added repobrowser
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothdoc: updated images
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothdocs: better explain differences between git and other VCS
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothmention which overlay icons are not used by TortoiseGit
2012-06-01 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'scintilla-update'
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothapplied backgroundcolors.patch
2012-06-01 Sven Strickrothupgraded to scintilla 3.2.0
2012-05-30 Sven Strickrothfixed svn specific stuff
2012-05-29 Sven Strickrothfixed typo
2012-05-29 Sven Strickrothupdated Tortoise.pot
2012-05-29 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: added Blame to context menu
2012-05-29 Sven Strickrothupdated copyright
2012-05-29 Sven StrickrothTortoiseGitBlame: allow users to blame files which...
2012-05-29 Sven StrickrothTortoiseGitBlame: Added a warning message that one...
2012-05-29 Sven StrickrothTortoiseGitBlame: fix possible crash on invalid revision
2012-05-29 Sven StrickrothTortoiseGitBlame: disable File New
2012-05-29 Sven Strickrothfixed possible crash in TortoiseGitBlame
2012-05-29 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1199: TortoiseGitBlame shows wrong revisio...
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'follow-rename'
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothLogDialog: hide graph column when follow renames is...
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothLogDialog: fixed diffing of revision (with renamed...
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothLogDialog: initial changes to follow renames
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothfixed hard coded string -> moved to resources
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothfixed c&p error
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothadded more overlay handler infos
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothresource improvements
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothadjust checkbox label sizes dynamically
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothallow user to choose which file to diff if a file does...
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothrestore CWD after showing open/save-dialog
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: do not move divider on click in empty...
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothupdated Tortoise.pot
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothLogDialog: better icon for "show branches"
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1169: Show Branch for Commits
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothGitProgressDlg: correctly initialize libgit2
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothGit Progress Dialog reported failure on taskbar even...
2012-05-28 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #719: TortoiseGit is ignoring Global exclud...
2012-05-28 Sven Strickrothprevent double closing of handles
2012-05-27 Sven Strickrothdrop unneeded method
2012-05-27 Sven Strickrothrefactored ignore file checking
2012-05-27 Sven Strickrothcorrectly release buffers
2012-05-27 Sven Strickrothcorrectly revert files which are marked as deleted...
2012-05-26 Sven Strickrothrefactored ignore-file loading code
2012-05-26 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1152: Log-Dialog constantly crashes when...
2012-05-26 Sven StrickrothTGitCache: optimized for libgit2
2012-05-26 Sven Strickrothupdated Tortoise.pot
2012-05-26 Sven Strickrothupgraded libgit2 to version 0.17.0
2012-05-26 Sven Strickrothprepare language-pack for es_ES
2012-05-26 Sven Strickrothpulled latest translations from Transifex
2012-05-25 Sven Strickrothoptimized some strings
2012-05-25 Sven Strickrothfixed name clash
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'repobrowser'
2012-05-25 Sven Strickrothcorrectly handle errors on reverting files
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: allow to revert selected files
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: allow to compare files with working tree
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: show selected path
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: Added context menu to the tree view
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: Allow to open files
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothGetFullName() must not return paths starting with a...
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: added background image
2012-05-25 Sven Strickrothdropped not needed repo icons
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepobrowser: allow to save files
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothAdded "Copy Paths" to contextmenu
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: added Extension column
2012-05-25 Sven Strickrothmake file list read only
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothCommitDlg: "Sign" -> "Add Signed-off-by"
2012-05-25 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1197: Create branch: Alt+S doesn't mark...
2012-05-24 Sven Strickrothmake double click for folders in list work
2012-05-24 Sven Strickrothallow to sort columns
2012-05-24 Sven Strickrothudated changelog
2012-05-24 Sven Strickrothdropped unused string resources
2012-05-24 Sven Strickrothmoved missing string to resource
2012-05-24 Sven Strickrothhighlight moved files in LogDlg correctly
2012-05-23 Sven StrickrothRepobrowser: Added movable divider
2012-05-22 Sven Strickrothadded repository browser to log dialog and tortoisegitb...
2012-05-22 Sven Strickrothadded repobrowser to shell contextmenu
2012-05-22 Sven StrickrothRepoBrowser: allow to specify which revision to use...
2012-05-22 Sven Strickrothadded button to choose revision
2012-05-22 Sven Strickrothadded basic version of repository browser
2012-05-22 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1195: Problems with tags containing non...
2012-05-21 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'master'
2012-05-21 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1193: Not properly handling submodule...
2012-05-21 Sven Strickrothupdated changelog
2012-05-20 Sven Strickrothmoved some more strings to resources
2012-05-20 Sven StrickrothShow the diff menu entry for non-working copies too...
2012-05-20 Sven Strickrothdrop accidentally committed test file
2012-05-20 Sven Strickrothfixed missing newline
2012-05-20 Sven Strickrothcleanup .gitignore
2012-05-20 Sven Strickrothgitdll: adjusted output directory
2012-05-20 Sven Strickrothmoved some more strings to resources
2012-05-19 Sven StrickrothGit-Settings-Dialog did not close properly (after corre...