8 hours ago Sven StrickrothCorrectly display "Ignored" status on Check for Modific... master
12 hours ago Sven StrickrothDo not regenerate checkNewerWeekDay on every upgrade
13 hours ago Sven StrickrothAdd notes about missing or partly missing overlay icons
14 hours ago Sven StrickrothAllow to compare arbitrary files across commits in...
15 hours ago Sven StrickrothRevert "Make sure rebase is never executed on CLI on...
16 hours ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2031: Missing option to disable displaying...
17 hours ago Sven StrickrothBrowseRefsDlg: Sync extended style settings with other...
17 hours ago Sven StrickrothAdd tests for reading/writing config
17 hours ago Sven StrickrothTGitCache: Reset m_mostRecentPath cache if we issue...
18 hours ago Sven StrickrothTGitCache: Clear subdirectory status cache only if...
22 hours ago Sven StrickrothUpdate docs
23 hours ago Sven StrickrothRefactor BrowseRefsDlg logic and added tests
26 hours ago Sven StrickrothParse time in BrowseRefsDlg ourselves
40 hours ago Sven StrickrothFix possible crashes in settings
43 hours ago Sven StrickrothOptimize regexp
47 hours ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2449: wrong column info in tag reference...
6 days ago Sven StrickrothImprove snipped doc
6 days ago Yue Lin HoMake consistency with TortoiseMergeENG.rc
7 days ago Sven StrickrothAdd test for GetOneFile
7 days ago Sven StrickrothSynced with TortoiseSVN
8 days ago Sven StrickrothRefactor CEnvironment and add tests
9 days ago Sven StrickrothStick to Windows style guides for naming menu entries
9 days ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2466: TortoiseGitUDiff tool cannot be...
9 days ago Sven StrickrothDrop unused files and gettext translations stuff
9 days ago Sven StrickrothFix a regression: Libgit2 changed to way to read string...
10 days ago Sven StrickrothMove the tooltip handling to the base classes
10 days ago Sven StrickrothAdd missing files to project
11 days ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2431: Add fails in submodule after upgrade...
11 days ago Sven StrickrothOnly store old filename if it differs from current one
11 days ago Sven StrickrothMove GetRefLog into GitRevLoglist and add tests
11 days ago Sven StrickrothDeduplicate code
11 days ago Sven StrickrothAdded GPL header
11 days ago Sven StrickrothIncludes cleanup
11 days ago Sup Yut SumAdjust button size
12 days ago Sup Yut SumCan set/unset submodule assume unchanged / skip worktree
12 days ago Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'gitrev'
12 days ago Sven StrickrothAdd tests against GitRev and GitRevLoglist
12 days ago Sven StrickrothSmall performance optimization
12 days ago Sven StrickrothAllow to use libgit2 for GitRev and GitRevLoglist
13 days ago Sven StrickrothCode cleanup
13 days ago Sven StrickrothImprove error handling in GitRev
13 days ago Sven StrickrothSplit GitRev into GitRev and GitRevLoglist
13 days ago Sven StrickrothDo a cleanup before we give out a reference to the...
2015-03-15 Sven StrickrothAdd some more commits (with ascii files) to test repo...
2015-03-15 Sven StrickrothFix possible endless loop
2015-03-15 Sven StrickrothImprove and add further tests against bare test repo
2015-03-15 Sven StrickrothMove Git fixtures to a shared header file
2015-03-14 Sven StrickrothDrop unused parameter
2015-03-14 Sven StrickrothInitialize all members
2015-03-13 Sven StrickrothReformat author information in about dialog and add...
2015-03-13 Sven StrickrothQuestion mark loading icon might get over drawn
2015-03-13 Sven Strickrothgit_remote_free automatically disconnects if still...
2015-03-11 Sven StrickrothCircumvent SSL problems on AppVeyor
2015-03-10 Sven StrickrothFix verification of signatures in rare cases where...
2015-03-10 Sven StrickrothBail out on error conditions
2015-03-10 Sup Yut SumFixed issue #2455: "Diff with ..." menu cannot be localized
2015-03-10 Sup Yut SumDeduplicate code to read .git file
2015-03-10 Sup Yut SumAdd more test cases to GitAdminDir::GetAdminDirPath
2015-03-09 Sup Yut SumFixed issue #2453: The overlay icon of commited files...
2015-03-07 Yue Lin HoBetter description for Extend Menu
2015-03-06 Sven StrickrothUse libgit2 for checking for conflicts
2015-03-06 Sven StrickrothUse https URL for Google Test repository
2015-03-06 Sven StrickrothUse our own git repository for pcre as the one on gitor...
2015-03-06 Sven StrickrothAdd more tests against CGit
2015-03-06 Sven StrickrothAdd appveyor.yml configuration file
2015-03-06 Sven StrickrothUpdate TortoiseGitPlink to 0.64
2015-03-04 Sven StrickrothMake cleaning up directories which contain files work
2015-03-04 Yue Lin HoUse libgit2 to check clean working tree
2015-03-04 Yue Lin HoImprove tests: Test for libgit2_all, libgit2 and git_cl...
2015-03-01 Sup Yut SumFix broken gtest and UnitTests on VS2012
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2441: A way to disable the sound that...
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothDrop CGitByteArray::findData
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothIntroduce guarded version of CGitByteArray
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothInclude explorer context menu in GitStatusList
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothInitialize all members
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothDrop unused includes
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothAdd tests for CGitByteArray
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothReturn 0 on success and -1 otherwise
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothImprove bound checks
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothDrop unused code and constants
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'tests'
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothDrop LOGACTIONS_CACHE
2015-02-28 Sven StrickrothAdd more tests
2015-02-27 Sven StrickrothPrepare for tests using libgit2
2015-02-27 Sven StrickrothAdded some TortoiseGit specific tests for TGitPath
2015-02-27 Sven StrickrothMigrate some tests
2015-02-27 Sven StrickrothAdd unit tests based on GoogleTest
2015-02-27 Sven StrickrothTGitBlame: Implement search forward (F3) and search...
2015-02-26 Yue Lin HoMake constructor/destructor of AppUtils class private
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothUse CUnicodeUtils::GetUnicode instead of CGit::StringAp...
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'gitadmindir'
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothIntroduce GitAdminDir::IsWorkingTreeOrBareRepo
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothDo not use GitAdminDir objects
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothGitAdminDir: Don't check for \\COMPUTERNAME\.git
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothGetSuperProjectRoot: Only honor the direct parent repos...
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothDrop useless double initialization
2015-02-25 Sven StrickrothDrop only once used member
2015-02-24 Sup Yut SumMerge branch 'commit-submodule'
2015-02-24 Sup Yut SumFix "commit submodule" not localized
2015-02-24 Sup Yut SumFix redundant text before "commit submodule"