2 hours ago Sven StrickrothCorrectly set text color on annotated commitsmaster
2 days ago Sven StrickrothCheck file size before checking content
2 days ago Sup Yut SumDrop unused variable
2 days ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2327: Help button is broken in "SVN Commit...
3 days ago Sup Yut SumOptimize log context menu order
4 days ago Sup Yut SumMinor refactoring
5 days ago Sven StrickrothRight align numbers
5 days ago Sven StrickrothAdjust checkbox and radio control widths to required...
5 days ago Sup Yut SumFix Rebase Dialog Upstream ComboBox had wrong initial...
6 days ago Sven StrickrothUse "Check certificate" dialog also for SMTP sessions
6 days ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2294: Submodule Update dialog doesn't...
6 days ago Sven StrickrothFix warnings
6 days ago Sven StrickrothOptimize control widths
6 days ago Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'git-describe'
6 days ago Sup Yut SumCan set describe options
6 days ago Sup Yut SumImplement git describe in Log Dialog
6 days ago Sup Yut Sumgit fetch show progress
6 days ago Sup Yut SumDo not leave too many space chars in git pull command...
6 days ago Sven StrickrothFix c&p error in error message
7 days ago Sven StrickrothAllow repairing from the control panel
8 days ago Sup Yut SumCheckout add post action commit
8 days ago Sven StrickrothDon't hard-code git hash size
9 days ago Sup Yut SumFix broken build of DoctorDump.cpp in VS2012
9 days ago Sven StrickrothNo need to check for nullptr on free
10 days ago Sup Yut SumFixed issue #2323: TortoiseGit does not pull --tags...
11 days ago Sup Yut SumDrop unused code
11 days ago Sven StrickrothReset: Show progress and handled files when used with...
11 days ago Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'libgit2-certcheck'
11 days ago Sven StrickrothAdd certificate check dialog for unknown/self-signed...
11 days ago Sven StrickrothUpdate libgit2
12 days ago Sup Yut SumRefresh find dialog ref list when reloading log list...
2014-10-09 Sup Yut SumUpdated libgit2
2014-10-09 Sup Yut SumAdd case-sensitivity option to log dialog filter
2014-10-08 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'log-dlg-selection-history'
2014-10-08 Sven StrickrothDocument navigation through the selection history
2014-10-08 Sup Yut SumMake non-regex search the default
2014-10-08 Yue Lin HoPrevent possible endless going back
2014-10-08 David EllsworthBind mouse back/forward buttons for navigating the...
2014-10-08 Sven StrickrothAdd jump to w/o selecting a commit to find dialog
2014-10-08 Sven StrickrothIntroduce ALT+SHIFT for navigating the history w/o...
2014-10-07 Sup Yut SumDo not say Filter by Bug-IDs if bug ID for project...
2014-10-07 Sven StrickrothFix typo in changelog
2014-10-07 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'scintilla-3.5.1'
2014-10-07 Sup Yut SumApplied unicodefont.patch
2014-10-07 Sven StrickrothAdjusted and applied backgroundcolors.patch
2014-10-07 Sven StrickrothUpdate Scintilla to version 3.5.1
2014-10-06 Yue Lin HoAdd hotkeys for commit jump up/down
2014-10-06 Sven StrickrothDrop useless check: location is unsigned and, thus...
2014-10-06 Sup Yut SumFix possible crash
2014-10-05 Sven StrickrothDrop pre- and post-build events
2014-10-05 Sup Yut SumDrop unneeded include
2014-10-05 Sup Yut SumNo need to beep after displaying Commit Not Visible...
2014-10-05 Sup Yut SumFix hash not correctly displayed in Commit Not Visible...
2014-10-05 Sup Yut SumUnify code that does Navigate Back / Forward
2014-10-05 Sven StrickrothFor old releases only upload mini dumps w/o memory
2014-10-05 Sven StrickrothPrevent possible remote code download and execution
2014-10-05 Sven StrickrothFix prefix which is ignored
2014-10-05 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'selection-navigation'
2014-10-05 Yue Lin HoNavigate selection history via log jump up/down button
2014-10-05 Yue Lin HoFixed issue #1928: Hotkeys in "Show log" dialog for...
2014-10-05 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'pull-rebase'
2014-10-05 Yue Lin HoSupport branch.<name>.rebase and pull.rebase
2014-10-05 Yue Lin HoFixed issue #874: Add --rebase option to pull dialog
2014-10-05 Yue Lin HoRe-use CAppUtils::RebaseAfterFetch() in Sync dialog
2014-10-05 Sup Yut SumAdd UTF-8 BOM
2014-10-04 Sup Yut SumFix "Pulled Log" broken in SVN Fetch
2014-10-03 Sven StrickrothAllow to cancel cloning when using libgit2
2014-10-03 Sven StrickrothBlock working tree while cloning when using libgit2
2014-10-03 Sven StrickrothFix reading multiline entries from the ini file on...
2014-10-03 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'drdump'
2014-10-03 Sven StrickrothMake it compile with older SDKs
2014-10-03 Sven StrickrothSync DrDump crash handler with TortoiseSVN codebase
2014-10-03 Sven StrickrothOptimize length check
2014-10-03 Sup Yut SumDo not use static CComboBox variable
2014-10-02 Sven StrickrothDrop "configure system sounds" button from settings...
2014-10-02 Sven StrickrothAdded Windows 10 GUID to compatibility.manifest.xml
2014-10-02 Sup Yut SumInstaller: Set initial focus to Next/Install/Finish...
2014-10-01 Sup Yut SumFix broken build since 9c74b645d02e90716b49f01c77dd4332...
2014-10-01 Sup Yut SumAdd CacheSave to Advanced Settings
2014-10-01 Sup Yut SumCan disable TGitCache to load/save cache to disk
2014-10-01 Sup Yut SumCall git_threads_shutdown() after freeing all global...
2014-10-01 Sup Yut SumMark g_IndexFileMap extern
2014-10-01 Sup Yut SumRemove GitStatus::GetStatusString(), load strings directly
2014-09-30 Sven StrickrothDoc: Add a tip for how to use command line parameters...
2014-09-30 Sven StrickrothDrop configdir parameter from docs
2014-09-29 Sven StrickrothFix handling of multiline ini files
2014-09-28 Yue Lin HoUse .gitattributes to prevent pot header EOL issue
2014-09-28 Sven StrickrothAllow to clean up paths starting with "-"
2014-09-28 Sven StrickrothRefactored
2014-09-28 Sven StrickrothFixed issue 2313: [Clean to recycle bin] after Clean...
2014-09-28 Carsten BreuerAdd "Clean Up" and "Submodule Update" to context menu...
2014-09-27 Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'project-cleanup'
2014-09-27 Sven StrickrothUse secure CRT functions
2014-09-26 Sven StrickrothOptimize titles for putty tools in start menu
2014-09-26 Sven StrickrothMake sure the stdafx.h of the current project is included
2014-09-26 Sven StrickrothAdd missing header files
2014-09-26 Sven StrickrothMake filter structure the same across the projects
2014-09-26 Sven StrickrothDrop Git project
2014-09-26 Sven StrickrothMore project cleanup
2014-09-26 Sven StrickrothDrop Utils project