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last changeSun, 31 Aug 2014 14:11:36 +0000
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30 hours ago Sup Yut SumReverse commit ahead / behind after updating libgit2master
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'libgit2-plink'
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothRefactored: Deduplicate code for searching files in...
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothSearch ssh executable on the PATH configured in TortoiseGit
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothAlso support ssh.exe which needs the DETACHED_PROCESS...
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothUse GIT_SSH tool configured in TortoiseGit and pass...
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothCopy&paste url parser from libgit2 code
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothUpdate libgit2
32 hours ago Sven StrickrothAdd plink support to libgit2
2 days ago Sup Yut SumAdd icon for fetch post action reset
3 days ago Sup Yut SumDo not attempt to load language DLL if its version...
3 days ago Sven StrickrothDo not warn on an unclean work tree when squashing...
3 days ago Sven StrickrothUse libgit2 with threads
4 days ago Sup Yut SumAdd some trace log when startup TortoiseGitProc
5 days ago Sup Yut SumFixed issue #2272: Export Dialog auto select tag if...
6 days ago Sven StrickrothHandle gitdll exceptions
10 days ago REL_1.8.11.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 weeks ago REL_1.8.10.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 months ago REL_1.8.9.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
5 months ago REL_1.8.8.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
7 months ago REL_1.8.7.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
10 months ago REL_1.8.6.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
12 months ago REL_1.8.5.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
13 months ago REL_1.8.4.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
15 months ago REL_1.8.3.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
17 months ago REL_1.8.2.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
18 months ago REL_1.8.1.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
19 months ago REL_1.8.0.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
21 months ago REL_1.7.15.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
22 months ago REL_1.7.14.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
23 months ago REL_1.7.13.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.7.12.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
30 hours ago master
10 days ago drop-utils
2 months ago extend_hooks
3 months ago keep-repo-instance