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13 hours ago Sven StrickrothCorrectly set text color on annotated commitsmaster
41 hours ago Sven StrickrothCheck file size before checking content
42 hours ago Sup Yut SumDrop unused variable
42 hours ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2327: Help button is broken in "SVN Commit...
2 days ago Sup Yut SumOptimize log context menu order
4 days ago Sup Yut SumMinor refactoring
4 days ago Sven StrickrothRight align numbers
4 days ago Sven StrickrothAdjust checkbox and radio control widths to required...
4 days ago Sup Yut SumFix Rebase Dialog Upstream ComboBox had wrong initial...
5 days ago Sven StrickrothUse "Check certificate" dialog also for SMTP sessions
5 days ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2294: Submodule Update dialog doesn't...
5 days ago Sven StrickrothFix warnings
5 days ago Sven StrickrothOptimize control widths
5 days ago Sven StrickrothMerge branch 'git-describe'
5 days ago Sup Yut SumCan set describe options
5 days ago Sup Yut SumImplement git describe in Log Dialog
2 months ago REL_1.8.11.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 months ago REL_1.8.10.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
4 months ago REL_1.8.9.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
6 months ago REL_1.8.8.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
9 months ago REL_1.8.7.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
12 months ago REL_1.8.6.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
14 months ago REL_1.8.5.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
15 months ago REL_1.8.4.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
17 months ago REL_1.8.3.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
18 months ago REL_1.8.2.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
20 months ago REL_1.8.1.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
20 months ago REL_1.8.0.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
23 months ago REL_1.7.15.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.7.14.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.7.13.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.7.12.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
13 hours ago master
4 months ago extend_hooks
5 months ago keep-repo-instance