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TortoiseGit - The coolest Interface to Git Version Control

TortoiseGit is a Windows Shell Interface to Git and based on TortoiseSVN. It's open source and can fully be build with freely available software.

TortoiseGit supports you by regular tasks, such as committing, showing logs, diffing two versions, creating branches and tags, creating patches and so on (see our Screenshots or documentation).


The latest release and language packs are available on the download page. There you also find the system requirements and latest release notes.

The TortoiseGit team also provides preview releases on an irregular basis. These versions are used by the TortoiseGit developers and are built from the latest code that represents the cutting edge of the TortoiseGit development.

What to do if things go wrong or a crash happened?

Before reporting an issue, please search whether a similar issue already exists and check that your problem isn't fixed in our latest preview release.

An important aspect of reporting issues it to have a reproducible way for the issue and also to mention your exact version of your operating system, the version of Git and the version of TortoiseGit (this information can be found on the TortoiseGit about dialog).

TortoiseGit includes a crash reporter (if not disabled on installation), which automatically uploads crash dumps to, where the TortoiseGit team can review them. If you have a reproducible way, please also file an issue and link the crash report.

We have a special page describing steps for debugging, where the majority of ways does not require to build TortoiseGit on your own.

How Can I Contribute?

You're welcome to contribute to this project! There are several aspects you can help on:

Any help is appreciated!

Feel free to report issues and open merge requests.

Please also check the contribution guidelines to understand our workflow.

How to build

Building TortoiseGit normally is not necessary, however, it is easy. All necessary requirements and steps are described in the build.txt file. Helpful might also be our short description in the architecture.txt file.


TortoiseGit is licensed under the GPLv2.

13 hours ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #1899: Support cherry-picking merge revisionsmasterorigin/master
16 hours ago Jiří EngelthalerDon't send BN_CLICKED message to potentially disabled...
18 hours ago Sven StrickrothFixed issue #2701: Add and Revert should respect Autocl...
4 days ago Sven StrickrothRebaseDlg with preserve merges: Correctly handle conflicts
4 days ago Sven StrickrothInitialize member
6 days ago Sup Yut SumCleanup index.lock after running libgit update-index
6 days ago Sven StrickrothMinor code cleanup
6 days ago Sven StrickrothFix possible problems with "intend to add" staged files
7 days ago Sven StrickrothWait and terminate background thread before destructing...
7 days ago Sven StrickrothSome cleanup
7 days ago Sven StrickrothPrevent shared writes to our cache files
7 days ago Sven StrickrothAdd some more sanity checks
7 days ago Sven StrickrothReset revision object in case of error
7 days ago Sven StrickrothNo need to reset "new" path
7 days ago Sven StrickrothUpdate file list when commit was loaded from cache
7 days ago Sven StrickrothNo need to check if a variable is true we just set
3 months ago REL_1.8.16.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
6 months ago REL_1.8.15.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
10 months ago REL_1.8.14.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
11 months ago REL_1.8.13.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
14 months ago REL_1.8.12.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
17 months ago REL_1.8.11.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
18 months ago REL_1.8.10.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
20 months ago REL_1.8.9.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
22 months ago REL_1.8.8.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.8.7.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.8.6.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.8.5.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.8.4.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.8.3.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
2 years ago REL_1.8.2.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
3 years ago REL_1.8.1.0_EXTERNAL Released TortoiseGit
3 hours ago typesafety
11 hours ago rebase-insert-new
13 hours ago master
13 hours ago rebase-i-fix
18 hours ago installer
2 days ago puttykey
5 days ago bisect-terms
8 days ago casefilename
4 weeks ago fix_XDG
7 weeks ago re-init-cgit
3 months ago worktree
4 months ago libgit-2.6.0
4 months ago extend_hooks
10 months ago tests
20 months ago keep-repo-instance