8 days ago H.Merijn Brand... I give up on Firebirdmaster
10 days ago H.Merijn Brand... The syntax is too "different" to consider integration
10 days ago H.Merijn Brand... Show the intent to look at Postgres' hstore
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Docs for Encoding
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Bindata tests met pack en encoded UTF-8
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... spelling ok-ness
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... where 0 = 1 makes a noticeable difference on large...
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Hoesekeeping
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Test binary data
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Support other TYPE's from tie
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... SQLite does not like begin_work with trh => 1
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Shorten connect failures on Windows0.13
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... More portability tests
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Move pod tests to xt
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Doc nits
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Test array with deep data on a separate tie
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Better just return the value than ignoring it completely
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Mention DBM::Deep
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Require perl-5.8.3
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Be explicit about nesting not working as DWIM as expected
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Deep changes do not work (yet)!
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Rename test files also for dist
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Skip RV in SQLite on Windows if not matching
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Skip slow Firebird bulk tests for now
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Do not use getpwuid on Windows
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Simplify startup-fail and shorten Firebird connect...
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Rename test file for Tie::Array::DBD
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Pg error spreads more than one line0.12
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Shorten connect fail message for Pg
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... double saved file
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Prepare for 0.12
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Show driver versions in test
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Also spellcheck with ispell
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Skip RV in SQLite stream test on Win32
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Skip Firebird tests until it can be reliably tested
2014-04-29 H.Merijn Brand... Prevent divide by zero fail
2014-04-29 H.Merijn Brand... 0.110.11
2014-04-29 H.Merijn Brand... pod error
2014-04-11 H.Merijn Brand... fix NAME section in pod
2014-04-11 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2014-04-11 H.Merijn Brand... Support Firebird - experimental
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Up copyright to 2014
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... Ref Tie::Array::DBD in Tie::Hash::DBD docs
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... Up copyright to 2013
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... perl5i incorrectly detects indirect object call
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... No XS, so no valgrind test needed
2013-06-09 H.Merijn Brand... Also test CODE *_File speeds
2013-06-09 H.Merijn Brand... perl-5.18.0 has been released. lets test more recent
2013-04-14 H.Merijn Brand... The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4...
2013-02-14 H.Merijn Brand... Update META checker
2012-05-20 H.Merijn Brandmeta-spec in json is an integer
2012-01-11 H.Merijn BrandUp copyright to 2012
2011-09-08 H.Merijn BrandMake all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandNAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PL0.10
2011-09-07 H.Merijn Brandignore speedcheck intermediate files0.09
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMake minimal version checks subtests
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMore perls to test with
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandAdd Redis speed check with undef encoding
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMore cross-checks for META data
2011-01-25 H.Merijn BrandIt is 2011 now
2011-01-25 H.Merijn BrandTests for transaction setting (Karl Gaissmaier)0.08
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandUpdate versions to most recent
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandAdd CDB_File speed comparison
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandAdd transaction support (Tie::Hash::DBD only for now)
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandDoc fix
2010-10-19 H.Merijn BrandAlso mention Redis::Hash and compare speed using it
2010-10-05 H.Merijn BrandUse Storable's nfreeze () instead of freeze ()
2010-09-06 H.Merijn BrandRelease 0.070.07
2010-09-06 H.Merijn BrandA bit more docs
2010-09-06 H.Merijn Brandnumeric primary keys not null
2010-09-06 H.Merijn BrandMove key updater to object, prefer ranges over select...
2010-09-05 H.Merijn BrandFinish SPLICE for Tie::Array::DBD
2010-08-20 H.Merijn Brandsyntax errors in below 5.11.0 crash the test :(
2010-08-20 H.Merijn Brandkeys @array; and values @array; where legal as of 5...
2010-08-20 H.Merijn Brandbulk tests for ::Array
2010-08-20 H.Merijn BrandTest Tie::Array::DBD for the other DBD's
2010-08-20 H.Merijn BrandStart implementation of Tie::Array::DBD
2010-08-20 H.Merijn BrandCheck every stored value after storing it
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandThe SCALAR method *is* private for TIEHASH0.06
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandCPANTESTERS++
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandDeclare what I provide
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandDon't use arbitrary limits, but stop when too slow
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandShorten skip messages for failing DBD's
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandDo spell checking before dist0.05
2010-08-10 H.Merijn Brandspelling
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandUnify can't load with PERL_DL_NONLAZY
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandMake Unify work - documentation
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandUnify works!
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandUnify != Oracle
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandTry to add Unify
2010-08-09 H.Merijn Brand<ore speed!
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandMore speed comparison0.04
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandAdd timing to bulk tests
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandOracle should not have AutoCommit in new concept
2010-08-09 H.Merijn Brandtypo in Oracle dsn
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandImplement and test persistence
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandDocumentation
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandRaise Oracle BLOB read length
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandDeclare Storable as requirement