2014-10-27 H.Merijn Brand... For DBD::CSV we want to see more versionsmaster
2014-10-27 H.Merijn Brand... Disable utf-8 for CSV with persistency
2014-08-13 H.Merijn Brand... I give up on Firebird
2014-08-11 H.Merijn Brand... The syntax is too "different" to consider integration
2014-08-11 H.Merijn Brand... Show the intent to look at Postgres' hstore
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Docs for Encoding
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Bindata tests met pack en encoded UTF-8
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... spelling ok-ness
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... where 0 = 1 makes a noticeable difference on large...
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Hoesekeeping
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Test binary data
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... Support other TYPE's from tie
2014-06-04 H.Merijn Brand... SQLite does not like begin_work with trh => 1
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Shorten connect failures on Windows0.13
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... More portability tests
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Move pod tests to xt
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Doc nits
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Test array with deep data on a separate tie
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Better just return the value than ignoring it completely
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Mention DBM::Deep
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Require perl-5.8.3
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Be explicit about nesting not working as DWIM as expected
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Deep changes do not work (yet)!
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Rename test files also for dist
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Skip RV in SQLite on Windows if not matching
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Skip slow Firebird bulk tests for now
2014-05-02 H.Merijn Brand... Do not use getpwuid on Windows
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Simplify startup-fail and shorten Firebird connect...
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Rename test file for Tie::Array::DBD
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Pg error spreads more than one line0.12
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Shorten connect fail message for Pg
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... double saved file
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Prepare for 0.12
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Show driver versions in test
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Also spellcheck with ispell
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Skip RV in SQLite stream test on Win32
2014-04-30 H.Merijn Brand... Skip Firebird tests until it can be reliably tested
2014-04-29 H.Merijn Brand... Prevent divide by zero fail
2014-04-29 H.Merijn Brand... 0.110.11
2014-04-29 H.Merijn Brand... pod error
2014-04-11 H.Merijn Brand... fix NAME section in pod
2014-04-11 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2014-04-11 H.Merijn Brand... Support Firebird - experimental
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Up copyright to 2014
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... Ref Tie::Array::DBD in Tie::Hash::DBD docs
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... Up copyright to 2013
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... perl5i incorrectly detects indirect object call
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... No XS, so no valgrind test needed
2013-06-09 H.Merijn Brand... Also test CODE *_File speeds
2013-06-09 H.Merijn Brand... perl-5.18.0 has been released. lets test more recent
2013-04-14 H.Merijn Brand... The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4...
2013-02-14 H.Merijn Brand... Update META checker
2012-05-20 H.Merijn Brandmeta-spec in json is an integer
2012-01-11 H.Merijn BrandUp copyright to 2012
2011-09-08 H.Merijn BrandMake all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandNAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PL0.10
2011-09-07 H.Merijn Brandignore speedcheck intermediate files0.09
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMake minimal version checks subtests
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMore perls to test with
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandAdd Redis speed check with undef encoding
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMore cross-checks for META data
2011-01-25 H.Merijn BrandIt is 2011 now
2011-01-25 H.Merijn BrandTests for transaction setting (Karl Gaissmaier)0.08
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandUpdate versions to most recent
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandAdd CDB_File speed comparison
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandAdd transaction support (Tie::Hash::DBD only for now)
2011-01-24 H.Merijn BrandDoc fix
2010-10-19 H.Merijn BrandAlso mention Redis::Hash and compare speed using it
2010-10-05 H.Merijn BrandUse Storable's nfreeze () instead of freeze ()
2010-09-06 H.Merijn BrandRelease 0.070.07
2010-09-06 H.Merijn BrandA bit more docs
2010-09-06 H.Merijn Brandnumeric primary keys not null
2010-09-06 H.Merijn BrandMove key updater to object, prefer ranges over select...
2010-09-05 H.Merijn BrandFinish SPLICE for Tie::Array::DBD
2010-08-20 H.Merijn Brandsyntax errors in below 5.11.0 crash the test :(
2010-08-20 H.Merijn Brandkeys @array; and values @array; where legal as of 5...
2010-08-20 H.Merijn Brandbulk tests for ::Array
2010-08-20 H.Merijn BrandTest Tie::Array::DBD for the other DBD's
2010-08-20 H.Merijn BrandStart implementation of Tie::Array::DBD
2010-08-20 H.Merijn BrandCheck every stored value after storing it
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandThe SCALAR method *is* private for TIEHASH0.06
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandCPANTESTERS++
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandDeclare what I provide
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandDon't use arbitrary limits, but stop when too slow
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandShorten skip messages for failing DBD's
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandDo spell checking before dist0.05
2010-08-10 H.Merijn Brandspelling
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandUnify can't load with PERL_DL_NONLAZY
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandMake Unify work - documentation
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandUnify works!
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandUnify != Oracle
2010-08-10 H.Merijn BrandTry to add Unify
2010-08-09 H.Merijn Brand<ore speed!
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandMore speed comparison0.04
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandAdd timing to bulk tests
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandOracle should not have AutoCommit in new concept
2010-08-09 H.Merijn Brandtypo in Oracle dsn
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandImplement and test persistence
2010-08-09 H.Merijn BrandDocumentation