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This is an extensible ROX panel applet which displays CPU load and memory usage in the form of bars, taking up very little panel space. Currently only Linux is supported.
2010-01-17 Tony HoughtonUse PREFIX in install rule.master
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2010-01-15 Tony HoughtonAdded ITP bug number to debian/changelog.
2010-01-15 Tony HoughtonUse #!/usr/bin/python without env.
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2010-01-15 Tony HoughtonWorking on debianisation.
2010-01-15 Tony HoughtonVersion 0.1.3:
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2010-01-15 Tony HoughtonStarted Debianisation.
2010-01-02 Tony HoughtonVersion 0.1.2:
2010-01-02 Tony HoughtonVersion 0.1.2:
2010-01-01 Tony HoughtonUpdated 0install xml.
2010-01-01 Tony HoughtonVersion 0.1.1.
2009-12-29 Tony HoughtonStill trying in vain to read true panel size.
2009-12-29 Tony HoughtonImport g from gtk, not rox.
2009-12-28 Tony HoughtonUpdated 0install XML file date.
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