2014-05-21 H.Merijn Brand... Add ssdiff to examplesmaster
2014-04-23 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2014-04-23 H.Merijn Brand... Mention Spreadsheet::CSV in documentation
2014-04-04 H.Merijn Brand... New versions, plus testing upstream
2014-01-30 H.Merijn Brand... Release 0.54v0.54
2014-01-30 H.Merijn Brand... Minumum version for Text::CSV_PP is 1.17
2014-01-30 H.Merijn Brand... Actually *prefer* Data::Peek, but use Data::Dumper...
2014-01-30 H.Merijn Brand... Optional features required versions now builtin
2014-01-29 H.Merijn Brand... Prepare for releasev0.53
2014-01-29 H.Merijn Brand... Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX has been released
2014-01-23 H.Merijn Brand... Different return value for invisible part of merged...
2014-01-23 H.Merijn Brand... bad skip count for dates
2014-01-23 H.Merijn Brand... Better color conversion for xls and xlsx
2014-01-18 H.Merijn Brand... DateFormat "d-mmm" is correct in ParseXLSX (bug in...
2014-01-18 H.Merijn Brand... Extended date testing for ParseXLSX
2014-01-18 H.Merijn Brand... Spreadsheet::ParseExcel date format checks
2014-01-18 H.Merijn Brand... prepare support for Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX
2014-01-17 H.Merijn Brand... Prefer Data::Peek over Data::Dumper
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Updated copyright to 2014
2013-12-05 H.Merijn Brand... Release 0.52v0.52
2013-12-05 H.Merijn Brand... Store CSV parse error - if any - in $ss->[0]{error}
2013-11-06 H.Merijn Brand... added --color as alias for --ansi in xlscat
2013-10-30 H.Merijn Brand... Don't take xlsgrep in MANIFESTv0.51
2013-10-30 H.Merijn Brand... Distributions are not allowed to have linked files
2013-10-24 H.Merijn Brand... More prominent reference to xlscat in docsv0.50
2013-10-24 H.Merijn Brand... return 0 on requested help
2013-10-24 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2013-10-24 H.Merijn Brand... Allow -C B,D for xlscat
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... add xls_grep
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... iwr spreadsheet testing stuff
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... ws spreadsheet format testing stuff
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2013-06-24 H.Merijn Brand... A spreadsheet has rows, not lines
2013-05-27 H.Merijn Brand... Added xlsgrep to examples
2013-05-25 H.Merijn Brand... More perl versions to test underv0.49
2013-05-11 H.Merijn Brand... /dev/null cannot be used for tests on Windows
2013-05-11 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2013-04-14 H.Merijn Brand... The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4...
2013-03-14 H.Merijn Brand... Release 0.48v0.48
2013-02-14 H.Merijn Brand... Update META checker
2013-02-12 H.Merijn Brand... Show how to find the syntax that requires newer version(s)
2013-02-12 H.Merijn Brand... Fix yml/json optional_features
2013-02-12 H.Merijn Brand... Force old(er) tar format (ustar) - assumes GNU tar...
2013-02-12 H.Merijn Brand... nopermute is useless for xlscat
2013-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Add libreoffice as alias for odt/sxc
2013-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Updated copyright to 2013
2013-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Improve documentation consistency (RT#80409)
2013-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2012-06-30 H.Merijn Brandversions
2012-06-30 H.Merijn Brandperl5.17 requires { to be escaped in regex when used... v0.47
2012-06-30 H.Merijn BrandNo more testing on 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 due to toolchain...
2012-05-31 H.Merijn BrandDon't raise warnings if only generating one of cells...
2012-05-31 H.Merijn Brandversions
2012-05-31 H.Merijn BrandTidy docs (whitespace)
2012-05-31 H.Merijn BrandAllow undef as valid value for the options
2012-05-20 H.Merijn Brandmeta-spec in json is an integer
2012-02-27 H.Merijn BrandNote that empty sheets are skipped when clip is true...
2012-02-14 H.Merijn BrandVersions updatev0.46
2012-02-14 H.Merijn BrandDo not strip fields in sheets with no cells at all...
2012-01-25 H.Merijn Brandloose ends before a new possible dist
2012-01-25 H.Merijn BrandSupport passing attributes to the underlying parser
2012-01-20 H.Merijn Branddropped deprecated comment in CSS
2012-01-11 H.Merijn Brandxiao test case for encoding
2012-01-11 H.Merijn BrandUpdated copyright to 2012
2011-09-08 H.Merijn BrandMake all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
2011-09-08 H.Merijn BrandText::CSV_XS 0.85 is out now
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandNAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PLv0.45
2011-09-07 H.Merijn Brandmore perls to test withv0.44
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMake minimal version checks subtests
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMore cross-checks for META data
2011-08-02 H.Merijn BrandIgnore generated META files
2011-08-02 H.Merijn BrandChanged name in META.yml (RT#69574)v0.43
2011-06-02 H.Merijn BrandSome HTML beautifications on output (CSS)v0.42
2011-06-01 H.Merijn BrandChangelog
2011-06-01 H.Merijn Brandprefer Data::Peek over Data::Dumper if available
2011-06-01 H.Merijn BrandForce CSV parser when in-sep is given
2011-06-01 H.Merijn BrandNew version deps
2011-02-03 H.Merijn BrandRecommend latest versions
2011-02-03 H.Merijn BrandCopyright upped to 2011
2011-02-03 H.Merijn BrandAdd --html to xlscat
2010-10-08 H.Merijn BrandNew versionsv0.41
2010-10-06 H.Merijn BrandFixed requiring optional modules (RT#61928 - Roderick...
2010-08-11 H.Merijn BrandCheck spelling before a make tgzdist
2010-06-07 H.Merijn BrandSpell-check
2010-05-20 H.Merijn BrandRelease 0.40v0.40
2010-05-03 H.Merijn BrandNote change in Changelog
2010-05-03 H.Merijn BrandText-CSV_XS 0.73 released
2010-03-31 H.Merijn Brand[rt.cpan.org #56151] default value of clip is incorrect
2010-03-16 H.Merijn BrandDrop YAML version to 1.0v0.39
2010-02-11 H.Merijn BrandCheck installed/recommended module versions
2010-02-11 H.Merijn BrandUpped Copyright notices to 2010
2010-02-11 H.Merijn BrandDoc fix (RT#54507, Patrick Cronin)
2009-12-29 H.Merijn Brandsync up Makefile.PL with generated META.yml
2009-12-15 H.Merijn BrandRecommend (and tested with) most recent modulesv0.38
2009-12-15 H.Merijn BrandAdd row () and cellrow ()
2009-12-15 H.Merijn BrandUpdated META.yml to meet most recent specs (optional_fe...
2009-11-09 H.Merijn BrandIO streams improvementsv0.37
2009-11-09 H.Merijn BrandIO streams done better
2009-11-09 H.Merijn BrandStreams seem to be done now.v0.36
2009-11-09 H.Merijn BrandExtra tests for .txt read as csv